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(Credit - Writers Guild)

On Sunday February 11, The Writers Guild of America announced CBS' As the World Turns the winner for best Daytime Serial! Headwriter Jean Passanante voiced, "We all know that writers are the toughest judges of each other's work, and so we are very gratified to know we must be doing something right!" Other As the World Turns writers also gratified by the news include Leah Laiman, Christopher Whitesell, Courtney Simon, Anna Cascio, Lisa Connor, Paula Cwikly, Hogan Sheffer, Judy Tate, Bettina Bradbury, Richard Culliton, Susan Dansby, Judy Donato, Josh Griffith, Elizabeth Page, Melissa Salmons, and Charlotte Gibson.

As the World Turns submitted three episodes for consideration, and they were episode #12,760, episode #12,839 and episode #12,840. The breakdown writer for episode #12,760 was Lisa Connor, and the script writer was Judy Donato. For episode #12,839, the breakdown writer was Leah Laiman and script writer Susan Dansby. Finally, for episode 12,840 Judy Tate was the breakdown writer and Richard Culliton the script writer. Other soap operas that competed against As the World Turns were All My Children, The Young and the Restless and Guiding Light.

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Congratulations from! We're all looking forward to the many episodes to come.