Giovani Cimmino (Current Parker) (CBS)

Mick Hazen - Parker Munson (

Many of you may have noticed that some of the children have aged quickly on As the World Turns. On November 22, As the World Turns introduced us to a newly aged Faith (Ashlee Marie Greiner). Then, on December 7 (virtually overnight), Sage (Allie Gorenc) matured into an 8-year-old girl. The aging process is not over yet, because beginning December 22 (today) As the World Turns will introduce us to a slightly aged Parker Munson. Giovani Cimmino has played the role since March of 2006, but on December 22 Mick Hazen will emerge as the new Parker Munson.

Mick Hazen is a fifth grade student in New York. While attending school at one day, a casting director dropped by, and that's when Mick's acting career began. Since that day, he has made appearances on television and film. His first film debut was in 2004 when he played Ike Guthrie in Hallmark Hall of Fame's "Plainsong." Mick's other film and television appearances include the Chappelle's Show (2003), Leap of Faith (2004), Broken (2004), Third Watch (2004) and A Very Serious Person (2006). Furthermore, in April of 2006, he played the role of Jason Frederick Marler on Guiding Light.

In addition to acting, Mick has also enjoyed writing songs, playing percussion and playing the piano. At 13, he is now in the 8th grade, and enjoys tennis and guitar!

Watch today (December 22) for Mick Hazen to appear as Parker Munson on As the World Turns.