"He's your son."

Sierra came on the scene in 1985 when Craig helped her escape her homeland of Montega. Her father was the country's former ruler who had been killed by revolutionaries. When they went after Sierra, Craig brought her to Oakdale to safely stay with her godmother Lucinda Walsh, who turned out to be her mother.

Craig and Sierra grew close and became engaged. When Sierra learned the truth about Lucinda, and that Craig knew about it, she married fellow Montegan Tonio Reyes, who Lucinda had brought to town to break up Craig and her daughter. However, Tonio proved to be a controlling husband and Sierra couldn't stop thinking about Craig. When Tonio threatened to kill Craig, Sierra slept with her real love before cutting ties with him.

Sierra became pregnant, but everyone believed the baby was Tonio's. She finally divorced him though upon learning of his affairs with Meg and Barbara. After giving birth to her son Bryant in 1987, she learned the baby was actually Craig's and not Tonio's. Sierra and Craig went on to get married and have another child, Lucy, before eventually divorcing.

Watch the videos of Sierra giving Craig the good news below. Feel free to share your memories on this storyline in the comments.

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