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How it all started. (

What's the connection?

Kim Sullivan came to Oakdale in 1972 and fell for Bob Hughes. However, he was married to Jennifer. When Bob and Jennifer's marriage hit the rocks, Kim and Bob had a one night stand, which left Kim pregnant.

Much to Kim's disappointment, Bob returned to his wife, who was also pregnant. Kim married John Dixon and was told her baby had died. However, the baby was really alive and living with a family in England, but that's another story.

John and Kim's marriage was an unhappy one and after John went through a bout of paralysis and Kim suffered brief amnesia, she left him, even though she was pregnant with his child. Kim went on to marry Dan Stewart, who eventually died from a brain tumor. She then took up with and married businessman Nick Andropolous, who died from a heart attack.

During all this, Jennifer died in a car accident and Bob had a couple of love affairs of his own. Finally, in 1985, Kim and Bob were free to be together and they got married.

Luckily, Bob remained healthy and while they had their share of issues, Kim and Bob remained the rock of Oakdale for decades to come. But, back to Jennifer, do you remember who she was to Kim? Vote and share what you remember about Kim and Bob's long road to matrimony below.

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- Lori Wilson