(SPOILER) Closure for Benjamin Hendrickson's character Det. Hal Munson ATWT image

Closure for Benjamin Hendrickson (Det. Hal Munson ATWT) (CBS)

Back in July, Soaps.com was saddened to announce to our readers the death of Benjamin Hendrickson (Detective Hal Munson) of As the World Turns. The article can be read HERE.

In the article you'll read that Hendrickson had taken his own life, much to the devastation of his family, friends and his many fans. We at Soaps.com still fields many emails regarding his death and the fact that ATWT still had not seemed to give the audience closure in regards to his character.

Thankfully, some four months later we have a major spoiler to report! On Monday, Friday October 20th a devastated Will (Jesse Lee Soffer) will recieve word that his father, Hal was killed in the line of duty. The family and friends of 'Detective Hal Munson' will be shown celebrating his life by coming together at 'Yos' a few days later, on Monday October 23rd.

Finally, fans will be given closure to a terrible loss. Staff at Soaps.com is glad to be able to bring you this news.

Christine Fix