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Credit: Terri Columbino (Katie ATWT) wants to BAN HATE!

(Credit- Terri Columbino) Bid on Terri's creatively designed t-shirt!

What would you ban if you could?

That is the question BAN� posed to some of the entertainment world's most popular stars. But BAN� didn't just want to hear the answers; they wanted these celebs to show the whole world how they feel, so BAN� gave celebs 'American Apparal' t-shirts and asked them all to create their own design depicting what they'd like to ban!

The result is the �BAN IT!� Charity Auction, which will be up on eBay beginning October 15, 2006! Are you planning on helping the cause?!

Not only will you be able to own a one-of-a-kind t-shirt that was created by your favorite celebrity, you'll also be able to feel good that 100% of all proceeds from each winning bid will go to a charity that helps to ban the social cause represented in the t-shirt design.

PLACE YOUR BIDS: To participate in the auction, visit Ebay - Ban it! from October 15-25, 2006.

Terri Columbino, who portrays Katie Peretti Frasier Kasnoff, on daytime's second longest running soap,.. As the World Turns is an angel!

Terri's publicist contacted me recently, regarding the 'Ban It!' Charity event that Terri is participating in. Some of the hottest stars out there, including our friendly soap stars have taken time from their busy schedules to take a stand to ban the issues that matter to them. I was very thankful to Terri for taking time out of her busy schedule to give me a shout, concerning this charity auction. Terry was happy to oblige, "Thank you for getting the word out!" she says.

I asked Terri about how she became involved in the 'Ban It' Charity Auction, she told me, "They contacted me through my manager because they knew how much I like to be involved with as many charities as I can, and they also know how involved daytime fans like to be as well!"

Terri's publicist sent me a few photos of Terri's cute tee, along with the Original auction card that Terri used. You'll notice that when asked, "What would you ban if you could?" Terri selected to ban 'Hate'. Part of the auction is not to answer the question with words but to answer by creating a design on a t-shirt to show just what the stars would ban if they could. I asked Terri if she could give her fans a little bit of insight into herself by telling them with words, why she'd like to ban 'Hate' if she could.

Terri advised me that, "The issue of my tee is BAN HATE!, because hate is the root cause the other things we would all love to see banned� things like war, violent crime and abuse. The design of the lotus flower is to signify the positive change that can come from love which, to me, is the antidote to hate. I choose to give the proceeds of this auction to the Maria Fareri Children's hospital because I have witnessed, first hand, the power of the love they can give to the children they treat and the parents who are hurting for their children. When true love and care is given to people in a desperate time, they tend to have a positive change in their life and pass that love on to others when they need it(a kind of "pay it forward") and that is one way we can BAN HATE!

I am so proud to be a part of something so positive that can inspire others to do what they can to make the changes that they wish for possible."

When I asked Terri about her reasoning behind donating to the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital, in honor of Tyler Lemieux, she shared her thoughts with me.

"The Maria Fareri Children's Hospital exists because of the dream of a little girl named Maria Ferrari. She dreamed of a beautiful place where sick children like her, could be treated and respected and live a normal life while they recovered." She goes on to say, "Tyler Lemieux was my baby cousin who passed away after 3 short years on this earth. He and his family were taken care of by the amazing staff at Maria Ferrari and the love they received has left an incredible impression in their lives. He is always in my heart and can live through many things such as doing charity for others in honor of him." In hearing this, I admit that I was really touched, and was a little glad that the interview wasn't in person, so that Terri couldn't see the tears forming in my eyes.

The bidding for this auction starts on October 15, 2006. I asked Terri if she planned on encouraging her family and friends to participate in the bidding, on any of the creations from other celebrities, including her t-shirt. She told me, "I would encourage anyone I know to check out all of the different celebrity designed tee-shirts to see for themselves which one they like and what charity they respond to. I will definitely be bidding myself!"

Terri is indeed a lovely woman, and it was a real pleasure to be able to share this interview with her fans! Soaps.com wishes Terri and the other stars much luck in getting those donations in!
For those fans who crave more information about Terri, please visit her website at: Terri Columbino Fansite!

Check out the auction, from October 15-25, 2006 at this website, Ebay - Ban it! .

Thanks again for your time, Terri!

Christine Fix