Mark C. Collier is in L.A. (

Mary Beth Evans is on "Days". (

I started wondering what had happened to a few of my favorite As The World Turns characters and thought I'd do a different "Where Are They Now?" type article, only instead of updating all of you about the actors, I thought we'd update the characters - or at least what we last knew of the characters!

First, let's check in with Dr. John Dixon, played by Larry Bryggman from 1969 until he left Oakdale in 2004. Dr. Dixon was a cardiologist at Oakdale Memorial. No explanation has been given as to why Dr. Dixon hasn't been seen around the hospital in the last few years, so we can assume that he is still on-staff there. Larry Bryggman, who played Dr. Dixon, left the show to pursue other acting opportunities in 2004. Will a recast Dr. Dixon show up in Oakdale some day? We'll just have to wait and see!

Lucy Montgomery hasn't been seen in Oakdale since 2006. She was living at the Walsh home at the time but when Lucy discovered that her father, Craig, could get custody of Johnny (Jennifer's son) she took the boy and ran. No one knows where she has gone - not even the Munson family. Actress Spencer Grammer, who played the part of Lucy, has gone on to star in movie and television. In 2007, she appeared in the film "Descent" as well as the television hit "Greek".

Mike Kasnoff, played by Mark C. Collier, left Oakdale after learning that his wife, Katie, had been unfaithful with Simon. How did he find out? He read a computer-journal entry (that would become a part of Katie's tell-all "Oakdale Confidential"). Since leaving Oakdale, Mike hasn't been heard from. But now that Katie and Jack have annulled their marriage, you never know if an old flame might just come back to town! By the way actor Mark Collier has relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. In October, Mark presented a photographic study called "Betty's Garden" in a New York City art gallery.

Adam Munson, last played by Matt Cavenaugh, was presumed dead when Maddie Coleman hit him over the head with a tree branch. Adam was trying to force himself on Gwen at the time. However, it was later revealed that Adam didn't die. What he's been up to since leaving Oakdale, remains a mystery. Actor Matt Cavenaugh has remained busy since leaving ATWT and will star in a movie called "A Minor Second" in 2008.

Sierra Esteban Reyes Montgomery left Oakdale in a cloud of dust in 2005 when she returned to Montega. She left town when Margo found Craig, whom Sierra had locked up in order to change his evil ways. Though she is off the canvas for now, Sierra could make an Oakdale return in the future. Actress Mary Beth Evans, who last played Sierra, has moved on to another daytime drama, Days of our Lives where she plays Kayla Brady.

Are you left wondering what ever happened to your favorite Oakdale resident or actor? You can check in with some former actors by clicking here or simply leave a comment about your favorite missing-in-action character and we'll get to your request next time around!