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Take a cruise with Austin! (CBS)


If November means cold winds and maybe a little snow on the ground, you may want to check out the hot activities on the first annual Soap Cruise! On November 15th, several of your favorite soap stars - and maybe even you! - will be cruising the Caribbean on a cool 4-day public appearance!

I had the chance to catch up with Austin Peck, Brad, who is looking forward to his first-ever cruise ship and all the fun that goes along with fan events. Austin told me he has never been on a cruise before, so he's a bit nervous but also very excited about the events aboard ship!

Kristi: "What can fans expect on the cruise?"

Austin Peck: "Every day we'll play scenes with the fans, play some games and be able to interact with them. And there is an infinite amount of food." (editor's note: Austin seemed every interested in the food!) "We'll stop at Key West and Cancun. . .Really, just come on this cruise. It's going to be fun!"

Kristi: "You're the lone ATWT star on board - how did that happen?"

Austin: (laughing) "I had to twist a couple arms and break a couple of legs to even get them to let me go! (chuckling) Really, I just kind of begged them, 'Pleeeze, pleeze let me go' and they finally agreed that I could do it."

Kristi: "What is the best part of fan appearances?"

Austin: "The best part is just meeting the people, just seeing (fan's) responses to you and what you do. As an actor you want people to be moved by what you do and to like what you do. There are people who talk to you as a character and I always find that to be very entertaining."

And here's a teaser for you: I asked Brad about the Brad/Katie/Jack/Carly love quadrangle - and he told me there are some fireworks coming that will leave everyone surprised! We'll get into that conversation in a couple of days, so check back!

Now, back to the cruise, joining Austin on board will be All My Children stars Alicia Minshew and Cameron Mathison, Bold and Beautiful stars Winsor Harmon, Thorne, and Ron Moss, Ridge, and Days of Our Lives stars Brandon Beemer, Shawn, and Julie Pinson, Billie. General Hospital hunk Tyler Christopher, Nikolas and The Young and The Restless stars Don Diamont, Brad and Christian LeBlanc, Michael, will also be on board to visit with you.

By the way, your family will be on-board to bring you all the cool information as the cruise happens. We'll even have a camera crew in tow, so if you can't get on the boat, you'll still be able to see the events and your favorite stars!

For more information, visit Soap Cruise or call (800)626-0870. The registration deadline is September 28th, so get hopping and let's cruise!