Simon Frasier (as played by Paul Leyden on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Simon Frasier

* 2000 - Conned people.
* 2000 - Told everyone that he was an architect.
* 2000 - Stole a car.
* 2001 - Married Katie to avoid being sent back to his country.
* 2001 - Public intoxication.
* 2001 - Crashed a car in Lucinda's living room while drunk.
* 2002 - Helped kidnap Parker Munson.
* 2003 - Killed an old friend/turned enemy Bartleby Shears in self defense.
* 2003 - 2004 - Lied about being dead.
* 2004 - In order to keep Mike and Katie apart, Simon paid Pilar Domingo to sway Mike in another direction.
* 2006 - Told Katie that the island that they were on was deserted when it really wasn't.
* 2006 - Breaking and entering. He was arrested.
* 2006 - Paid a safety inspector off to pass his new building.

Who's played Simon Frasier over the years?

Paul Leyden (2000 - 2003, Jan. and Feb. 2004, June 04 - 28 2004, June 2006 - January 2007)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Investor
Current: Self Employed Private Investigator
Past: Hired Temp. at the Oakdale Police Department:
Past: : Did miscellaneous work for Craig Montgomery
Past: Bartender at Java Underground
Past: Mechanic at Burt's Garage

Past History

When Simon came to Oakdale, he was searching for a family heirloom. His great-grandfather had given his Beloved a necklace, which Simon wanted for himself because of its value. Simon saw Lily Snyder and thought she must be related to his Beloved since she looked so much like her. Simon began to fall in love with Lily, but apparently, Simon's sister, Celia, also was trying to get the diamond necklace. All became shipwrecked on an island, and when Celia tried (unsuccessfully) to kill Simon and Lily, she escaped on a raft that Simon had built, but it soon capsized. Celia was gone and so was the diamond. In the meantime, Simon and Lily were rescued and they both were glad to return to Oakdale.

Lily wasn't free to be with Simon since she was already married. One night Simon got drunk and he made love to Katie Peretti. He was afraid he would be deported, and because he wanted to be near Lily, he and Katie got married. After Simon and Katie got married, Katie tried everything to make him happy. Simon finally realized he did have feelings for Katie. However, when Simon, Katie and Henry Coleman opened a detective agency, Simon left Katie soon after that. She realized he left her because he was running from the law. He was accused of murdering a man named Bartleby, and he didn't want Katie involved out of fear for her safety. Katie thought Simon had gone to Australia and set out to look for him. Mike Kasnoff wanted to accompany her to Australia, but Katie was afraid he was starting to have feelings for her. She couldn't deal with this now and tried to slip away without him knowing about it. The plane was delayed and Mike found her at the airport waiting. Once again, she objected to him joining her, but despite her protest, he went along anyway. Once there, they found themselves taken hostage by Bartleby's brother, Mordecai. Mike managed to free himself just in time to rescue Katie from a bomb explosion. Katie knew Simon was there also and was told the DNA found at the explosion was Simon's. Fortunately, Simon wasn't killed in the bomb explosion, and he returned to Oakdale and Katie. He wanted Katie to come with him but she was already engaged to Mike Kasnoff. Simon left town but returned months later to rescue Katie once again. She was in a mental institution. He again wanted her to go away with him, but Katie said a goodbye to Simon and he left without her.

Mike and Katie were married and on a cruise ship for their honeymoon when she learned Simon's room was next door to theirs. Simon tried to win Katie's affections but she was in love with Mike. They returned to Oakdale. Mike and Katie have had their share of problems, but they always manage to keep their heads above water.

Simon left town again, but returned. It seemed that this time, he was falling in love with Carly Tenney Snyder. She was working for him and going through a divorce herself. She leaned on Simon during this difficult time. They confessed their love for each other and soon became a couple. Simon had a one-night stand with Katie, but it was over with as quickly as it started. Soon after Simon's one-night stand with Katie, he and Carly ended up being accused of stealing a diamond from the prince of Leonia. Carly and Simon are now on the run.

Past Marriages

Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff (divorced)
Monique Farrar (divorced)

Flings and Relationships

Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff (one night stand)
Carly Tenney Snyder (lovers)
Vienna Hyatt (lovers)
Katie Peretti (lovers)
Ruby Frank (lovers)
Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (affair)


Roger Frasier (father)
Unknown Frasier (mother)
Celia Frasier (sister - deceased)