Parker Munson Snyder (as played by Mick Hazen on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Parker Munson Snyder

* New Year's Eve baby, born just minutes before the stroke of midnight.
* Rich Boy - has a $50 million trust fund waiting for him when he turns of age.
* Named after John Dixon's mother's maiden name.
* Ping-pong ball in Carly's on-again/off-again relationships, especially with Jack.
* Had psychic connection with Jack.
* Went bad boy on us when Carly & Jack split up for good.
* After he learned that Carly lied about dying, he asked Jack to adopt him and took the Snyder name.
* Slept with Liberty Ciccone.

Who's played Parker Munson Snyder over the years?

Mick Hazen (2007 - present)
Giovani Cimmino (2004 - 2006)
Cole Kachelhoffer (1999 - 2004)
Justin Weiss (Jan. 1999)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Student

Past History

Parker wouldn't even exist if it weren't for his aunt, Roseanna Cabott. Roseanna offered a $50 million trust fund for a baby for Carly on two conditions: Carly had to be married to the dad and the dad had to not be Mike Kasnoff. Carly, motivated by the money, seduced Hal Munson into marrying her and sought the help of Dr. John Dixon to inseminate her. This will be the beginning of the paternity push and pull that will mark most of Parker's early life (especially when hot cop Jack Snyder comes into the picture). Later it would be discovered that John Dixon, initially thought to be Parker's father (by using his own sperm to inseminate Carly), was not the bio dad.

Instead, Parker was born to Carly Tenney and Hal Munson. Although the circumstances were not stable, Parker was always loved and accepted. He grew up spending a lot of time with his biological dad, Hal until Carly was able to provide him a stable home after marrying Jack Snyder.

Parker always had a tight relationship with Jack. So tight, in fact, that once, when Jack's car went off a bridge and Jack was presumed dead, Parker was the lone voice saying Jack was still alive. He could "feel it." Eventually he got Carly to believe in him and, using a psychic connection between Parker and Jack, they found Jack, very much alive and suffering from amnesia!

Jack and Carly had a daughter they named Sage. Parker now had a little sister to grow up with. Later, JJ Larrabee was warded to Jack and Carly, after his biological father killed his mother. At first Parker really didn't like his new little brother, but JJ and Parker eventually became like real brothers and bonded.

Now, grown up to be a teenager, Parker felt abandoned when his mother, Carly, ran away with Simon after being in trouble with the law. His biological dad, Hal Munson, was killed in October of 2006 in the line of duty. Jack, who has been there since he was born, is trying his best to hold the family together and give Parker, JJ and Sage all the love and support that he can on his own.

Jack took Parker, JJ and Sage and moved in with Emma Snyder at the Snyder farm to help him out while Carly was gone. Parker was very resentful to Jack and refused to believe anything good was going to happen to him now. He started to rebel against Jack and skip school to sneak out in the woods to visit Paul Ryan, who has visions about his mother.

When Carly returned to Oakdale, at first Parker wanted nothing to do with her. He befriended Faith Snyder and the two shared their deepest feelings with one another. Faith eventually persuaded Parker to forgive his mother for leaving and, though he's still the quiet angry-looking one he's seemed to have done so, standing strong by Carly's side after a brain lesion threatened to kill her. When he learned that Carly lied, though, Parker asked Jack to officially adopt him.

Soon after, Liberty arrived in town and Parker became infatuated with her. They dated a little and then slept together. Parker focused all of his energies on Liberty, which freaked her out. She pretended to date Leo and when he attacked her, Parker stepped in. Leo gave Liberty tainted brownies and she attacked her again; she inadvertantly accused Parker of the attack. Carly and Jack worked together to clear his name. He and Liberty are friends again.

Past Marriages


Flings and Relationships

Liberty Ciccone (dated)


Hal Munson (father - deceased)
Carly Tenney Snyder (mother)
Jack Snyder (former step-father)
Nikki Munson (half sister)
Jennifer Munson Kasnoff Donovan (half sister)
Adam Munson (half brother)
Will Munson (half brother)
Nora Kasnoff (half sister - deceased)
Sage Snyder (half sister)
Harold Munson (paternal grandfather - deceased)
Louise Munson (paternal grandmother - deceased)
Ray Tenney (maternal grandfather - deceased)
Shelia Washburn (maternal grandmother - deceased)
John Dustin Munson Donovan (nephew)
Claire Munson Shelby (aunt)
Rosanna Cabot (aunt)
Gwen Norbeck Munson (aunt)
Lee Washburn Tenney (great aunt)
Billy Norbeck (cousin - deceased)
Tess Shelby (cousin)
Molly Conlan (first cousin)
Abigail Williams (second cousin)