Nancy Hughes McClosky (as played by Helen Wagner on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Nancy Hughes McClosky

* Currently residing in an apartment above Bob and Kim's garage.
* Single/Widowed.

Who's played Nancy Hughes McClosky over the years?

Helen Wagner (contract 1956 - 1981, recurring role from 1981 - 1985, contract 1985 - 2010)
Betty Runnel (temporary replacement Dec. 1988 - Jan. 1989)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Published author of 'Oakdale Confidential'
Current: Volunteer at Memorial Hospital
Current: Literacy volunteer at McKechnie Foundation
Past: History teacher at Oakdale Latin
Past: Cashier at Sara Fuller's Dress Shop

Past History

Nancy Hughes has been in Oakdale since the beginning of the show in 1956. She was married to an attorney named Chris Hughes. Nancy and Chris raised their children and live an honorable life until the death of Chris. The early years were spent establishing Chris's career as he worked at a law firm of Lowell, Barnes & Lowell. Chris's sister, Edith jeopardized his career when she started having an affair with Jim Lowell, who was married to Nancy's best friend. This caused a lot of tension in the family and had Chris and Nancy taking sides. Nancy eventually asked her husband to make his sister leave town to salvage what was left of the Lowell marriage. When Chris finally got up enough nerve to ask her, Edith refused to leave.

Chris and Nancy lost one daughter to a swimming accident. This was very hard for Nancy to deal with, and she found herself being over protective of their other daughter, Penny. Their son Don was graduating high school when he announced that he had fallen in love with an older woman named Janice Turner. Nancy could not condone these two being together, and after Chris tried to get her to leave things alone, she just couldn't. But when Dan started college, they broke up.

Penny came in one day and announced that she and Jeff Baker had eloped. Nancy and Chris definitely disagreed with this and had the marriage annulled. Penny was underage and they would not allow her to be married. Chris soon learned that Jeff was a good kid when he had to defend him in a murder trial. Nancy didn't like Chris forming a bond with Jeff, but she couldn't stop it. Even though Nancy thought Penny would be better off with someone else, Chris and Nancy approved of their marriage a year later, when Penny had a church wedding and Chris walked his daughter down the aisle.

A few years pass, and Chris and Nancy find themselves in the same situation again, except this time it was with Bob. He had met and married a young girl by the name of Lisa Miller. Chris and Nancy were determined to get the marriage annulled, but they soon learned Lisa was pregnant with Bob's child. Later, Lisa gave birth to Thomas Christopher and left Bob shortly after. Nancy and Lisa didn't get along at first, but Nancy was impressed with Lisa's spunk and soon bonded with her. When Lisa realized the mistake she had made by leaving Bob, she went to him to reconcile, but Bob wouldn't take her back, even though Nancy was rooting for her.

Nancy's first job outside of the home was working at her friend, Sara's, store. It was a part-time job and she enjoyed it, but Chris's dad, who was living with them at the time, disapproved. Nancy's career was cut short, however, when Sara died after falling. Nancy and Chris's marriage was put to the test during this time. Nancy and Don believed Sara was killed by her biological daughter, Amanda. Chris defended Amanda in court and proved she wasn't guilty. Nancy agreed to act as a witness defending Sara. When her own husband questioned Nancy during court, this angered Nancy so much that Chris had to sleep on the couch. They soon made up and everything was back to normal.

Bob married Jennifer Ryan who Nancy originally invited up to meet Don. Jennifer and Bob were destined to be together. Their marriage was put to the test when Rick, Jennifer's son, refused to like Bob. This caused a horrible strain on their marriage. Nancy and Jennifer didn't get along at all, and fought every chance they had. Tragedy struck shortly after Bob and Jennifer's daughter, Frannie, was born. Having lost her mother, Nancy had to step in and help raise Frannie. She felt guilty for the way that she treated Jennifer, but there was nothing she could do about it now.

After raising all of their children, Chris and Nancy retired in Arizona. They came back to Oakdale for Bob's wedding to Kim Sullivan, Jennifer's sister. Bob convinced Nancy and Chris to stay in Oakdale and provided them a place to stay, after he remodeled the apartment above his garage for them. Nancy lost Chris shortly after their 50th wedding anniversary. As hard as it was on Nancy to lose her best friend, she found comfort knowing that they had the best 50 years together.

Nancy eventually met and married Dan McClowsky, a detective on the Oakdale police force. He was a widow who devoted his lonely time to the police force. He and Nancy shared a common bond, and they enjoyed a short life together. Dan was later diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Nancy remained faithful and devoted to him until the day he died of a heart attack. Nancy remained in the apartment above the garage at Bob and Kim's. She is always there for her family, and remains an outstanding citizen of Oakdale. Nancy is known for her sound advice and compassion she shows to everyone.

Past Marriages

Det. Dan McClosky (deceased)
Christopher Hughes (deceased)

Flings and Relationships



Pearl (sister)
Tom Hughes (grandson)
Frannie Hughes (granddaughter)
Sabrina Hughes (granddaughter)
Ryder Hughes (grandson)
Christina Hughes (granddaughter)
Christopher Hughes (grandson)
Amy Lyn Cunningham (granddaughter)
Alice Whipple (step granddaughter)
Deborah Whipple (step granddaughter)
Andrew Dixon (step grandson)
Lien Hughes: (great granddaughter)
Adam Munson (great grandson)
Casey Hughes (great grandson)
Daniel Hughes (great grandson)
Billy Norbeck (great great grandson - deceased)
Will 'Pa' Hughes (father in law - deceased)
Edith Hughes Frey (sister in law)
John Hughes (brother in law)
Jeff Baker (son in law - deceased)
Neil Wade (son in law - deceased)
Anton Cunningham (son in law)
Janice Turner Hughes (daughter in law - deceased)
Jennifer Sullivan Hughes (daughter in law - deceased)
Mary Ellison Hughes (daughter in law)
Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos (daughter in law)


Susan Hughes (daughter with Christopher - deceased)
Donald Hughes (son with Christopher - deceased)
Penny Hughes Cunningham (daughter with Christopher)
Dr. Bob Hughes (son with Christopher)
Bernice McClosky (stepdaughter)