Molly Conlan (as played by Lesli Kay on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Molly Conlan

Almost pulled the plug on Lily Snyder.
Paid a lab technician to alter pregnancy reports.
Faked being pregnant with Holden's baby.
Broke into Lisa Grimaldi's penthouse.
Stole Barbara Ryan's urine sample.
Attempted to kill Lily.
Faked a suicide attempt.
Fraud: pretended to be Lily, blackmailed Lily, filed a fake marriage certificate.
Stalked and drugged Holden.
Falsely accused Holden of beating her.
Destroyed evidence.
Committed perjury.
Helped Carly escape from jail
Blackmailed Emily Stewart for a job at WOAK.
With Bard's help, kept extorted money.
Vandalized Rose D'Angelo's car.
Framed Dusty for murder.
Helped Craig Montgomery hide a fugitive.
Indirectly responsible for Officer Kane's murder and Jack Snyder's car accident.

Who's played Molly Conlan over the years?

Lesli Kay (March 1, 1997 to July 2, 2004; November 17, 2009-)
Christina Chambers (July 8, 2004 to September 2, 2004)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: News anchor
Past: Partner in "The Metro"
Past: Production Assistant at WOAK
Past: News anchor at WOAK
Past: Advice columnist at The City Times
Past: Talk Show Host of "In Your Face" at WOAK

Past History

Molly became friends with Lily in prison. When they were released, it turned out that Holden knew Molly and was the father of her daughter. She had been forced to give the child away by her family but now, reunited with Holden, she wanted her back...and him as well. After numerous attempts to steal him from Lily, she ended up friendless and tried to expose everyone with a romance novel. Lucinda put the kibosh on it and decided to use her as a spy on David Stenbeck. Molly fell for him quickly but the relationship was doomed by her deceptions.

She moved on, helping her cousin Carly switch paternity tests to steal Rosanna's trust fund. When that was revealed to the public, thanks to Katie, she became even more of a pariah. After an affair with a man named Reid, who turned out to be David in disguise, she had an affair with a teenager and then started to work as a journalist. It was also at this time that she had the chance to see her daughter, Abigail, again. Their relationship didn't go well since Abigail and the teenager Molly was sleeping with fell in love. To escape dealing with this, Molly faked amnesia after a fall and then set about getting revenge on Katie. She also began seeing Jake, and visions of his dead wife, Vicky. After investigating the meaning of the visions, they discovered that Vicky's children were still alive. After getting them back from Canada, the couple got engaged but thinks went far from smoothly.

Her old lover, Nick, returned to town. Although he rescued Molly's newly adopted children from abduction, he also began a relationship with Molly's daughter, Abigail. This rapidly took a turn for the worse when Nick was murdered. Abigail was prime suspect but Molly launches her own investigation and found the real killer. But things didn't go well after that. Her lover, Jake, died.

She found love soon after with Mike Kasnoff, which didn't last long either. They nearly got married, but that was abruptly put on hold after Carly slept with him. When it looked like Carly might be pregnant with his child, Molly had revenge sex with Dusty. That soon blossomed into a troubled relationship, with him trying to con her, but she moved past that and went into business with him and Craig and Metro. She also got ensnared in Dusty's dirty dealings with Paul and Rose. After finally being too disgusted with him, she tried to hang Rose's death on Dusty. This led to her getting kicked out of the business, though she aided Craig in his involvement with a baby selling scheme.

Things got even more complicated when she was dragged back into Dusty's life and into his fight with a mobster. She was nearly killed in the ensuing violence and Jack was, only apparently, killed. Tired of wreaking havoc in town, she left for California.

Past Marriages

Mr. Conlan (Divorced)
Jake McKinnon (deceased)

Flings and Relationships

Holden Snyder (lovers)
Nick Scudder (lovers; deceased)
David Stenbeck (lovers; deceased)
Andy Dixon (lovers)
Kirk Anderson (kissed)
Christopher Hughes (lovers)
Jake McKinnon (lovers; deceased)
Mike Kasnoff (lovers)
Dusty Donovan (lovers)


Carly Tenney (Cousin)
Gwen Norbeck (Cousin)
Nora Kasnoff (first cousin once removed; deceased)
Parker Munson Snyder (first cousin once removed)
J.J. Larrabee Snyder (first cousin once removed)
Sage Snyder (first cousin once removed)
Billy Norbeck (first cousin once removed; deceased)
Hallie Jennifer Munson (first cousin once removed)


Abigail Williams (with Holden)