Jessica Griffin (as played by Tamara Tunie on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Jessica Griffin

* Currently living at her home.

Who's played Jessica Griffin over the years?

Tamara Tunie (1986 - 1995, 2000 - 2007)
Joanna Rhineheart (1995 - 1999)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Lawyer
Past: District Attorney for Oakdale
Past: Lawyer at Tom Hughes Law Firm

Past History

Everyone in Oakdale knew whom they could turn to when they needed a dependable attorney. Jessica Griffin was this person. Jessica would do whatever was needed in order to defend someone she loved and cared about, within the limits. When she first came to Oakdale, she was a Deputy District Attorney. She had a short relationship with Lt. Roy Franklin of the Oakdale police department. However, Roy was involved with someone else and it didn’t work out for Jessica.

Jessica’s next love in her life was a very handsome Duncan McKechnie. They were friends long before they became lovers. Duncan was married to a woman named Shannon, but she died. After grieving for his wife, Duncan thought it was time to move on and he and Jessica decided to get married. Both families objected to the interracial relationship and refused to bless them. Jessica and Duncan proceeded with their plans to marry and did. Not long after being married, Jessica gave birth to their daughter, Bonnie Louise. They had the perfect life sharing it with their little girl. Jessica’s wonderful life came to a halt one day when Shannon showed up. Shannon was suffering from amnesia. Now Duncan was torn. He grieved for Shannon for so long before he moved on. Unfortunately, for Jessica, seeing Shannon brought back Duncan's feelings for Shannon and he divorced Jessica.

Jessica moved on with her life and devoted it to her career. She represented Oakdale’s best citizens and was fair and honorable in her decisions. In one trial, she defended a man who she would later fall in love with, Ben Harris. Ben was involved with a woman who Jessica knew to have had an affair on him. Therefore, she did the right thing and told Ben. She was there to comfort him. After winning his trust, Jessica and Ben’s relationship took off. During this time, her career was at an all time high. She even had to prosecute her best friend, Margo Hughes. This was difficult on Jessica, but she succeeded professionally.

Bonnie had stayed behind with Duncan. Bonnie was put in boarding and finishing schools to obtain her education. Unfortunately, Duncan felt that Bonnie was unappreciative and above everyone else. He thought that she needed some discipline and guidance from none other than her own mother. Bonnie came to live with Jessica for a while. Bonnie was very determined and persistent, and Jessica found herself power struggling with Bonnie. At one point, Bonnie even accused Jessica of choosing her career over being a mother to Bonnie. Jessica tried to help Bonnie learn about how to buy and spend correctly by helping her get a job at Fashions. Bonnie made it through her first day, but didn’t go back. So then Jessica got her a job at Java, underground, where Bonnie started feeling comfortable and liking her routine. She worked with a man named Isaac. It turns out that Isaac was Ben Harris’ younger brother. What a coincidence. It was through Isaac that Jessica would hook back up with Ben. Soon after dating, their careers entangled them, and they found themselves in opposite corners. Especially with an attorney named Marshall Trevors. Marshall seemed to always win what he went out for, he was very persistent. He never took no for an answer. But this powerful attorney for James Stenbeck found that he wasn’t as strong when he had to face off with Jessica. Marshall wanted the same thing Jessica did, to be District Attorney of Oakdale. The campaign started and the two worked very hard to get elected. This common bond would drive the two in bed for a one-night stand. In an argument with James Stenbeck, James shot Marshall in the head. Ben came to the rescue and saved Marshall’s life. But Marshall was very unappreciative when he learned Ben nearly killed him during the surgery. A very stubborn Marshall wanted to sue Ben, but Jessica convinced him to drop the charges.

Marshall was now on trial for knowing where James Stenbeck was hiding. Jessica convinced the judge to let Marshall stay with her until the trial was over, instead of keeping him locked up. Marshall moved into Jessica’s apartment to stay temporarily. One night, Jessica realized this wasn’t a good idea when Marshall forced himself on her. She then filed a rape charge against Marshall and fought him. During the rape trial, Jessica made Marshall realize she hadn’t consented to sex that night and forced himself on her. He didn’t hear her telling him to stop. Marshall broke down realizing what he had done. Once Jessica saw that Marshall truly felt bad, and knowing he was now aware of what he had done, she dropped the charges.

Bonnie found out Marshall’s biological daughter was alive and living at a shelter in Oakdale. Bonnie befriended Sarah and soon found herself devoting all of her free time to her. When it came time for Marshall to learn the truth, Marshall was going to leave town and he wanted to take Sarah with him. Bonnie objected, and during a struggle, Marshall fell out of a window and died. Bonnie was sentenced to six months in prison for manslaughter. During this time, Jessica let Sarah move in with her as her foster child. When Bonnie was released from prison, Bonnie and Isaac moved to Florida and invited Sarah to join them. Jessica found herself having an affair with Doc Reece, whom Margo was infatuated with. Margo didn’t have an affair with Doc, but Tom thought she had. Jessica told Tom the truth about her having the affair and not Margo, but Ben found out when Jessica miscarried a baby soon after. The baby was tested to see if there was something wrong with it, and that is how Ben learned about the affair. He divorced Jessica.

Past Marriages

Duncan McKechnie (divorced)

Flings and Relationships

Coleman 'Doc' Reese (one night stand)
Marshall Travers (affair)
Ben Harris (lovers - engaged)
Blake Stevens (lovers)
Roy Franklin (lovers)


Ward Griffin (father)
Louise Griffin (mother)
Fiona Griffin (sister)
Lamar Griffin (brother)
Carl Griffin (nephew)
Leon Griffin (nephew)
Dallas Grifin (nephew)


Bonnie Louise McKechnie (daughter with Duncan)
Sarah Travers (foster daughter)