Jade Taylor (PAST) (as played by Elena Goode on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Jade Taylor (PAST)

* 2006 - Stole from an orphanage in Chicago.
* 2006 - Told Lily that she was Rose D'Angelo's daughter to get money.
* 2006 - Stole a charm bracelet that belonged to Lily.
* 2006 - Told Luke that she would tell everyone his secret about being gay if he didn't convince his parents to let her stay in their house.
* 2006 - Helped Will Munson cheat on his exams.

Who's played Jade Taylor (PAST) over the years?

Elena Goode (2006 - August 2007)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Works at Crash
Past: Library Aide at Oakdale Latin

Past History

Jade made her appearance in Oakdale telling Lily that she was Lily’s sister, Rose D’Angelo’s daughter. Jade told Lily that Rose had an affair with a man when she was a teenager. Unable to care for her child, she gave her daughter to an orphanage. Lily was skeptical at the moment so she called the orphanage. They verified that Rose indeed gave birth to a little girl and turned her over to the orphanage. That was enough proof for Lily. She didn’t need a blood test to prove anything. Lucinda and Holden didn’t trust Jade from the beginning and pleaded with Lily to get a blood test, but she refused. Lily welcomed Jade with open arms.

Weeks later, Jade stole Lily’s charm bracelet. Emma caught her, and Jade lied and told her that Lily had given it to her. Lily started to become suspicious, and when she did more investigating at the orphanage she found out that Rose had a little girl, but Jade wasn’t that girl. Jade was friends with Rose’s daughter in the orphanage and she heard that Rose’s family was wealthy. She was determined to get a part of it. Lily had taken Jade in, gave her a home, found her a job and made her part of the family, only to have Jade lie to her. That made Lily angry and she threw Jade out of the house.

During her short stay at the Snyder’s she became good friends with Luke. He confided in her about him being gay, and how he had feelings for his best friend, Kevin. Jade vowed to keep his secret for as long as he wanted her to, and she did. Luke eventually told his family that he was gay so Jade didn’t have to.

While working at the library, the job that Lily helped her get, she helped Will Munson buy a term paper online. Will got a passing grade and was able to graduate, until the school found out that he purchased it online. He was not allowed to graduate with Gwen, and Jade lost her job. On graduation night, Jade happened to find Will, who was drunk after a fight with Gwen. They started talking and ended up sleeping together. The next day, Will and Gwen made up and moved on. Will helped Jade get another job at Crash, and Gwen offered for Jade to move in with her and Will at her sister, Carly’s house. Later, Jade announced to Will that she was pregnant. Will vowed to stand by and support Jade through the pregnancy, but Will and Gwen soon discovered Jade wasn’t pregnant at all! She had lied.

Jade got over Will, because she knew that she could never come between Gwen and Will. She set her sights on Will’s half brother, Adam Munson. Adam was cutting a record for Gwen, and he and Jade started dating. The only problem was that Adam was having feelings for Gwen.

Past Marriages


Flings and Relationships

Will Munson (affair)


Rose D'Angelo (mother - deceased)
Taylors (adoptive parents)
Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (aunt)
Luciano 'Luke' Snyder (cousin)
Faith Snyder (cousin)
Natalie Snyder (cousin)
Ethan Walsh Snyder (cousin)
Iva Snyder (biological grandmother)
Josh Snyder Stricklyn (maternal biological grandfather)
Jared Carpenter (maternal biological great grandfather)
Caroline Carpenter (maternal biological great grandmother - deceased)
Elizabeth Snyder (maternal biological great grandmother)
Cal Striclyn (maternal biological great grandfather)
Emma Snyder (adopted paternal grandmother)
Harvey Snyder (adopted paternal grandfather - deceased)