Hal Munson (Deceased) (as played by Benjamin Hendrickson on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Hal Munson (Deceased)

* On October 23, 2006 Hal was killed in the line of duty.
* Living at his home at the time of his death.
* Single/Divorced.
* 1998 - Had a confrontation with Nikki because he thought that she had taken a pregnancy test.
* 1998 - John Dixon caught him breaking into his office and looking at Carly's medical file.
* 1998 - Threatened to sue John for false diagnosis.
* 1998 - Had John's office bugged.
* 2002 - Helped James Stenbeck escape from the police while he was hypnotized.
* 2002 - Interfered with a police investigation while under hypnosis.

Who's played Hal Munson (Deceased) over the years?

Benjamin Hendrickson (1985 - 2004, 2005 - 2006)
John Hilner (1994 - 1995 - temporary replacement)
James Kiberd (July 16 - 30, 2001 - temporary replacement)
Randolph Mantooth (April - June 2003, Sept. 2004 - May 2005 - temporary replacement)

Current and Past Occupation

Past: Chief of Police with Oakdale Police Department

Past History

When Hal came to Oakdale he was investigating a case involving James Stenbeck. During his investigation, he turned to James' ex wife, Barbara Ryan for answers regarding James. Since he spent so much time with Barbara, they got to know each other a little better and Hal found himself having feelings for her. Hal worked closely with the police department in Oakdale, especially with Officer Margo Hughes. The two became close and Hal found that he had at least two friends in Oakdale. At this time, Barbara was very involved in her son Paul's life. Barbara worried about her son and was afraid for him. Hal found her to be too distracted to see that he was falling in love with her. Hal didn't know what to do. By now, he was falling in love with Barbara, but he didn't want to come in second place. Hal told Margo about his problems one day. It seems that Margo was also having problems with her marriage. In a moment, without thinking, the two made love, and afterwards realized that they had made a mistake. Shortly after, Margo and Tom decided to leave Oakdale for a while. Meanwhile, Hal and Barbara finally got together and Barbara accepted his marriage proposal. When Margo returned, she and Tom were showing off their new little boy, Adam, to everyone in Oakdale. Soon, Hal received the news that Adam was actually his son. After Hal calmed down, he talked it over with Margo and Tom and everyone agreed that they wouldn't disrupt Adam's life, and he would stay with Tom and Margo. Adam later found out that Hal was his biological father, and after getting use to the idea, he formed a relationship with him. Hal eventually found out he also had a daughter named Nikki. Hal and Nikki formed a great relationship, and she even started to follow her father's footsteps and became a cop. She eventually moved out of Oakdale.

Hal later found out that he was the father to Carly Tenney's baby, Parker. At first, Carly told everyone that Parker belonged to John Dixon. Carly and John were married and he was there for Parker, but things didn't work out and the couple broke up. Carly then married Brad Snyder, but no one knew that she agreed to marry him just to keep a secret away from Hal. When Brad agreed to divorce Carly if she would pay him five million dollars, he was very upset that she didn't come through with the money. One night when Hal and Barbara were getting married, Brad interrupted the party to tell Carly's big secret: Hal was the biological father to Parker. Hal was shocked at the news and didn't realize that it was possible. After taking a break to adjust, he slowly formed a relationship with his son. Later on, Parker would come and stay with Hal and Barbara during Carly's rough times.

Hal married Barbara three different times before it ended for good. During this time, Barbara and Hal had a little boy they named Will. Barbara had an affair during a short separation in Europe and found out that she was pregnant with a little girl, Jennifer, who Hal later adopted and loved as though she was his own. After a while, Barbara was tired of being married to him and left him for good to marry Craig Montgomery. Shortly after marrying Craig, she was involved in an explosion. Hal still loved Barbara and hated to see her injured. He was sure that Craig set the explosion up so that he could get Barbara's inheritance. Determined to prove Craig guilty of setting the explosion that almost killed her, Hal started his own investigation. He teamed up with Emily Stewart, and while they worked on the case together, he fell in love with her. They were married for a couple of years, but it didn't last long once Hal devoted all of his time to work. Emily couldn't handle being alone, so Emily moved out and sought comfort with Paul Ryan.

After divorcing Emily, Hal devoted his life to his children and his career. He watched Jennifer marry Dusty Donovan in her hospital room, and a short time later, he was there when she died of viral pneumonia. Will married Gwen Norbeck, and even though Hal thought he was too young, he supported them until they could both graduate high school. In October of 2006, while on a stake out in DC, Hal Munson died instantly after being shot while saving a teenager. Oakdale mourned the loss of a wonderful husband, a great dad and a devoted protector for all.

Past Marriages

Emily Stewart Munson (divorced)
Barbara Ryan Stenbeck Munson Dixon Munson (divorced three times)
Carly Tenney Snyder (divorced)
Lynda Graves (divorced)

Flings and Relationships

Denise Darby (dated)
Margo Hughes (affair)
Emily Stewart Munson (lovers)


Harold Munson (father - deceased)
Louise Munson (mother - deceased)
Claire Munson Shelby (sister)
Tess Shelby (niece)
Cassie Shelby (niece)
Becky Shelby (niece)
Davey Shelby (nephew)
Ben Shelby Jr. (nephew)
John Dustin Munson Donovan (grandson)


Nikki Munson (daughter with Lynda)
Adam Munson (son with Margo)
Jennifer Munson Kasnoff Donovan (adoptive daughter with Barbara - deceased)
Will Munson (son with Barbara)
Parker Munson (son with Carly Tenney)