Gwen Norbeck Munson (as played by Jennifer Landon on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Gwen Norbeck Munson

* Currently resides at the Walsh Estate Cottage with her husband.
* Married to Will Munson.
* 2005 - Kidnapped Rory Cabot.
* 2006 - Barbara Ryan accused her of assaulting her, but she was found not guilty.
* 2006 - Ran away and hid from the police for about two weeks.

Who's played Gwen Norbeck Munson over the years?

Jennifer Landon (2005 - 2008)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: College student
Current: Singer

Past History

Gwen Norbeck showed up in Oakdale as a teenager with a rough past. Raised by her mother, Iris Dumbroski, she was able to become emancipated when Gwen proved that she was better off on her own. She became friends with Celia Ortega who wanted to set her up on a date with her boyfriend's best friend, Will. From the beginning, Will and Gwen didn't hit it off. Gwen seemed more interested in Casey than she did Will. During prom, Celia went with Casey, and again, Gwen and Will were together. Gwen and Will watched as Casey and Celia professed their love for one another.

Gwen had a secret that would later be revealed. She was pregnant and named Casey the father. He and Gwen had a one-night stand when he met her. She tried telling Casey about it, but Casey always cut Gwen short and acted mad at her all the time. No one knew why for the longest time. One day, when Celia suspected it, the secret came out. She demanded to know who the father was, but Gwen couldn't bear to bring the news to Casey right then and there. Therefore, Will stepped up and admitted he was the father. When Barbara heard this, she demanded a paternity test. It determined that Will was not the father.

Gwen had arranged to put her baby up for adoption. She decided that she would not be able to offer her child everything that she thought it would need. So, she was able to locate a wonderful mother for her unborn child, Rosanna Cabot Montgomery. She had money and she was kind, caring and soft spoken. Gwen thought she would make the best mother. But unfortunately, Gwen went into labor prematurely and gave birth to a little boy. On Rosanna's way to the hospital, Craig Montgomery ran her car off the road and Rosanna was in a coma, unable to care for a newborn baby. Carly Snyder, Rosanna's half sister stepped up and brought the baby home to care for it until Rosanna returned. Gwen was upset at this because she didn't know Carly, and therefore didn't trust her. Gwen decided that she was going to sue for custody and get her baby back. However, Carly didn't back down from a challenge and fought hard, and sometimes dirty. In the end, it was discovered, months later, that the baby was actually Jennifer Munson's baby, Will's older sister. She also had a baby born prematurely, and Craig switched the babies at birth so that he would be adopting his biological son. Gwen learned that her baby had died at birth. Now Gwen must accept and deal with the loss of her child, and Casey finally acknowledged the fact that he was the father.

Will and Gwen started to become closer during the past few months. When Will and Gwen admitted that they loved each other, they soon married before they could even graduate high school. Barbara was against their relationship from the beginning and wasn't very welcoming to Gwen. Barbara even framed her at one point to get her out of their lives. Once she saw that Will was devoted to Gwen, she gave in and lightened up. Will and Gwen stayed with Hal until they graduated high school. Will, afraid of failing, bought a term paper online to pass. Once the school found out about it, Will was no longer able to graduate. Gwen and Will fought and she went on to her graduation ceremonies. Will got drunk that night and didn't come home. Jade Taylor found Will drunk and after talking to her, the two made love. Gwen found out and broke it off with Will. Having so much to deal with, Gwen went with some other teens up to Raven Lake to get away for a weekend. There happened to be a slasher in town who was killing teens. Gwen found herself a victim as the slasher came after her. A wounded Gwen caught up with Will who protected her until the situation was over and the slasher was caught. They renewed their love for each other. Once things were back to normal, Jade announced to Will that she was pregnant with his child from their one-night stand. Later, it turned out that Jade was lying.

After College started and they were attending, Will received word that his dad, Hal, was killed in the line of duty. Adam, his half brother, came to town for his dad's funeral. He heard Gwen sing one night, and of course, he was a record producer. He offered Gwen a record deal. On one occasion, she had performed in LA and things went so good that the two shared a kiss. They didn't know that Iris walked in at that time and had seen it. Soon after they returned, Will found out about the kiss. Will forgave Gwen, but it caused tension between Will and Adam, especially when Adam was starting to have feelings for Gwen.

Past Marriages

Will Munson (married)

Flings and Relationships

Casey Hughes (one night stand)
Will Munson (lovers)


Ray Tenney (father - deceased)
Iris Dumbrowski (mother)
Cole Norbeck (brother)
Carly Tenney Snyder (half sister)
Nora Kasnoff (niece - deceased)
Parker Munson (nephew)
Sage Snyder (niece)
Molly McKinnon (cousin)
Abigail Williams (first cousin)


Billy Norbeck (son with Casey Hughes - deceased)
Unknown child (miscarried with Will Munson)
Hallie Jennifer Munson (daughter, adopted)