Elwood Hoffman (as played by Alex Charak on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Elwood Hoffman

* Student who roomed with Casey Hughes.
* Helped Cheri Love get revenge on Dusty Donovan.

Who's played Elwood Hoffman over the years?

Alex Charak (August 28, 2006 - present - recurring)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Student
Past: Student

Past History

Elwood, college roommate and friend of Casey Hughes, had a front-row seat to the online gambling situation that got so out of hand with Casey. Casey's addiction to online poker got him in such money trouble he ended up stealing bonds from Lisa's safe (bonds that Barbara had given Will & Gwen) and gave them to Elwood to pay off his dad so he wouldn't tell Tom and Margo about what was going on.

After Casey went to jail, not much was heard from Elwood until Cheri Love came to town. She needed a college kid with computer skills to help her with her plan to get revenge on Dusty Donovan and Alison Stewart. His ego sufficiently stroked by the flirtatios Cheri, Elwood was all too happy to help out. He hacked into Dusty's email account and sent the naughty video of Dusty and Alison to pretty much everyone in town.

When Casey Hughes returned to town, Elwood stole documents from Oakdale U and tried to frame him. Casey caught on and Elwood was caught and sent to jail.

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