Cleo Babbitt (as played by Jennifer Landon on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Cleo Babbitt

* Currently resides in a room at the Wagon Wheel.

Who's played Cleo Babbitt over the years?

Jennifer Landon (2006 - July 2007)

Current and Past Occupation

Past: Unknown

Past History

Jade Taylor placed an online ad offering money to anyone who could pose as Gwen Munson's twin. After Cleo viewed the ad and picture of Gwen, she responded and went to Oakdale the next day to meet with Jade. At first, Jade didn't think Cleo resembled Gwen at all and ordered her to go back to Turlock. However, a determined Cleo proved Jade wrong. Jade was so impressed that she gave Cleo a make-over and began to put her plan for revenge into motion.

About a week after fooling a few people in Oakdale, Will came home and caught Cleo, who was disguised as Gwen. When she revealed her true identity to Will, Jade got mad and ordered Cleo to get on a bus and go back to Turlock. However, Cleo had developed a crush on Will and decided to stay in Oakdale. When Will told Gwen about Cleo, Gwen became suspicious and she and Will began to wonder if Jade was behind the whole Cleo fraud.

Later on, Cleo paid a visit to Gwen and apologized. Gwen confronted Cleo and tried to get her to admit Jade was involved, but Cleo continued to cover for Jade and claimed she was just one of Gwen's biggest fans.

When Cleo returned to her room at the Wagon Wheel one day, she discovered a fed up Jade packing her bags. Cleo tried to talk to Jade, but once again, Jade ordered her to leave town. After Jade left her room, Cleo was about to depart when she spotted a familiar face checking in to the room next door. After she discovered that the familiar face was Carly Snyder, Cleo introduced herself to Carly. Carly denied her identity, but when Cleo helped her out of a jam, and Carly learned she could impersonate Gwen, Carly turned to Cleo for help. Cleo then decided to stay in Oakdale and help Carly.

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