Cheri Love (as played by Robin Mattson on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Cheri Love

* Madam who got Emily into hooking.

Who's played Cheri Love over the years?

Robin Mattson (2006 - August 2007)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Madam
Past: Madam

Past History

Cheri showed up in Oakdale as a madam. She met Emily and lured her into the profession. Along the way she has forced Emily to stay with her until Emily broke free of her.

Cheri stayed in town, making a nuisance of herself with Dusty and threatening to get Allie into hooking since Emily had gone straight. She got Elwood to help her post a sex tape of Dusty and Allie on the Internet and then asked Dusty to her hotel room to discuss how he might help her leave town. She drugged Dusty and when he woke up, Cheri's room was trashed, his gun was on the floor and Cheri had been shot dead!

Past Marriages

Col. Winston Mayer

Flings and Relationships





Noah Mayer