Audrey Coleman (as played by Lynn Herring on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Audrey Coleman

* Killed James Stenbeck

Who's played Audrey Coleman over the years?

Lynn Herring (July 24 2009 - October 27 2009)

Past History

The mother of at least eight children, has been absent for most of their lives while she traveled the world gambling. She returned to Oakdale to run a scam with her former lover James Stenbeck. In the end, she double crossed him and killed him. During this time, it was revealed that Henry was actually James' son. This led to a battle over the Stenbeck fortune with Henry. She brought in an old mafia friend, Ralph Manzo, and offered to help wash his money for him. Things soured between he and Henry when Paul kept fighting with them. This eventually led to Ralph and Henry battling it out. When Katie attempted to rescue Henry, Brad ended up getting caught in the crossfire and killed. Barbara went back on the run.

Flings and Relationships

James Stenbeck


Madeline 'Maddie' Coleman (daughter)
Bernadette Coleman (daughter)
Henry Coleman (son)
Eve Coleman Browning (daughter)
Other unknown children