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    All My Children - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on All My Children! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

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    Lily Finalizes Plans to Meet Up With Terry

    Wednesday, September 06 2006

    Lily suggests a location to meet her new online friend the next day. Jamie asks Julia to travel the world with him. Krystal finds a way to stop the fighting between Colby and Sidney. » Read More

    Tad Tells Kendall the Truth

    Tuesday, September 05 2006

    Kendall demands the truth from Tad. Zach kisses Dixie passionately. Babe hammers Josh into a coffin. JR is fuming when he cannot reach Babe once again! » Read More

    Recap for AMC is a Previously Recorded Show

    Monday, September 04 2006

    Due to the US Open, the AMC episode shown for September 4, 2006 was a previously recorded episode. » Read More

    Tad Discovers Who Put Him in a Coffin!

    Friday, September 01 2006

    Tad discovers who trapped him. Babe admits to Kendall that she might never forgive JR for trying to kill her. Josh builds his own coffin. » Read More

    Kendall Asks For a Divorce

    Thursday, August 31 2006

    Kendall files for divorce for real. Babe tries to convince Dixie to plead guilty. Krystal confronts Josh. Adam threatens to sue Derek for false arrest of Jamie & JR. » Read More

    Ryan Explains to Kendall Why Zach is Guilty!

    Wednesday, August 30 2006

    JR, Jamie & Zach attempt to steal the tapes from Derek's office. Annie meets with Jack and discusses Lily's safety. Jonathan gets Sean to keep a close eye on Lily and report back to him. Lily arranges to meet Terry in person. » Read More

    Zach Decides to Stop Tad From Testifying

    Tuesday, August 29 2006

    Zach plots to find a way to stop Tad from talking. Ryan stops Kendall from telling Tad the truth. Babe pleads with Josh not to go to the police about what he saw. » Read More

    JR Accuses Babe of Hiding Something!

    Monday, August 28 2006

    JR thinks Babe didn't tell him the whole story of the night with Zarf and Josh. Annie tries to get closer to Ryan. Josh tells Kendall not to make him choose between her and Babe to confide in. Tad tells Derek he lied to Zach about seeing him and Dixie. » Read More

    Erica Tries Again With Josh

    Friday, August 25 2006

    Krystal tells Babe she's headed down the wrong road. Josh tells Erica he "spent the night" with Babe. Tad and Zach square off...again! » Read More

    David Goes to Annie About Emma

    Thursday, August 24 2006

    David talks with Annie about Emma. Derek questions David about JR's injuries. Babe tells Josh this is the happiest she's ever been. Kendall and Ryan get under the sheets. » Read More

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