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    All My Children - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on All My Children! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    There were no daily updates for selected period, you are looking at the latest updates.
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    Off The Clock.

    Wednesday, June 22 2011

    Madison freezes, Kendall runs away and Amanda is torn up with guilt. » Read More

    It's Good To Be Home.

    Tuesday, June 21 2011

    News of David and "Erica's" partnership speads, Jake wants to tell Amanda the truth, and Angie is the lone defender of David. » Read More

    Two Friends In Need.

    Monday, June 20 2011

    Amanda and JR find comfort in each other, Jane and David make their move and Marissa is ready to trust JR. » Read More

    Don't Talk About My Former Life Ever!

    Friday, June 17 2011

    Jake and Cara admit their feelings, Amanda makes a bold move, and Jack warns David. » Read More

    This Is Where I Want To Be.

    Thursday, June 16 2011

    Amanda overhears a truth, JR surprises Marissa, and Jane and David connect. » Read More

    You’re Married To A Middle-Aged Smurf.

    Wednesday, June 15 2011

    Colby shows Liza the door, Amanda catches Jake in a lie, and Tad sports the bluest hair in Pine Valley. » Read More

    An Appetizing Snack.

    Tuesday, June 14 2011

    Tad wants to impress Cara, Ryan continues to grieve, and Angie meets Maya. » Read More


    Monday, June 13 2011

    Greenlee sets up Griffin and Kendall, Jack grows more concerned about "Erica" and Erica gets Ben to talk. » Read More

    I've Almost Killed A Board Member Or Two. They Get Over It.

    Friday, June 10 2011

    David offers Griffin a job, JR plots and Jack is puzzled by "Erica." » Read More

    Falling In Love.

    Thursday, June 09 2011

    Bianca confesses to Kendall, Griffin appeals to Liza and Maya gets a phone call. » Read More

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