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    You Can Count On Me.

    Monday, July 19 2010
    Angie calls Jake for help, JR and Annie can't deny their attraction, Colby turns to Liza for advice, and Tad and Liza discuss their future.

    In a hotel room, JR rescues Annie from a client who is coming onto her. A rattled Annie apologizes for losing the business, but JR just wants to take her home.

    At the Chandler mansion, Scott tells Marissa she needs to start confiding in JR about how she is feeling. Annie and JR return home and Scott is startled to see Annie’s torn dress. He asks what JR did to her, but Annie tells him a client came onto her. Scott takes Annie upstairs. Alone, Marissa questions JR, but he orders her to stop and assures her there is nothing going on between him and Annie.

    A frightened Angie sits in an alley, unable to see. She uses the voice recognition on her phone to call Jake. Jake tells a disappointed Amanda he has to bail on their romantic evening to see a patient.

    At the Martin home, Tad and Liza celebrate finalizing Damon’s adoption. They are interrupted with a surprise visit from social services. The agent grills Tad over all the people living in his home and colorful life history. The agent realizes that she made a mistake and thought Damon was 9, not 19. Tad and Liza share a hearty laugh.

    An angry Colby waits at a restaurant on Damon, who is running late. She becomes even more frustrated when he arrives for their fancy dinner and after-party in a T-shirt. Damon then realizes he forgot his wallet and offers to pay her back, but she storms off.

    Damon returns home and Tad excitedly shows him his own adoption papers, which have the same date as Damon’s adoption date. Tad hugs Damon and welcomes him to the family.

    Colby goes to see Liza for advice about Damon. She asks Liza how to know if someone is cheating on you. Liza thinks Damon just needs time to catch up on his maturity level.

    Jake finds a scared Angie in the alley. She sobs as she tells him the episodes are getting worse. He promises to wait with her until she can move. She clings to her bible and sobs how this is a sign how out of whack her priorities have been. She wonders how she can live in a world that she can’t see her husband’s smiling face, her children, and her future grandchildren. Angie is finally able to walk, and as Jake ushers her away, a stunned Amanda walks behind them.

    Liza returns to Tad’s home and he shows her the official adoption papers. She comments on how wild it is that the dates are the same. Tad wants to do as good a job as his own parents did. Liza knows that he will. Tad asks if she thinks of Damon as his son or as the thug unworthy of dating her daughter. Liza believes it’s a little of both. Tad thinks if things keep going so good between them, she could one day be Damon’s mom. Liza admits she’s thought about the same thing and believes they have a future together. Tad confesses he thinks they could spend a lifetime together. Liza thinks that would be fantastic.

    Colby returns to the restaurant and finds Damon waiting on her. She sarcastically remarks that maybe his other girlfriend will be more understanding. A frustrated Damon tells her he wants to be with her, but she is putting too much pressure on him and he’s going through some big stuff. Colby softens and agrees to see him again.

    Jake takes Angie home. She apologizes for taking him away from Amanda. He tells her to have faith that the meds will start to work.

    JR goes to his room. Annie arrives at his door and wants to talk. She admits she can’t get JR out of her head and how he rescued her from almost being raped. He asserts he would save her again in a heartbeat. Annie tells the experience threw her and she knows it threw him, too. He orders her to go back to Scott. Annie wonders if they are supposed to be together. JR confesses it is tough to stay away from her and pulls her into a kiss. A shocked Colby walks in on them!

    Amanda returns home and finds Jake waiting on her. She bluntly asks him why he lied about being with Angie. He apologizes and tells her that Angie has been a bit overwhelmed lately. Amanda wonders why Jake couldn’t confide in her, but Jake covers and says Angie didn’t want Jesse to know. Amanda promises that Jake can trust her and tell her anything.

    Marissa goes to the hotel where Annie’s meeting took place and finds the rep that came onto Annie. She poses as a rep for the company and is stunned to find out that JR is the one who rescued Annie!

    Next on All My Children:

    Madison admits she’s falling in love with Ryan.

    Frankie surprises David with information on Greenlee.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, July 19 2010 11:27 AM

    What kind of clients are the Chandlers dealing with, rapists?

    Angie, get yourself some help and stop messing with Amanda and Jake's make out sessions.

    How ironic is that. Tad and Damon have the exact same adoption date.

    Why is Colby going to Liza for advice? Then plants the idea in Liza's head that Damon is cheating on her, which he is not. At least not yet, I think he will be getting busy with Liza.

    Oops, JR is busted by baby sister. Angie will go from beign Colby's step-mother to sister-in-law.

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, July 19 2010 11:29 AM

    OK......The Angie s/l is just getting SILLY......A character that I have ALWAYS liked is being made to look STUPID !!!!! Now she is not only putting everyone else in danger.....Now SHE is in danger from her ownself....As someone mentioned in an earlier post....She is a PROFESSIONAL......What would she advise a patient do in this SAME case.....CONFIDE IN YOUR FAMILY.....!!!!!!

    AND the Jake s/l in helping Angie....and keeping the same secret from Amanda......C'MON !!!!

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, July 19 2010 11:29 AM

    Oops, meant Annie will go from being step-mother to sister-in-law. Not Angie. That would be another story.

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, July 19 2010 11:41 AM

    ******SPOILER ALERT********

    My ABC HOTSHEET and the alert on this website says that Greenlee discovers David standing over an unconsious Ryan in the park (where else ???)....It shows a picture of David taking Ryan's pulse.....Apparently he had an anurism...."Greenlee tells Ryan she LOVES him"

    Of course everyone (INCLUDING GREENLEE) will think David had something to do with it (Whether he did or not)


    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, July 19 2010 11:51 AM

    What I would LIKE to see !!!!!

    The only doctor in the whole world that can save Angie is David...(Why of course)....Angie agrees to help him get his license back.....He performs (whatever) surgery on her and she is (saints preserve us) SAVED......Angie is SO grateful she convinces Jesse to lay off of the airplane accident......AND he AGREES (WOW).........Thus we get rid of this stupid part of the plot.......BUT Ryan DESPITE probably being saved by David is still out for some revenge.......Ryan finally goes overboard in his investigative enthusiasm and is jailed by Jesse (HOORAY)....Ryan is granted conjugal visits from Greenpuck once a month.....FINAL RESULT

    Ryan and Greenpuck are FINALLY together (enough already)
    The stupid aircraft story is OVER
    Angie can get back to being an admired PROFESSIONAL again
    Jesse.....becomes a REAL police chief of Pine Valley.

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, July 19 2010 11:59 AM

    Ryan and Greenpuck......You two REALLY do deserve one another....No doubt about it.

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, July 19 2010 12:02 PM

    Why would Tad want Liza or Krystal ???????

    Let Liza and David get together (
    They have a lot in common)

    Let Krystal and Caleb give it a try (anything to iritate Erica)

    Let Hillary come back into the picture for Tad (what DID happen to Taylor)

    Posted by Jazzy12 at Monday, July 19 2010 12:10 PM

    STUPID STUPID STUPID!!! If you haven't watched the show today....DON'T Bother!!! UGHHHH

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, July 19 2010 12:15 PM

    Jazzy12.....Could you be more exact ????

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, July 19 2010 12:21 PM

    Jazzy12....Sorry there was suppose to be a smiley face after that....

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