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    Love [actually]

    Friday, December 01 2006
    • Zarf is falling in love with Bianca.

    • Julia uses acupuncture to ease JR's pain.

    • Dixie tells Tad he's Krystal's baby daddy.

    Zarf is smitten by Bianca and calls her a "magnificent creature."

    Zarf is rendered speechless by the "magnificent creature" Bianca. Apparently, they are fabulously compatible—it's "meant to be."

    Babe and Bianca go out together and chat. Bianca, in no uncertain terms, offers her opinion of JR and Babe reconciling. She asks Babe how she could love JR but sleep with JR? How could she tell Josh she loved him? Does she still love Josh?

    Yes, admits Babe. And she doesn't know what will happen when JR returns home. She explains how her feelings for Josh grew out of her dissatisfaction with being excluded from JR's life. Bianca says she understands, since part of her still loves Babe. Babe might make the wrong choices, but she does them for the right reason. She has a good heart. But Babe has to decide who she loves more!

    Bianca tells Babe that as long as she loves Josh, she's encouraging him—and she and JR won't have a chance.

    Julia and Jamie are in JR's room; he's still in agony. When Adam comes in, he demands that Julia provide him with painkillers for his son—until JR tells him to "get out!" Adam refuses to accept JR's decision, and Jamie tries to explain that it's JR's way of fighting his addiction demons. Adam leaves, unwilling to watch his son suffer.

    Julia offers to help him with acupuncture—but JR calls it "voodoo." Jamie tells him to stop acting like a martyr, and to accept Julia's option. He agrees. It works amazingly well.

    "Respect my marriage," Krystal tells her houseguest Dixie, "and never mention David Hayward again!" At that moment, Tad enters. He wants to know what David meant by saying Dixie could "set things in motion." When Krystal leaves, Tad returns and demands the truth from Dixie.

    She tells him it's "nothing", but he doesn't believe her. David's hurt him enough, says Dixie—but Tad insists it's their secrets that really hurt them. The truth is the only thing that will save them. Eventually, she tells him that David said Krystal's baby is his.

    Krystal confronts Josh in Babe's bedroom, where he's placed a scrapbook/photo album under her pillow. She realizes that he and Babe really love each other. Josh says that he's not giving up, and when she's ready, he'll be there for her.

    Babe walks in at that moment, and asks Krystal to leave them alone. Babe tells Josh she's made a decision.

    "Why would I sell this house?" asks Zach of Kendall. She reminds him that he said they could never live there. He confides how he once faked his death to hurt his father. He's now bought the house to complete his past, and is ready to start the next chapter of his life. "Welcome home," he says to Kendall.

    Zarf finds Bianca and tells her that he's falling in love with her, and they kiss.

    NEXT on AMC:

    • Tad doesn't believe Dixie's assertion
    • Babe tells Josh she loves him.
    • Zarf wants one night with Bianca.

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    Posted by ksmakela at Friday, December 01 2006 01:46 PM

    People have been trashing to show all week.
    Not fair!!
    There are always characters and stories that may get a little dull for some.
    At this moment a bit more fun could be added to the mix.
    It's tough on the viewer when absolutely EVERYONE is miserable at the same time.
    That was the charm of Lily and Jonathan's secret love. They had so much fun together.
    Keep on AMC. You always give us great moments.
    If Tad and Krystal hook up eventually, now that they'll have a kid in common, I'd love to see them expand on the fun they used to have together. They're both so good at having fun!
    And you gay-lifestyle bashers?
    You don't speak for everyone.

    Posted by Avery14 at Friday, December 01 2006 02:25 PM

    I hope Babe finally decides to start a life with Josh.

    Posted by sywebb at Friday, December 01 2006 04:57 PM

    you mean how babe can love JR and sleep with JOSH...right

    Posted by kentishad at Friday, December 01 2006 06:09 PM

    And Jr can lie, steal, cry, drink, and kill anyone who hurts him.

    Posted by mjosephs at Friday, December 01 2006 09:14 PM

    What's "NOT FAIR" is the quality of the show this week, thus the fans are having their say. The writers should listen up and give us credit for having more intelligence, and wanting more believable story lines. They are dragging things out much too long.

    Posted by Avery14 at Saturday, December 02 2006 07:46 PM

    Babe and Josh are hot TOGETHER!!And now in the spoilers Babe is going back to JR ,again!But i do see were the writers are coming from by making Babe stay with JR because if she leaves JR she will be known as a tramp again just when people were starting to simphasize with her.

    Posted by eagles123 at Sunday, December 03 2006 07:09 AM

    Babe can't stay with Jr forever. Josh said earlier, two weeks back, he's not giving up. A month, a year ,Ten years. He loves that women that much! She loves him too(which she commits on this monday)but yet still stays with JR. He's a jerk, a drunk, and hurts anybody(physicallly)that stands in his way. He treated Babe like real dirt not too long ago. He tired to kill her! His sin is WAY worse than Babe's.

    Posted by Avery14 at Sunday, December 03 2006 08:11 AM

    I agree with you eagles123 JR is crazy and the only reason that i watch the show is because of Babe and Josh.At first i thought Josh was ugley but now i think he's hot,its just one of thows things that grow,but did u read about the seriale killer coming to town. I wonder who it is?

    Posted by luna 378 at Sunday, December 03 2006 04:20 PM

    i think that a few wekks back when bianca is with jr when he is well drunk there is a moment when she say later that "he was his old self again" well i wish he was all the time because if he was babe and jr will be a great couple

    Posted by luna 378 at Sunday, December 03 2006 04:22 PM

    i'm sorry but i don't agree with u eagles i just can not get over when babe and jr were perfect and happy i wish and allways will that they all ways will be that perfect match again

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