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    Shut Up and Take the Flight!

    Wednesday, April 21 2010
    Erica helps Brooke, JR and Annie are caught in a compromising position, and David receives an unpleasant surprise!

    At Fusion, Amanda worries that Erica will hate her photos. She is stunned when Erica turns and tells her she's a disappointment. It turns out Erica is referring to her lack of confidence. She makes Amanda declare herself to be a star. Erica puts Randi in charge of Amanda's fan mail, warning Amanda never to respond to a fan online again. Jack comes in to check on Erica, who thanks him for supporting her yesterday. He asks her to go for dinner and she hugs him.

    Greenlee and David are at home. She tells him now that Ryan has written her off, David is off the hook. David muses that he's content with the way things are, but Greenlee thinks he deserves more. He says they make a great team, and wonders if she'd like to stick it out. She says she has nowhere else to go, and they grin at each other. They talk about Fusion, David encourages Greenlee to beat Erica. They make plans for dinner that night, and David says he's off to meet with a hospital board member to see about his job.

    Annie is alone in bed at the Chandler Mansion. She dreams of JR proposing to her!

    Downstairs at the Chandler Mansion, JR tells Marissa that his father didn't come home last night, and neither did Brooke! She suggests that he call him, but JR says he's not worried as long as he's with Brooke. Marissa is upset, saying Adam is married! She also thinks he should back off on Annie and stay out of their business. JR tells her she is sick of her policing him. He reminds her he's not sick anymore and can take care of himself. Marissa stalks out, and Annie comes in. JR tells her Adam was out with Brooke all night. Annie begins to strategize, telling JR that he needs her as much as she needs him. She suggests that they help each other save their marriages and enjoy each other on the side, adding that Marissa doesn't get him like she does.

    Adam and Brooke giggle and chat in the park about staying out all night. Brooke says she may have told him she loves him but it doesn't change anything, she won't break up his marriage. Adam says he loves her, and it's time for proof! He says he won't make her compromise her values. Adam tells her he wants to make her proud, and wants her wishes to be fulfilled, that's why he's letting her go. Brooke assures him it's the right thing, to honor his wedding vows. Adam notes it feels wrong. Brooke says she'll cherish this time forever, and now it's time to move on. They kiss deeply. Brooke leaves to clear out of the mansion, and Stuart appears to Adam. He advises him to examine what is in his heart. Stuart says he will always love him, he didn't mean to shoot him after all, and he and Brooke will always remain in Adam's heart.

    At the hospital, Angie coaches Frankie and Jake on their roles in her plan to deal with David. They are amazed she came up with this idea. She says if David played fair, she would too.

    Greenlee arrives at Fusion in time to see Jack and Erica getting close. Jack leaves, and Erica asks Greenlee if she slept well after attacking poor Kendall. Greenlee refuses to discuss it. Erica wants to move up the deadline for the competition. Greenlee agrees. They realize that they must launch together if it's to be fair. Randi and Amanda walk up. Randi says Ciro canceled. Erica realizes that Greenlee booked him out from under her. Greenlee gloats, but Erica gets a phone call and dashes out.

    David walks into ConFusion, where he is greeted by Jake, Frankie, and Angie, who are throwing him a farewell party! He quickly cops on that his meeting with the board member was a farce. Angie announces that his medical license has been revoked, and they toast! Amanda and Randi join Frankie and Jake at the bar. Jake teases Amanda about not wearing her wedding ring. She says she hates taking it off for the shoots. After a bit of kissing, Jake and Frankie leave. Randi asks Amanda why she didn't tell Jake the truth about the rings. Amanda says she didn't want him to worry. Greenlee walks in and spots David sitting alone. He shows her the paper saying he cannot practice medicine. David tells Greenlee not to worry about it, he's decided to buy the hospital!

    Brooke returns to the Chandler Mansion, and tells JR that she is leaving. He protests, saying Adam loves her. Brooke tells him she won't break up his marriage, she has to go. JR is dismayed, but lets her go upstairs. Annie appears and grills JR about Brooke, when she won't stop, JR kisses her, saying he is trying to get Brooke out of the house so they can be alone. Annie tells him she'll wait upstairs. JR wipes off the kiss. Brooke comes down and asks JR to wait a bit, and then tell Adam she left town. She asks him to take good care of his father, then goes. Annie reappears and JR tells her Brooke left town so as not to incinerate her marriage. He wants Annie to give Adam up. She counters that if JR dumps Marissa, she'll let Adam go. JR hisses that he doesn't want her, he never did, he set her up!

    Erica meets Brooke in the park. Brooke fills her in on what is going on, and asks her to use her contacts to fill her position at Tempo. Brooke tells Erica that Adam is going to need a friend. She breaks down as she says he's not as strong as he used to be. Erica reassures Brook, and offers her own plane for her use. Brooke brings up Jack, and Erica with a half-smile says, "Brooke, shut up and take the flight." Brooke smiles back.

    Back at Fusion, Amanda and Randi puzzle over her missing wedding ring, and another message from Amandafan - Amanda's photo covered in kisses - appears on the computer screen.

    Annie and JR fight their way upstairs into her room, where he tells her he videotaped their romp in Washington, and only destroyed it because Marissa caught on that he was spying on someone. Annie screams that he is sick and will never get away with this, but their animosity changes to passion and they start doffing their clothes. Just then, Adam walks in!

    Next on All My Children:

    JR confesses everything to Adam.

    Annie starts to unspool.

    Tad and Angie come through for Damon.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, April 21 2010 11:38 AM

    Well now JR is picking fights with Marrisa. I guess he is getting tired of her and wants step-mommie.

    That Erica gets on my nerve asking if Greenlee slept well after attacking poor Kendall. Excuse me, it wasn't poor Kendall that was stretched out in the cold river.

    When will people realize they cannot get the best of David. That's funny, the man has enough money to buy the hospital.

    Posted by mamajj at Wednesday, April 21 2010 11:50 AM

    Hi all.

    OHHHH ADAM.... He is going to get an eyeful. I hope his heart can take it.
    Erica & Brooke playing nice just really disappoints me.
    I get that they are playing extra nice today because of
    Palmer's death. But Brooke's whole return has been BLAH.


    I read Janet does come back. She wants to be Amanda's manager. Yeah OK. She want's to take Amanda & Trevor to Europe..Minus Jake. SURE

    OK yesterday's show was really great I just have some complaints. I didn't feel right ranting yesterday so I will
    rant today. I have seen a lot of lame things on this show
    but yesterday took the cake for me. Where in the he!! was
    Petey??? Opal said he was coming yet no Petey. Now are you
    telling me in the last couple months they couldn't hire a day actor to come in & lay down some lines. GMAB
    And where in he!! was JR??? Palmer was his Great Uncle
    he should have been there. Him & AJ were both related to him. When Adam found out he picked up the phone to call Ross I think...No Adam you should be calling JR to tell him his Uncle is dead.
    As much as I loved yesterday's show those three no
    shows really peeved me.
    OK my rant is over.

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, April 21 2010 12:31 PM

    Greenlee lied about Kendall on the witness stand. Do not blame Erica for asking her if she slept well last nite.

    Excuse me? PVH is a public hospital. David can't buy it. This is stupid, even for a soap.

    Posted by mjosephs at Wednesday, April 21 2010 12:40 PM

    To MAMAJJ.....right on! I also had one more issue with the epi....the candle ceremony was at MIDNIGHT.....why was little Kathy not in bed asleep at that late hour. Plus, she had no idea who Palmer was.

    That's all I got.

    HI SISSY!!

    Posted by savesoapspls at Wednesday, April 21 2010 01:05 PM

    ha ha ha Jumps! Maybe Pine Valley is feeling the economy crunch like the rest of the country. My state of California is so broke I think we'd sell anything!

    Posted by DeiaynciaCimone at Wednesday, April 21 2010 01:29 PM

    Well, well, well, or as my country cousin would say, "Hot Spam, the chit has hit the fan!" Adam got an eyeful didn't he? That was almost too convienient. That wasn't fighting what happened between JR and Annie that was foreplay. JR is a hypocrite supreme with a side order of lust lickin at his behind. Annie is just hot to trot and have messed up her finances now. I can guess this one in about..hmmm 4 moves. 1. Adam is going to have it out with JR.
    2. He will leave with Brooke, divorce Annie and leave her penniless.
    3. JR will have to finance Annie or she will tell Marissa the truth about her and JR's stay in Washington.
    4. This will be the start of an affair between JR and Annie until Marissa wakes up.
    That sounds about right to me. That was a nice moment between Brooke and Erica and it lasted as long as a fart in the wind. LOL. Now Angela watch your back babygirl. Ole Dave can't buy a public hospital but bet ya boots he will find a way to stick it to the Hubbards and Martins for this latest slight. Didn't he used to be a client of Randi's? Someone help me with this one. I think I remember David eyeballin her as if he remembered something VERY good about her.

    Posted by cab313 at Wednesday, April 21 2010 01:36 PM

    It seems to me David did ask Randi if they had met.

    Posted by cdpf at Wednesday, April 21 2010 01:37 PM

    SPOILERS ALERT: I will bet that Palmer Cortlandt secretly bought Pine Valley Hospital and would leave it to Angie Hubbard as the owner of PVH in his will. Wouldn't you love to see the look on David Hayward's face when he finds out that he can't buy the hospital...THAT WOULD BE A HOOT!!!!

    Posted by Operaman at Wednesday, April 21 2010 01:59 PM

    Then again, maybe Palmer left it to Hayward for prolonging Adam's

    Posted by DeiaynciaCimone at Wednesday, April 21 2010 02:14 PM

    Operman LOL thats a mean thing to say. I hope he left his seat on the board (if you can do that) to Angie. Can you be chief and have a seat on the board? Palmer had more class then Adam did in my opinion. Adam should of asked Stuart had he seen Palmer.

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