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    The Best Town in America!

    Tuesday, January 05 2010
    The residents of Pine Valley share their memories and experiences of the town for Hayley's documentary.

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    Posted by AMCguy at Tuesday, January 05 2010 10:03 PM

    Did anyone else notice that Charles Pratt was NOT listed as a writer on this episode? He was credited as being the "consulting producer" but I did not see his name in the list of writers.

    I thought they did a good job with the show. The 'best town in America' premise may have been a bit hokey but it did provide a nice platform for people to reminisce. And it was good to see Brooke, Bianca, Lily, Maria, Nina, Palmer, Jack and Hayley and Matteo again, however briefly.

    Definitely a bummer not to have Donna, Chuck or Benny show up...really, there was no Tyler presence at all other than the Phoebe flashbacks. Well, I guess Brooke! And it would have been great to see Ellen and Mark, Julie, Nico and Cecily, Tom Cudahy, Livia Frye...heck, even Dottie and Edna! And where was Alfred Vanderpool? I mean, he works at Pine Valley Bank for gosh sakes...!

    If they didn't kill off so many characters rather than simply having them move away, we'd have more folks who could reminisce. I kept thinking 'what about...?' and then thought, 'no, she's dead'...'no, he's dead'...'no.....'

    Okay, I'm totally kidding. I'm really happy they rounded up the former cast members that they did and understand they couldn't track down everyone who ever set foot in Pine Valley. Nicely done, AMC.

    Posted by VERNON at Wednesday, January 06 2010 10:48 AM

    Whatever happened to Livia Frye? Was'nt she PV lawyer?

    Posted by penquin30 at Wednesday, January 06 2010 04:18 PM

    AMC guy you totally rock,

    I loved this show, wished it was on in prime time but you remembered those they missed. Got to meet Cameron Mathison once in Ventura before he left and returned. Maybe since they'll be filming in California I might get to see it filmed. I've watched since 1970 on & off, until there was the medium to record. Mostly enjoying my lunch hour viewing. Recently I've lost interest actually until yesterday. Loved the direct look in to our eyes approach.
    Hope you look back on this post.

    Thanks for reminding me of the characters they missed.

    Jan AMC Gal

    Posted by csews at Wednesday, January 06 2010 05:59 PM

    Loved the show and seeing all the old footage. Did anyone else notice that Kendall and Zack, who left town a few days ago, are suddenly available for an interview?

    Posted by SweetTad at Thursday, January 07 2010 02:17 PM

    David's whiney nobody understands me and blah blah blah blah...We could have done without that crapola and devoted more time to the veterans who really contributed a lot to this show over the years.

    Posted by 1948Pinky at Tuesday, January 12 2010 12:11 PM

    I Hate it that Zack is leaving. He is the best and sexiest man on this show. Guess I will have to watch one life to live.
    What about Kendall, will she return after her baby is born?
    I do not like the storyline of Erica and Ryan sleeping togather, ATALL. My god she is old enough to be his mother,
    and he dated her daughter Kendall, or were they ever married.
    I hope that Greenlee really does come back, but I do NOT se what she see's in "Bachelor Bob". Oh well, I hope that she is happy.

    Posted by 1948Pinky at Tuesday, January 12 2010 12:14 PM

    I agree with watchingfrom the start, I also have been watching this show from inception, and I would like to see Lilly and Leo again.
    What is going to happen to JACKSON.... he has not been on, yet not written off, What gives ?
    If u need to take anyone off, it should be Dr. Evil!!!!

    Posted by 1948Pinky at Wednesday, January 13 2010 11:56 AM

    I Agree!!! Whatever happened to Jackson, they did not even write him out, he was just gone.................
    I loved Leo, but he's going to be in a new movie.

    I know that there has to be a bad guy on a soap opera, but I hate David...all his lies and scheme.
    I will really miss zack... he is the best!!!!!

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