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    Switching Kendalls!

    Tuesday, October 13 2009
    Angie is drawn into the drama surrounding Kendall, Scott defends Annie, and Adam receives another visit.

    In the hospital, Erica asks Zach who was on the telephone - he says it was Kendall. She asks if he's sure - you usually don't tell someone in prison not to wait up for you! Zach insists it was Kendall and telling her not to wait up was an inside joke. Erica leaves when Jesse walks up. He tells Zach they have a problem. Erica hides and listens as Jesse says the issue is with the 'other' Kendall!

    Ryan and Annie look for the room that Emma has been transferred to - he reminds Annie that Kendall took three months to wake up after the tornado!

    Adam asks Scott, in the Chandler living room, why he's had a change of attitude regarding Annie. Scott tells him that he now knows Annie did not kill his father. Adam asks if he knows who did? Scott deflects, saying he just keeps going over that night, and everything Annie has done since. He thinks Annie may not be acting guilty, but protective. Adam asks how covering for a killer can be a good thing. Scott remarks that maybe it's someone she cares about, who didn't mean to do it. Just then, Annie calls. She tells Adam that Emma won't wake up. He reassures her, then hangs up. He tells Scott, "I know who killed Stuart." He tells Scott he thinks it must be Emma. Scott regards Adam cautiously and asks if he thinks Emma should be punished. Adam says of course not. Scott thinks they should go to the hospital, but Adam isn't ready to go yet. Scott leaves.

    Ryan sits by Emma's bedside. Erica comes in and asks how he's holding up. Ryan says he's trying to tell himself she'll wake up any minute. Erica acknowledges how scary it is when it's your daughter. He says he realizes she knows what he's going through. Erica assures him that Emma knows how much he loves her. Annie comes in and asks if there is any change. Erica says no. Annie tells Emma she's there. A nurse comes into the room and tells Erica that Kendall is being brought in with a stab wound! Erica leaves the room, and Ryan lingers in the doorway. He listens as Annie tells Emma she feels like what happened to her was her fault. She says their time together is so special - she's seen so many scary things lately - she didn't need this! Annie encourages her to stay inside her head and rest.

    At home, Kendall listens to the message from the prison warden, then calls Liza for help! Once Liza arrives, they get Zach on speakerphone. He says they have to make a switch to keep the ruse going - Liza must bring Kendall to the hospital. They make arrangements for their kids, and Kendall assures Liza that Zach will find a way to get them in.

    At the hospital, Jesse and Zach try to figure out how they are going to smuggle Kendall into the hospital and make the switch. Zach thinks they'll have to pay someone off, but Jesse makes a face and says he'll put his marriage on the line and ask his wife! He walks up the corridor and spots Angie. She asks if he's heard about Kendall. Jesse stutters that there's this thing - and he's kind of involved. Angie hisses, "What did you do?" As he is explaining, the fake Kendall is wheeled in. David appears and says he'll take it from here.

    Erica shows up at Kendall and Zach's house. Liza is in the living room with Ian. Erica says she is taking Ian to see his mother at the hospital! Liza tries to talk her out of it, but to no avail.

    Angie jumps into the fray at the hospital and tells David she'll handle Kendall - she only needs stitches. As David argues that she's a heart patient, Zach appears to make a scene. Angie wheels away fake Kendall. Erica comes in followed by Liza. She asks where Kendall has been taken - she'll want to see Ian right away!

    Scott arrives outside Emma's hospital room, where Ryan is accusing Annie of wanting Emma to stay unconscious so she can't talk. Scott assures him that everything Annie does is in Emma's best interest. Ryan walks back into Emma's room and urges her to fight to come back to them. He assures her that there will be no more fighting when she wakes up.

    Jesse meets with Kendall and Liza in a secluded part of the hospital. He tells them about a man in the news who had a splinter, got an infection, and died. Kendall is worried that the impostor could die!

    Jesse goes to check on Angie and the fake Kendall. She tells her husband that the woman will be fine, but she is angry that Jesse is involved and has asked her to compromise herself as a doctor! Jesse says they need to move her. Angie says it's safe to move her, and glares as she leaves. Jesse steps outside and tells the police guard to get him a coffee. David watches from the end of the hall, but is called away. Jesse lets Zach and Kendall into the woman's room to make the switch. David comes back up the hall, and Erica asks him where Kendall is. Just as they are about to enter the room, Angie appears and says they can't go in there! David and Erica argue with her. Angie tells Erica she can go in after Jesse's done with his police report. David is not to be put off, though, and pushes the door open. Kendall is sitting up in the bed with Jesse beside her. Zach asks David if there's a problem? Jesse excuses himself, and David leaves as well. Erica and Ian come into the room, passing David in the doorway. Erica is confused when Kendall doesn't act eager to hold Ian. She goes out of the room. Zach tells Kendall that they'll give the impostor a raise and she'll have to go back into hiding. Kendall feels like everything is falling apart. He says to trust him.

    Adam is at home alone where he is visited by Stuart again. Stuart tells Adam he has to put the pieces together like a puzzle, and that he knew all along in his heart it wasn't Kendall. Adam says something is still missing, but Stuart disappears.

    The nurse tells Annie, in the corridor, to pass along to Ryan that Kendall Slater is stable. Scott asks Annie what they're going to do about Kendall. Annie says, "Nothing." Just then, Adam arrives and says to Annie that he's so sorry! Annie says she's wanted to tell him for so long. Adam then says he had no idea it was her very own daughter, an innocent child, who killed his brother!

    Outside Kendall's room, David accuses Angie of trying to keep him away from Kendall because they're planning a prison break! Erica takes Jesse aside and tells him that something is off - Kendall didn't act like it had been a couple of months since she's seen Ian.

    At Zach and Kendall's house, Liza shows the impostor into the secret room. She angrily comments on how nice it is for Kendall - no rats here! The girl tells Liza she has no intention of going back to prison!

    Next on All My Children:

    Ryan questions Scott’s new attitude towards Annie.

    Zach and Kendall’s plan starts to unravel.

    Angie doesn’t like the changes she sees in Jesse.

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    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Tuesday, October 13 2009 11:25 AM

    It's bad enough that Zach thought up this mess; it's even worse that Jesse went along with it. Now, they're going to try to pull off a switch with Dr. Demento lurking and skulking around - oh PLEASE!!! That's what the man does best. And trust me, if anyone finds out, David will find out. It's not like Jesse & Angie are his best friends - he despises them and would like nothing better than to bring both of them down. Boo Hiss to you, Jesse, for getting your family into this mess.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, October 13 2009 11:37 AM

    Wow, finally glad Scott wondered about Kendall. So, he is fine just going along with Annie, letting an innocent woman pay for a murder she did not commit. And letting Adam continue to think that Emma shot and killed Stuart.

    Stuart would be so proud........NOT!

    Posted by smurf18 at Tuesday, October 13 2009 12:02 PM

    Can someone please tell me if Emma is Ryan's biological daughter? This has been going on so long, I have forgotten!

    Posted by mrs_j at Tuesday, October 13 2009 12:09 PM

    I don't post alot, but I just have to say.... PLEASE end this "Stuart's murder" storyline. I love Soap Opera's & I've been a fan of AMC for several years now, but this is getting aggravating - I can't even make sense of the storylines anymore, they give me a headache trying to follow along. It's nothing against actors & their acting, it is strictly the storylines that are driving me nuts (in a bad way). I'm ready for some closure to some of these storylines.

    Posted by Treat at Tuesday, October 13 2009 12:13 PM

    The closet door has flew open and the bones are about to fall out...

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Tuesday, October 13 2009 12:19 PM

    So now Adam thinks Emma shot Stuart?! I'm confused!

    Posted by AMCguy at Tuesday, October 13 2009 12:34 PM

    smurf18...Emma was conceived using a sperm donor who TADA! just happened to turn out to be Ryan. If memory serves, once the parenthood was determined, Annie gave Ryan parental rights that he would otherwise not have as a least not in the real world.

    Then again, in the real world Jake would be Trevor's father and Dr. Haywire would have no legal claim to him. As far as I can tell, the real world ends at the Pine Valley city limits.

    I'm still not sold on Adam being the killer, drugged or not. If he was so foggy that he can't recall the act, could he also be lucid enough to be out on the back patio, see Kendall drop the gun and run, pick it up and shoot Stuart through the window? Really?

    I am thinking/hoping that we're being strung along for a plot twist that reveals it wasn't Annie, Emma or Adam whodunit. For my money, I'd still make Marian the guilty party and we'd find out she actually wanted Stuart dead, so it turns out it wasn't mistaken identify after all. Doesn't sound like Jennifer Bassey is going west to LA, plus she has no story line without Stuart, other than her connection as Liza's mom, but she's had practically zero screen time other than her meltdown in court when she plugged Marissa. Okay, it's far-fetched, but a man can dream.

    I still like the idea that it was Little A who pulled the trigger. We know it wasn't Emma, but Little A was in the house that night, too, and Annie would want not to let Adam learn his grandson killed his brother, wouldn't she? It would also be a secret that Emma wouldn't want to tell. I'm just sayin...

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Tuesday, October 13 2009 01:25 PM

    AMCGuy, I like the way your warped little mind works. It hadn't occurred to me for a long time that it could have been Little A. And you're right - especially if Annie is trying to play Adam, like we all know she is, she certainly wouldn't want to be the one responsible for pointing the finger at him. But in light of Emma's running from Adam the way she did, I'm still inclined to vote for Adam.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, October 13 2009 01:31 PM

    AMCguy..BINGO!!!! You may be just right and it was Little Adam that was holding the gun. We have not seen much of him. But today when ghost Stuart was talking to Adam, we know forsure it was not Kendall, but I do not think it was Annie, Adam or Emma as this storyline has gone on far to long. It would be very easy to put Little A in some kind of home for a few years then hire another one later on.
    This storyline of Kendall's is so so stupid. I do want David to bust them!!!! Jesse hand in your badge now please.

    Posted by smurf18 at Tuesday, October 13 2009 01:33 PM

    Thanks AMCguy - I remember now. What if Scott killed Stuart? I like the little A option too. It can't be Emma -it is too easy. But they need to get on with it!!! Maybe Adam saw his "reflection" and shot at himself to commit suicide and Stuart was on the other side??????

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