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    Monday, July 13 2009
    Marissa swings into action, Zach resorts to blackmail, and Krystal makes a decision.

    At Marissa's place, David says he truly believes that Liza is raising his baby - he won't be kept from him! Marissa doesn't think he's crazy, and if she has a little brother out there, she'd like to know. She advises David to back off of Liza - she'll find out the truth!

    At the Martin house, Krystal asks Jake to tell her the truth about Liza's baby. Liza walks in just then, and says of course this is her baby. She warns that if Krystal doesn't tell David to back off, she'll get an injunction! Krystal asks why she would need to do that if the baby is hers. Liza says maybe she's overreacting, but David is delusional. Krystal sighs, and says that he has worked himself up into believing the impossible! Jake and Liza then stage a little argument about whether or not she should submit to a DNA test - Liza says she has nothing to prove! Krystal leaves, and Jake tells Liza she could do a DNA test - and he could fix the results!

    Adam tells Annie at the Chandler Mansion that the DA might be dead, but it was no accident! Annie says that maybe now they'll back off from Kendall and come after her. Adam reassures her that he'll take care of her. Annie invites him upstairs for a nap!

    At the police station, Jesse is asked if he has any idea where the new DA might find Henry's files. The man tells Jesse that North kept saying he had an open and shut case against Kendall Hart, but it actually seems to be full of holes! Suddenly, an officer comes in and says Annie's ankle monitor has gone off!

    Zach stands in Madison's room where she is offering him the briefcase full of Henry's notes on Kendall's case. He asks why she would give it to him - she says because he loves his wife! Zach wonders what her price is - she says when she figures it out, she'll let him know. Madison also shares that she knows who killed her husband - she saw the person on the hotel security tapes! Zach asks what she's going to do about that? He thinks the police might come after Madison, but she says they won't do anything - the hooker who killed Henry had help from Jesse Hubbard! Zach asks to see the tapes - she says she destroyed them!

    Kendall arrives at Ryan's house, apologizing to him about being insensitive toward his feelings earlier, and sharing the news that Henry North is dead. Erica appears, toweling off, and asks if something has happened. Kendall replies, "You tell me!" She hastily leaves, and Ryan tells Erica about North. They realize that Kendall is maybe thinking that they were together. Erica says she needs to go after her - this is huge news for her case too!

    Kendall is at Fusion, thinking about seeing Erica at Ryan's house. She picks up a poster of her mother and tosses it on the floor! Erica comes in and tries to talk to her about the case, but Kendall is stand-offish. Kendall tells Erica she knows exactly what she saw at Ryan's. Erica says that she and Ryan are merely working together to help her. Kendall is still upset. Erica asks where this is coming from - she broke up with Ryan and went home to Zach. Kendall says Zach doesn't want her! Erica insists that Zach loves her. Erica then tells her how they've all tried to help her - she even got choked trying to get Annie to confess!

    Liza comes into her room at the Yacht Club, where Colby says she had all the bottles sent to be cleaned. Just then, Marissa appears with the bottles, saying she passed room service outside. She apologizes to Liza for going off on her that day at the police station, then asks to hold the baby. There is a knock at the door - it's Zach. Colby and Marissa take the baby for a walk. Liza asks Zach what's up - he holds up the briefcase. He tells her what is in it, and says that starting today, she will be Kendall's lawyer - and she will get her acquitted! Liza balks, and Zach mentions her son - she realizes he's blackmailing her into taking Kendall's case.

    Jesse shows up at the Chandler Mansion wanting to ask Annie a few questions. Annie agrees, saying she wants to put an end to this once and for all! Adam leaves them alone, and Jesse wonders what she did to Erica, who keeps leaving him messages. Annie says she did nothing to Erica, who is trying to set her up because she stole Adam Chandler from her! Annie tells Jesse confidently that she'll be the next Mrs. Chandler, and then no one will be able to get to her!

    Krystal runs into David outside at the Yacht Club. He tells her that he was wrong about Liza's baby - it was the grief talking. She says it's understandable. He asks her again if she still loves him. She says that she does love him, causing David to launch into a speech about making up for everything. However, Krystal says there will be no second chance - his love is self-destructive - it can't work! She says if he loves her, he'll let her go. He won't do that. Krystal walks away.

    Aidan arrives at Ryan's place, saying the DA's death was a great break for Kendall, and asking what the plan is. Ryan says there isn't one, and asks how things are going on his end. They discuss Annie - Ryan says she's Adam's problem now. As for Kendall, Ryan remarks that he's backing away from her - she is still in love with Zach.

    Outside the Yacht Club, Marissa and Colby walk with the baby and Marissa gets Colby chatting about the birth. Colby remarks on how Jake kicked her out during labor, and how perfect looking Stuart was when he came out! They return to the room to find Liza going over papers. She says she'll be representing Kendall. Marissa offers to become a babysitter to Stuart! After she leaves, Colby tells Liza she thinks Marissa can be trusted in spite of her connection to David.

    Still at Fusion, Kendall takes a call from Zach asking her to come home. She says goodbye to Erica and leaves. Erica looks in the mirror and thinks back to her time with Ryan. Adam shows up and says, "You accuse Annie of being crazy? You're the lunatic here!" Erica tries to explain that she merely cares about him and doesn't want to see him get hurt!

    Krystal arrives back at the house where Jake asks her if she saw David. He can tell she's in a melancholy mood and asks her if something happened. She just wishes David would let it go. After she goes upstairs, Jake gets a call and tells the person on the other end to give the little guy a kiss from him!

    Marissa meets up with David back at her room. She tells him she offered to help Liza out with the baby. Just as she is about to throw something in the laundry with spit up on it, David says it's just what he needs - his son's DNA!

    Kendall arrives home, where Zach tells her that he got her a new lawyer - Liza. Kendall refuses to have Liza as her attorney, saying she'd rather plead guilty!

    Next on All My Children:

    Zach quietly lets Jesse know that he's aware of the truth!

    Amanda asks her husband if he gave her son to Liza!

    Kendall is puzzled when Liza agrees to take on her case!

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    Posted by Ringleader at Monday, July 13 2009 12:10 PM

    Oh, I am so hoping that David does the DNA test and it doesn't match him, but matches Jake instead. IMO, that would make for a much more interesting story line. David being the dad is just a bad way to go.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, July 13 2009 12:29 PM

    Just because Liza wants to get an injunction against David does not have to mean she is hiding something. She just might want David to leave her alone. I wouldn't explain anything to that dimwit Krystal.

    So let me see if I got this straight. Kendall is mad at Erica being with Ryan because Zach doesn't want her. So, what, Kendall is keeping Ryan as a standby?

    Jake takes a call and tell the person the other end to give the little guy a kiss for him. Sounds like the rumors are true and that Liza does not have Amanda's baby. Yippie!

    I'm so sick of Kendall, she is such a drama queen. How much does anyone want to bet she won't plead guilty?

    Posted by Armygirl2757 at Monday, July 13 2009 12:32 PM

    I wish they would give Amanda back her baby and cut this BS out already and when Colby finds out what her mother did I hope she disowns her

    Posted by caligali at Monday, July 13 2009 01:03 PM

    I am so glad that Jake kept the baby from Liza. I think that when David realizes that Liza's baby is not his, then that can open the door for Jake and Amanda. come on let's get rid of david and make Jake and amanda happy.

    Posted by JadaTee at Monday, July 13 2009 01:07 PM

    The way Jake said that on the phone sounded like it was his own baby.

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Monday, July 13 2009 01:14 PM

    After hearing the things that David has done is Marissa so desperate for David love and attention?

    Posted by C.Overturf at Monday, July 13 2009 01:20 PM

    Madson telling Zach she destroyed the tapes will not fly...NO ONE, especially in soapland, ever destroys anything. The little twinkle in Zach's eye means "I am no fool, woman!!"

    No more complaining that Marissa is too sweet....she is now on the darkside!!!

    Poor Aiden....he seems lost ( as are many of the characters lately).
    Is Jake EVER going to get another job? I tought he & Amanda moved out of the Martin boarding house.

    Posted by silvert22 at Monday, July 13 2009 01:41 PM

    About stuart murder, kendal said she didn t do it. So should we believe her becoz she said it or did she really shoot stuart? we should all know that she could be lying too.

    Posted by jumps at Monday, July 13 2009 02:11 PM

    Adam and Annie deserve each other.

    Posted by jumps at Monday, July 13 2009 02:12 PM

    Kendall has never liked to share, men included!

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