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    My father or my husband?

    Tuesday, October 24 2006
    • David asks Babe to choose between him and her husband.
    • Tad assures Annie that he will not stop seeking the truth about Emma's biological parents.
    • Dixie seeks Kendall's forgiveness and understanding.

    David thinks about all the things that have happened between him and Dixie. Babe comes over…why is he sitting there in the dark, and he shares his complaints and regrets with her—especially trashing JR.

    "What are you planning to do?" asks Babe. She insists she happy with JR, and that they're planning to have another baby. If she's so happy, why is she cheating on him, asks David.

    Babe denies that she's sleeping with Josh, and David tells her he's not upset. On the contrary, he thinks Josh is devoted to her and is a much better man than JR.

    Jamie comes over and shares about the DNA test. An aggrieved David wonders why nobody listens to him—not even Babe. "They've even turned you against me."

    Babe expresses her lack of confidence in her father, and David bases their lack of relationship on JR. She'd rather be JR's wife than his daughter? Yes, says David, and sends her away. "It didn't have to be this way," says babe, but he claims "there's no other choice.

    Sean comes to Colby to see if she's ok. He attempts to straighten out things between them, and is sorry that her first time turned out to be such a disaster. He didn't know she was a virgin.

    Adam bursts in angrily, demanding to know what Sean is doing in his house—after he was warned to stay away from Colby. He says he'd do anything in the world to keep his daughter from being disrespected—and shatters a priceless vase to prove his point. Adam suggests Sean drop off the face of the earth. He tells Colby that he'll do anything to protect her, and urges her to have respect for herself.

    Julia comes over to Tad's office and runs into Jamie. She tells him about the DNA test, and he's exultant that Emma might be his sister. But she's concerned about David's lukewarm reaction to the news.

    Annie's insistence that Emma is her daughter is contradicted by the DNA evidence.

    Tad confronts Annie and Ryan, presenting the DNA test. He knows she's not a match. If she's not Emma's mother, who is? Annie says she can't explain—but that Emma is her daughter.

    Ryan tells Tad that medical records are confidential—how did Tad get Annie's? Tad asks Annie to try to understand what Dixie is going through—looking for a child that was taken from her. He's going to help Dixie find the truth—not matter what it takes.

    Tad assures Annie that a DNA test will eventually take place, whether or not Annie wants it. And if she's not Emma's biological mother and also didn't adopt the child, she may not have any legal right to Emma. They're going to leave, says Aidan, but they'll be back. Ryan says that until they get some real proof, they'll get no help from him.

    Dixie comes to Kendall's house to talk to her. They exchange mutual apologies for the "terrible things" they've said to each other. Dixie wants the get Kendall's input about how to deal with Emma, and how it felt to be adopted.

    Kendall tells her that no matter what she thinks about Annie, she is a good mother. Dixie truly believes her child belongs with her—even if it takes some heartache to make that happen. Kendall tells her she doesn't consider her wrong to fight for her child, and that she could have easily been in the same position.

    Tad assures Annie that a DNA test will eventually take place, whether or not Annie wants it. And if she's not Emma's biological mother and also didn't adopt the child, she may not have any legal right to Emma. They're going to leave, says Aidan, but they'll be back. Ryan says that until they get some real proof, they'll get no help from him.

    JR comes to talk to Zach, and asks for his promise that he not help Dixie do anything stupid. Zach tells him that he has his own family to worry about now, and Dixie is his and Tad's responsibility.


    • Bianca urges Jack to bring Erica back home.

    • Krystal warns David not to challenge her family.

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    Posted by Finicky fan at Tuesday, October 24 2006 04:40 PM

    I hope Emma isn't Dixie's. They have not confirmed Dixie's DNA as compatable. I would hate to see Annie lose her daughter, watching Annie and the thought of her losing Emma is heart breaking. I hated the pompus attitude of Tad and Aiden when they were bulling Annie.

    Hooray for Zach standing up to J.R. and telling him he is out of the Dixie situation. Finally!

    I think Ryan and Annie or Jonathan and Annie would make a good pair. I like the protective side of Jonathan.

    Posted by mrs.collier at Tuesday, October 24 2006 05:55 PM

    David is up to something. I just know it. I think that, he is planning on, taking Emma and run away with her. Just to stick it to Dixie. And for that, I say good for her. She has been trouble from, the moment she came back from the dead. Babe will soon realize that, Josh is the man for her. That, Jr. is going to change real soon. Before the end of the year is out. She will see it and, that will really be it for her. There will not be a third wedding for them or, a third chance. She is going to , divorce Jr., take little Adam and, she and Josh are, going to leave Pine Valley. Just to get away from everyone. Of course, that is going to hit a nerve that, Erica does not have. Bianca might as well, give up on trying to keep Erica and Jack together because, there is too much going on with them. They should not have gotten married. They were better off, trying to get to the altar than, getting there and, actually going through with the ceremony. Ryan knows the truth about Emma. It is just the fact that, he is falling for Annie and, he does not want to see her go through what, he almost went through when, Kendall was in that coma and, she almost lost Spike. He needs to worry about his son instead of, worrying about a child that, does not even belong to the woman that, he is in love with. Annie knows the truth. And, it is going to come out during sweeps month when, it is learned that, she didn't adopt Emma legally. That, Greg Madden gave her to her after, he got Dixie to give Kate up for adoption. Then, she is going to have to, give up her daughter and, Tad and Dixie are finally going to get back together.

    Posted by keboyd at Tuesday, October 24 2006 06:19 PM

    I was so proud of Kendall today how she forgive Dixie and was really there for her. Way to go girl!!!! Also pleased by Zach for letting JR know that he will be there but not at risk of his family and that he needs to take care of his own.I wish Jamie and Julia would make up they were fun. I wanted him and Babe together for the longest time, but now I want her to be with Josh. Please don't bring somebody else for her to get with. Just something I heard about brining on another guy for Babe to get hooked up with.
    Sean was really sweet today when he went to Colby and told her maybe they could start over. I love Krystal and Adam together they are loving and they keep eachother on their toes know what I mean? Some times I can't help but to feel sorry for David. KInda have a love, hate thing for him. Sorry to see he is leaving.

    Posted by Teritown at Wednesday, October 25 2006 04:54 PM

    Annie gave birth to a boy. Terry wanted a son, so GM gave him Kate and adopted out Annie and Terry's biological daughter. GM did not want Terry to think he could no play GOD and give him what that wanted, a daughter. So...Emma is Kate, but where is Annie's son?

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