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    Mamma Drama!

    Thursday, January 29 2009
    Erica pulls a few surprises out of her hat at Bianca's shower, Kendall opens her eyes, Tad is tired of Krystal, Dr. Sinclair tries to force Annie's hand and Krystal tries to leave David!

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    Posted by TipsyTess at Thursday, January 29 2009 01:08 PM

    Highlight of todays show when Biancia and Greenlee watch as Kendall's eyes open!!! So happy she is back.

    Posted by Littlebit123 at Thursday, January 29 2009 01:20 PM

    Krystal was good for Adam when she was the deal Krystal.But it may take her sometime to get out of this drug induced state since she does not want to listen to her friends. She's trying but David makes her weak. I think she will be strong enough to pull through before she does something to really harm herself or maybe harm David. Her and Tad did did the right thing. I think we all agree that was for the sake of the baby and because Adam threw her out, because he did'nt Tad involved. Kendall WILL put an an end to whatever Reese thinks she has for Zach and it will also ruin Reese and poor Binks again. She just can't catch a brake on a desent partner. This will throw a curve into Binks and Kendall's relation for a bit to. Annie I now feel bad for you and so does Aiden. I think Aiden just stumbled unto how bad the Dr. S is. because he originally though Annie was faking too. I hope he gets out OK

    Posted by Smittie73 at Thursday, January 29 2009 04:15 PM

    Bianca and Greenlee watching Kendall's eyes open and the looks on their faces was beautiful. The show makes a lot more sense when you see it. All the questions we post here are answered by actually seeing the show. Tad explained to Ryan and Greenlee that Dr. Sinclair is as smart as they are because she did her homework regarding who Tad is.

    Erica throwing snow on Bianca I have to say was great. I agree with Erica, Bianca is always so hyper. Erica does but in a lot, like most mothers do, but I've never been too fond of Bianca and certainly not her slu**y girlfriend Reese. I hope Kendall socks it to her.

    Posted by MiaB at Thursday, January 29 2009 04:40 PM

    omg i havent watched AMC today(i will later or tommorow morning) but i hope they have Bianca leave and then Reese and Zach get together and then Kendall can get off her high horse:) i dont really like Kendall or Bianca and they are such princesses. dont get me wrong, i think Eden and Alicia are great actresses, its just there characters at the moment who are annoying- and Kendall hasnt been on-screen for a bit. and OMG! LOVE DAVID! but i hope the baby is JR`s and he stays away from Amanda, i used to like David and Amanda together but now that shes preggers i like Amanda and JR and David needs to get with someone new, Krystal is annoying as sin. or if they have Amandas` baby Davids, then they get together and they raise there baby together. bye.

    Posted by sunnyca at Thursday, January 29 2009 05:30 PM

    i agree with miaB........... the show was good today! Kendall needs to go away! The show has been better without that charactor!

    Posted by sonobrain at Thursday, January 29 2009 05:47 PM

    Reece is not a lesbian. If she is, then why does she keep falling for men. She is full of crap or something.

    Posted by porcha at Friday, January 30 2009 05:07 AM

    Well, it is about time that kendall wakes up! I am so sick of watching this THING between Zack & the annoying Reese. They seem to be bumping into each other allot in more predictaments but PLEASE do NOT have them be together (sleep) Kendall & Zack are the favorites on the show! Zack is soooo HOT. Reese is NOT his type either. Give her to Binks & let them go back to Paris where they belong! Leave Zack alone................

    Annie needs to be GONE...So sick of seeing her whinny face & hearing her Whinny voice all the time...Boreing, Boreing & give Ryan & Greenly a brake from the show...They are getting on my nerves.

    Where is this thing with Crystal going? Is she that drugged on her pills & milk??? God girl, go get help!

    I love this show but I am beginning to wonder where everything is going right now? Dr. Haywood is Evil & guess he is trying to destroy everyone right? Crystal loves him so take her...NO BIG LOSS & go away. The entire town hates the guy & there will be NO Doctors left at the Hospital for he is fireing them ALL.................

    Posted by csews at Friday, January 30 2009 05:13 AM

    Whether Reese is "Bi" or lesbian--can't she just be monogamous? Just because she is attracted to both men and women doesn't mean she has to act on every impulse!
    Who is dressing Bianca? She always seems to be wearing clothing that is old lady looking. She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful curvy body--put her is some YOUNG cloting.

    Posted by mrfraser at Friday, January 30 2009 10:16 AM

    Erica was completely wrong with what she did at the shower and I dont ever remember her actions towards Bianca before...throwing snow on her..snow fight,,LOL.
    Krystal is going to be at such a bad place when David dumps her and she has burned too many bridges for her friends to take her back in....too bad
    I do not like what they are doing with Zach...leave that alone for the viewers...
    Dr S...bad news....but makes for good drama with Annie..leave Aiden alone too

    Posted by Langstonfan111 at Saturday, January 31 2009 09:14 AM

    Kendall's awake, too bad I was liking not having to hear wine every two seconds. Tadd should help Krystal grieve, not judge her for what she does while she's grieving, and Dr. Sinclair should have her license taken away. I miss Babe. Amanda rocks, and is the only story line i'm interested in now, besides Colby and Petey.

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