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    Truth telling

    Friday, October 20 2006

    Babe and Kendall discuss their shared attraction to "bad boys."

    Tad sees the genetic testing results for Emma.

    Ryan finds Annie, and she finally tells him the truth.

    Kendall and Babe discuss Josh. Kendall tells Babe that she's stupid to choose JR over Josh—a man who truly loves her. They both agree that they're attracted to bad boys.

    Babe tells her that JR's changed and is devoted to Little Adam.

    Kendall replies all they can do is love their men—until something else happens. She doesn't give second chances—except to Zach.

    An irritated Simone tells Kendall about Josh leaving Fusion. They both blame Babe.

    Bianca goes to see Josh, and finds him combing through mass of research he promises to use to "destroy the Chandlers."

    She tells him that she's spoken to Babe, unsuccessfully—and that destroying JR won't bring Babe any closer to him. He has to wait and let Babe discover JR's evilness on her own.

    Josh is still angry and wants to reveal that his father was the father of all the children born due to his fertility clinic treatments. Bianca says that would be cruel to the families who only trusted Greg, and wanted a baby.

    He decides not to keep Greg's money but to share it with a mother a child—Bianca and Miranda.

    Tad's managed to access his and Emma DNA test results.

    At the hospital, David taunts Tad with news of Krystal's pregnancy. Their conversation turns ugly and old grievances are aired. David insists Joe Martin killed his daughter. Now they have that in common—and he regrets helping Tad find Kate.

    Tad sees them, they talk briefly, and then he asks Julia for help in searching the DNA database and comparing his markers to Emma's. As far as she can see, it's a match. Of course, that's based on the genetic material tested being genuine.

    David sweet talks a nurse and gets possession of Krystal's lab results.

    Ryan finds Annie at Jonathan's. He begs her to come back to Pine Valley. Jonathan reminds him that he "killed a man" and is agitated, and Ryan asks him to step back and let him take care of this situation. Ryan agrees.

    Annie explains to Ryan that protecting Emma is her only priority and she'd die before giving her up. Ryan tells her to come home and he'll make sure nothing bad happens. Is there something she's telling him?

    Was anyone else in the room when she delivered Emma? He suggests DNA tests for her and Emma. She says can't do it—and he won't understand. Finally, she admits that if she takes the test, her DNA won't match Emma's.

    Adam and Krystal see the baby's ultrasound pictures, and Krystal is admitted to the hospital. She tells Adam that she wants to name their baby "Charlotte" after his sister.

    When Adam leaves for a brief errand, Tad comes into her room and asks "is the baby mine?"

    Erica walks into Kendall's house and is shocked to see Zach, and refuses to believe the news about the reconciliation. She believes he's broken in and calls 911.

    She gives Zach an earful about how much he hurt Kendall, and that he should leave. He tells Erica that he wants to spend the rest of his life making Kendall happy. The police officer arrives, and she explains the mistake. Erica is skeptical of Zach's motives and lets him know. They agree to an uneasy truce.


    • Tad discovers that Annie had a DNA test run a year ago.
    • Adam wonders if this is his baby.

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    Posted by SassyQ at Friday, October 20 2006 01:31 PM

    I wished that you let Kendall and Zach stay together and I wished Dixie never came back on the show period. Just let her leave Zach and Kendall alone they make a very good couple. I wished Erica will go back to Jeff Martin. I wished that Bianca would become a real woman not a lesbian like she is protraying. I wished Emma will be Tads and Dixie little girl. Tad and Dixie really belong together since they are two of a kind. It is sad how you have to bring dead people back to try and make the show interesting that is getting OLD!!!!! Other than that I enjoy the characters in the SOAP.

    Posted by Mo@dJoy at Friday, October 20 2006 01:58 PM

    Lesbians are real women, SassyQ.

    Posted by soulcandi at Friday, October 20 2006 03:37 PM

    All my children is really trying my last nerve, Babe loves Josh yet she wants to stay with JR, Julia loves Jamie yet she wants to stay away from him..what is really going on? Another thing what happened to the "Spunky" Krystal? I miss her she kept Adam on his toes.

    Posted by 1babyboy at Friday, October 20 2006 03:41 PM

    if this baby turns out to be tads i will never watch this again. how could they make tad out to be the good guy he was the one who started the whole thing.

    Posted by mrs.collier at Friday, October 20 2006 06:44 PM

    I think that was nice of Josh to, give Bianca and Miranda the money from Greg Madden. Even though, she has enough money to, last her for the rest of her life, I think that, it was a good jesture. I knew that, Adam was going to start to wonder about the paternity of Krystal's baby. Now, his true Chandler genes are going to start to show when, he has his own test done and, learns that, that is not his child that, Tad is the father. Then, he is going to make Krystal really suffer. I told you all that, Annie knew the real deal on Emma/Kate. She knew all along when, she adopted Kate from Greg Madden. She has known for months about, what Dixie and Tad had been doing. And, she is the real killer to Greg Madden. Remember, someone dug him up and, he was about to tell the truth about where, Kate was. But, the next day, he was found dead in the park. Tad might have buried him alive but, it was Annie that, killed him. All to keep him quiet about, who really has Kate.

    Posted by Alfie at Saturday, October 21 2006 08:16 AM

    I like this Bianca and I dont care what she is. she is a really sweet person.If more people were like her there would be less fighting ,and crime. Ihope & pray shes back to

    Posted by lovedbyefew at Saturday, October 21 2006 11:10 AM

    i understand good guys dont always get there gurls but this roll they have kendall and Babe playing is just redicilous how many times must a man make u feel like crap thas not the caracter kendall plays n some of us respect her for the diva she is and thas Erica Kane daughter the cold hearted smack talking dont give a hoot Diva dont start making her play the kind of woman who lets men run over her and the charcter you have Babe playin come on if a man tries to kill his wife i dont care if she in a wheel chair and cant walk she aint gone be that stupid to stay with him she'de roll her but right on out of there my suggestion is to stop makin the women look desperate n neive there not roll models for the women who realy are in relationships like that.

    Posted by forevergolden at Saturday, October 21 2006 12:07 PM

    I don't think there is anything wrong with Bianca. She seems to be the heart of the show. Please let this be Adam's baby. He and Krystal are actually happy. Let them be. Erica and Jeff? Does Erica ever stay with one man/husband very long? I wish that AMC would finally have another happy couple like Joe and Ruth Martin.

    Posted by bopp2 at Sunday, October 22 2006 05:28 AM

    Josh is really a good faithful man and soon kendall will realize that.Josh will end up with babe and these two couples will be the next Joe and Ruth. True love sometimes have rock starts.Far as emma I think she will not change anything between Tad and Dixie that is old news.Get rid of the BRATS on the soap they add nothing and I turn them off!!! Most fans feel the same so try to hear us Please!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by keboyd at Sunday, October 22 2006 09:07 AM

    Sounds like Annie was taken in by Gregg too. Maybe her baby died at birth and Gregg gave her Kate. If so I feel sorry for her but Tad and Dixie should have their child back. If Ryan and Annie get together they could not have childern together since Ryan had a Visetom.

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