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    Wedding Plans!

    Tuesday, January 06 2009
    At the casino party Erica tries to stop Ryan and Greenlee's wedding plans, Krystal breaks down, JR gets drunk and Petey tries to appeal to Colby.

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    Posted by lovesit at Tuesday, January 06 2009 12:57 PM

    Gutface - This may seem crude but I would like to see Annie break loose again and really cause some mayhem

    I've said this too! Although I did not include David (he's a good bad guy IMO), I went further and said somehow Krystal gets hurt along with Amanda. No one dies but Greens, since she's leaving anyways, but the rest get so scared they wake up and get smart. Wishfull thinking...

    Posted by BernieBaby at Tuesday, January 06 2009 01:03 PM

    Bravo Pessimistic - I totally agree.

    TipsyTess - don't you think Erica is a little to old to be playing school games? I've always been a Jackson fan and I know he will always love Erica but I think he's mature enough to know and accept the fact that their relationship will never be on the caliber he so richly deserves. He's a good man and deserves a woman who will appreciate him.

    Posted by GunnysMa at Tuesday, January 06 2009 01:06 PM

    I just got back from lunch and was able to watch some of the episode. Jack did not seem too happy about Rylee's wedding. Carmen's is back, but where did she leave her personality?
    Finally, what is the age minimum for gambling in PA? I live in Nevada and it's 21. The reason I am asking is because they show Colby playing a slot machine. Definite no-no here.

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Tuesday, January 06 2009 01:10 PM

    Erica should go thru a period where there isn't one man that falls under her charm. Erica is much too old to play stupid silly games. Jackson should move on. Maybe with Annie's doctor, or with Rebecca.

    The tag team boys (Tad, Jake, JR, Adam and even Joe) should jump on David. Make him drink the milk he gives to Krystal.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, January 06 2009 01:30 PM

    beenaroundalongtime.....LOVE the garden tool reference to Amanda! LMAO!

    Posted by Barbsone2 at Tuesday, January 06 2009 01:31 PM

    I'm with you TipsyTess. Jerica will ALWAYS be in love and want to be with each other even when their mutual stubborness gets in the way. They are so destined to be together, LOL.
    Carmen lost all of her allure for me when she went after Erica's man knowing full well that both E and J still loved each other. Now I don't care what happens to her. She asked for it, IMO.

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Tuesday, January 06 2009 01:59 PM

    Barbsone2, Although Erica didn't mean it, she told Carmen, bascially help yourself to Jack. Carmen should have known better. She has street smarts. Erica didn't think Jack would jump. Erica didn't seem to mind in the beginning because Samuel was nearby, but when he left. Ms. Kane could stand those two together. She also blamed Carmen for going after Jack. I think she forgot about her affair with 1st husband and baby daddy Jeff while still married to Jack!

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, January 06 2009 02:16 PM

    TipsyTess, trust me. They will find a way to give little A to David, whether Little A. knows him or not. If they can make David Chief of Staff anything can happen.

    Posted by cbru at Tuesday, January 06 2009 05:12 PM

    Okay, Angie. Time to have Rebecca and Natalia move out now that she is going to be okay. It's time you and Jesse had your place to yourselves.

    And yes, I think Krystal will become more pathetic. I don't think she will have the guts to tell Tad about David. He needs to kick her to the curb when he gets back. I hope that spoiler from yesterday is true.

    Petey needs to get a life and move on. He cannot force Colby to like him.

    I agree with Tipsy. I don't think the double wedding will take place either.

    It is also time for Annie to wreak more havoc. I would really like to see her wipe those smug looks off Ryan's and Greenlee's faces.

    Posted by ebony eyes at Tuesday, January 06 2009 05:17 PM

    i did enjoy todays eposide but crystal is getting on my nerves i feel sorry for tad when he get back. amanda is losing her mind but for the kind of money david payed her to get jr to take a drink i dont mean now harm watches but i would have done it also now she feel quilty. angie is to free harted being that rebacca test results came back good her and jessie is gonig to have an affair watch and so is reese and zack. finally they showed carmen but she was not happy today.kendall need to hurry up and wake up because she is missing alot erica need to go ahead and get with adam and stop playing games. and if i was on amc the next time opal tell me something i will listen

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