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    That's My Daughter!

    Tuesday, November 18 2008
    Ryan and Annie search for Emma, Greenlee calls on Jake for help, Tad visits Taylor, Brot watches Taylor with Jake and Krystal worries that JR is headed down a dangerous path.

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    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, November 18 2008 12:22 PM

    brucas14, I love crazy Annie too. She is so much more interesting this way!

    Posted by lovesit at Tuesday, November 18 2008 12:22 PM

    jumps - one spoiler said that Aidan told Zach Annie was screwing things up for them. I have only missed one day of this soap so I doubt I missed what happened. Did I really miss it? That is the connection I was talking about, how somehow Zach ties in.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, November 18 2008 12:23 PM

    See, I think Aidan is gonna be a stand-up guy and confess to Greenlee. Greenlee, tho, will cover for him just like he did with her.
    They will find another way to get Annie.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, November 18 2008 12:25 PM

    lovesit, I think that spoiler was talking about Annie saying that Zach knew she killed Richie and said nothing. Zach could get into trouble for that. Although, Zach could just deny it and move on.

    Posted by brucas14 at Tuesday, November 18 2008 12:26 PM

    Beenaroundalongtime well, i cant post what i know about annies future cause its a spoiler but lets just say you could be right and im pleased with how its going to go

    Jumps yeah i loved annie sweet to and im not usually for the villian but there something i just love about crazy annie

    Posted by lovesit at Tuesday, November 18 2008 12:27 PM

    but did Aidan know she killed him? I forgot. This spoiler is driving me crazy b/c it was just posted a couple of days ago

    Posted by shepmajor at Tuesday, November 18 2008 12:27 PM



    My stance (like you asked) on Annie? She was already messed up from growing up in the toxic environment that she endured as a child. Add to that the fact that she found a child molesting rapist for a husband, then had to deal with the fallout from THAT... she was already in desperate need of psychological help by the time she made it to Pine Valley. Throw her into Ryan's orbit and she was bound to completely lose it!

    No, Ryan is not solely responsible for Annie's breakdown, but he has played a part in it. I don't hold him to blame at all for his memory loss after being shot in the head. What I DO blame him for is the arsehattery that followed. One does not have to REMEMBER loving/marrying someone to treat them with decency or respect. IF you are a good person at heart to begin with, then you will BEHAVE as a good person - especially if you have a family you are responsible for/to. Had he not been so focused on Kendall and then Greenlee, he could have SEEN how sick Annie really was and then made sure she got the help she's needed for a long, LONG time. In short? No, he didn't MAKE her go crazy, but he did nothing to prevent her total breakdown either - something he could/should have done despite the fact that he didn't love or remember her anymore... For EMMA.

    By the by... You don't happen to visit Eye on Soaps, do you? Just asking because I am a columnist there and I saw a comment from someone going by your screen name!

    Posted by shepmajor at Tuesday, November 18 2008 12:31 PM

    Forgot to mention this about Annie... In regards to her sending Richie to prison before? She didn't lie to the Court to have Richie sent to PRISON...she did it so he would be sent to a mental health facility, to get treatment for his sociopathy. The judge is the one who threw in the curveball and sent him to prison instead.

    In that case, she was trying to do the right thing, but it ended up backfiring. There can be no doubt that Richie was evil and needed to be stopped long before he got out of prison. Annie was simply no match for him.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, November 18 2008 12:31 PM

    lovesit, oh I do not know if Aidan knows that Annie killed Richie. I see your point now. Hmm, guess we will have to wait and see.

    Posted by lovesit at Tuesday, November 18 2008 12:33 PM

    brucas14 - I love crazy Annie too. I think we all like her b/c we sincerely feel Ryan has some blame, and that (dont blast me for saying this)despite her stupid actions, she used to be a terrific parent, which was opposite of Ryan. If he has just cared enough about his daughter during a THUNDERSTORM WARNING Annie's scheme would never have worked anyways.
    Whih leads to the next question, how did Annie know Ryan was going to pawn Emma off during the massive storm? Too many questions about the schematics of this kidnapping...

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