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    Moving Plans!

    Monday, November 17 2008
    Angie invites Rebecca and Natalia to move in with her, Jesse follows Ryan to Puerto Rico, Di is shot and so is Aidan, Taylor and Jake bond and Colby tries to reach Brot.

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    Posted by scorpio1120 at Monday, November 17 2008 01:18 PM

    I agree with most of you that Annie is unstable. However, Ryan is to blame for her unstable behavior. Aidan was right Ryan chased her only after he found out Emma was his. She resisted and when they get married he decides first that he still loves Kendall and tries to ruin that relationship. Then he decides he loves Greenlee and with Kendall's help decides to ruin that relationship. If Annie is not a good mother he definatly is not a good father. How is he expecting to raise that child with Greenlee and live hapily ever after. Where is his concern for what Emma wants? She only knows one mother. And I agree with the person that said that Ryan is just a sperm doner and shouldn't be allowed to have any rights.

    Posted by lovesit at Monday, November 17 2008 01:19 PM

    And I am embarassed for Amanda! She is the lowest friend I have ever seen. I actually did not think she would ever get this low - how can she not see that she is hurting "Not-So-Little A" more than JR?? I cannot wait for JR to find out and rip her a new one!! If JR is good at anything, it is telling people off (i.e David at the funeral)

    Posted by jumps at Monday, November 17 2008 01:24 PM

    All of you that blame Ryan for Annie going psycho always forget the fact that Ryan was shot in the head and had amnesia. None of that was his fault. Yes, he could have handled things better after getting his memory back, but he could not help that his feelings for Annie did not return. Let's remember that the psychiatrist that Ryan went to basically told him he never loved Annie. That is when things went downhill.

    Also, Annie had many chances to write Ryan off and she didn't. She chose to stick around and start playing her little mind games with everyone. THAT was her choice.

    Posted by scorpio1120 at Monday, November 17 2008 01:27 PM

    Amanda was not used by any of the men in her life since she has been to Pine Valley. She chases them instead of waiting for them to chase her. Even she admits that. She knows she is messed up. First she chases Jamie, who was with Babe at the time, trying to get him away her. Then she dates Jonathan with the understanding that they were friends with benefits. Then onto JR with the same understanding friends with benefits. And when all of these relationships are over she blames them because her heart is broken. I just wish the writers quit writing her so stupid. She has an older brother, Timmy, maybe the writers can bring him to town to be of some support for her. He could help her to work on her self-esteem. He could look out for her and beat up David. David however, really is using her.

    Posted by lovesit at Monday, November 17 2008 01:29 PM

    I watch the show every day. Coming from some one who has been put on the back burner for over 25 years, YES, I can say Emma would probably choose Annie. And I do not condemn Annie for killing Richie, so I do not consider her a serial killer. I would have done the same-only on purpose and with forthought. Now if it is shown that Annie killed Di on purpose, than put Emma in foster care! Leave Ryan to sulk with Greens, and hopefully one day he will realize all these issues started with him and his selfish ways!

    Posted by lovesit at Monday, November 17 2008 01:41 PM

    just because he lost his memory means he can drive her crazy (literally)? He treated her and their child like crap. No excuse. Ryan has the most experience as a bad parent. You don't have to love some one to know what you are doing to them is insensitive and selfish. But I am not taking away from the fact that Annie is now at the point of no return. She obviously needs help moving past Ryan back into (soap) reality, and Emma should be in temporary foster care while she gets it.

    Posted by midniteblue07 at Monday, November 17 2008 01:54 PM

    Well jumps, I guess these people don't see it like it is. I agree totally with you on what you last wrote, but apparently some people forget that part of the story line... Oh well, I guess Greenlee is leaving the show, so they are going to have to find somebody else to b&*ch about...It never ends in soap land....Thank goodness Alecia got married in real life because we don't see them moaning about her anymore now.. but she will be back, lol....

    Posted by lovesit at Monday, November 17 2008 02:07 PM

    Its funny you mentioned Alecia - I actually was thinking about how she would be trying to wedge her way into people's lives, and how glad I am to have a break from her character. You are right - we do love to hate! We will just have to agree to disagree about Emma being with Annie or Ryan.
    I have to say, though, I liked Annie much better before she went this route. The pre-amnesiac-Ryan Annie would never have let any one come before Emma (even Ryan), and WAS a good mother.

    Posted by jaslizfan2 at Monday, November 17 2008 02:19 PM

    Are you kidding me!!!!! I cannot believe that many of you are on Annie side. Annie is a total whack job. Which mother kidnaps her own daughter to get a man back, which person kills two many three people and lies through her teeth everytime. I am sick of Annie getting away with all these henious crimes. I love Ryan and Greenlee. I also love Aidan and I hope that he doesn't die. I am sick of Annie. Enough of this mess. She needs to get hers.

    Posted by midniteblue07 at Monday, November 17 2008 02:20 PM

    Hi Lovesit,,, Ryan loved that little girl as much as Annie did before he lost his memory. Like jumps said, it was the shrink that made him think he didn't love Annie and he got confused. Do people not remember that? But, I guess it is Annie's turn to see the shrink now, huh??? I still am wondering who really does have Emma. Annie knew everything until Di pulled what she did and then Annie shot her and now she is in deep you know what because she really doesn't know where Emma is....I guess her little plan to get Ryan, backfired right in her face!! I feel bad for that little girl!!! I don't feel bad for Annie one little bit!!!

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