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    This Isn't Happening!

    Monday, October 13 2008
    Erica tries to charm Adam, Jack questions Colby, Ryan gives Annie an ultimatum, Zach and Annie don't see eye to eye, Greenlee blames her problems on Kendall and Aidan destroys the home he was building for Greens.

    Kendall and Zach are sitting with Ian and Spike when she asks how he convinced Annie to give up custody. Zach skirts the issue, saying that Annie just realized she has work to do. Kendall tells him how much she loves him and apologizes for being so distracted lately. Zach says they only have to worry about here and now.

    At the penthouse, Ryan demands to know why Annie gave up custody so quickly at the hearing. Annie says since she has no place to live and no friends to rely upon she had no choice. She asks how Emma is; Ryan says she is fine. She asks if Greenlee has been there and Ryan says she hasn't been around. Annie says she realizes this isn't her business and begs him not to hate her. Ryan says he could never hate her and then says they have to come up with rules. She can't believe he is talking about scheduling supervised visits and angrily asks why he is doing this. Ryan quietly says he is thinking about Emma. "I just want you to get better," he says. Annie says she saw a therapist already and is perfectly sane but Ryan won't back down. He says too much has changed between them and swears that he will change visitation as she gets better. He says he'll find her a place to stay. Annie tells him to tell Emma she loves her and leaves. Corrinna brings Emma in; she asks for Annie. Ryan says she'll see her mom soon and sends her off to get cleaned up. He thanks Corrinna for stepping in and then tells her that Annie is not allowed to visit Emma at all unless there is a scheduled, supervised visit!

    At the Chandler mansion, Jack deposes Colby about her symptoms after being spritzed with Bella. He asks about her drinking and Barry interrupts them, saying her drinking history has nothing to do with Colby's illness. Colby says she hadn't been drinking that night but says she doesn't remember anything from that night. Petey listens.

    Inside, Erica tells Adam he is overreacting and should drop the lawsuit. He says he can't drop the suit because too many other people will be hurt. Erica says if he backs off, things could be worked out for a settlement but Adam won't do it. Petey walks in and announces that Annie has arrived; Adam leaves to talk to her. Erica turns to the window and watches Barry and Jack for a moment. Barry comes inside and Erica walks onto the terrace, pretending to be looking for Adam. "What are you doing here?" she says when she sees Jack. Jack tells her about the Fusion lawsuit and she flirtily asks if he is working for Fusion or using Fusion to get close to her! Jack says he is only there for one reason - Greenlee! He asks why Erica isn't doing the same for Kendall. She says she has always fought for Kendall, angering Jack. He leaves.

    In the entryway, Annie begs Adam to let her stay for just a few days until she finds a place to stay. Adam refuses. Colby and Petey overhear and try to come up with a solution. Petey suggests Opal's but Annie won't do that. A chauffeur arrives to pick up Annie and her things; Annie believes this is Ryan's doing. She leaves. Adam goes back to the parlor and tells Barry that the lawsuit must go on. Barry leaves. Petey tells Adam this could backfire and hurt Colby. Adam says he wants Fusion at the lowest cost possible and the lawsuit will ensure that. Petey says there are other ways but Adam refuses to listen. He tells Petey to get out and stay out. Adam continues to the terrace; Erica says she has to leave and agrees to meet him later.

    Back on the terrace, Petey talks to Colby, worried about what will happen with Jack when Colby is under oath. He decides he has to tell Kendall and Greenlee the truth but Colby says he can't do that! She says she couldn't stand for him to get hurt. Petey is touched. She tells him not to throw himself to the wolves. Adam comes out and orders Petey off the property but Colby sticks up for her friend and tells Adam that Petey isn't going anywhere because she likes him. Adam is appalled!

    At the apartment, Greenlee tells Aidan that she isn't sure about her feelings any longer. Aidan says this is partially his fault because he knew he couldn't take Ryan's place for her. He says they have to stop this now before either of them is hurt any more. He turns away and she follows him, begging him not to leave her. She says she wants to fight for them. Aidan says he is tired of fighting, gives her his keys and walks out.

    Greenlee and Kendall arrive at Fusion moments apart and find the place in shambles. Their files and computers are gone and all that is left is a big mess. Greenlee can't believe they let Amanda and Babe do this to them; Kendall says it is their own fault for not paying enough attention to the business. She says they have to fight but Greenlee is worn out. Kendall says they will cut as much as they have to but Greenlee says she can't fight for Fusion because her marriage is over - and it's Kendall's fault! Kendall says she had nothing to do with it but Greenlee says if she would have left her alone instead of always talking about Ryan - and sleeping with Aidan! - things would have been fine. She tells Kendall that Aidan bugged her and found out about Ryan's romantic proposal. Kendall asks if it is really over and offers to help. Greens tells her to worry about Fusion but there is nothing they can do. Greenlee says she is going to clean up her desk and leave. Kendall hugs her. Greenlee tells her to go home and be with Zach. Kendall tells Greens to go to Ryan. Jack arrives and Greenlee tells him about work. She lets it slip that Erica is working on Adam on Kendall's behalf. Jack is shocked. He mentions Aidan but she won't talk about him. Greenlee says all of their files are not lost because she made copies; she gives the copies to Jack.

    Aidan goes to the construction site and tells the builders to stop working because he is abandoning the project! The construction workers leave. Aidan rips up the plans and then begins tearing the place apart! Greenlee arrives later and sees the destruction. She cries.

    Annie arrives at her new digs at the Yacht Club. She sits down. Someone watches her from outside. She looks around and then the person comes inside! "What are you doing here?" she asks! It's Zach! She asks what he wants from her. She says she wants to go to the police about Richie just as Kendall walks in the door!

    A reporter corners Erica in the Fusion elevator. Erica says the women are under a lot of pressure. She leaves the elevator and sees Jack, who says he is going through what is left. Erica asks about Kendall. Jack asks why she didn't tell him that she was spying on Adam for Kendall! Erica plays dumb. Jack asks why she was working so hard to convince him that she liked Adam and apologizes for being so rough on her.

    Ryan tells Emma about her new situation and says none of this is her fault. Corrinna takes Emma out. Aidan arrives and settles himself on Ryan's couch. He has a gun!

    Next on All My Children:

    Greenlee can't hide her feelings any longer.

    Erica and Carmen fight over Jack.

    Zach tells Annie to keep her distance from his family.

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    Posted by Summer501 at Monday, October 13 2008 11:39 AM

    Have not seen AMC yet, but going bye todays daily update.
    Lets get Carmen and Aiden together. I love Jack, but you can see he still has feeling for Erica in the long run. Let that Greenlee miss get out of his system. We also have Jake ex- wife coming to town, maybe her and Aidan. Loving the Frankie and Randi situation. Let them be friends first. Take it slow. Have them together cooking and watching the JETS game on Sundays.

    Posted by angelica427 at Monday, October 13 2008 11:42 AM

    Greenlee is so stupid!! Let Ryan go on about his business and raise his daughter!! I hate to say it but, I believe that Adian and Annie will eventualy hook up!

    Posted by angelica427 at Monday, October 13 2008 11:57 AM

    Can someone please tell me who Resces is ?? Are they maile or female?? They keep on mentioning that name???

    Posted by AllieMaureen at Monday, October 13 2008 11:58 AM

    I hope Annie gets her stuff together, and shame on Ryan for the supervised, scheduled visits with Emma. She just showed how much she cares by letting him have Emma and not fighting while trying to get her self toghther... supervised? Really? Give me a break. I wonder what Aiden is going to do with the gun? I would also like to see Aiden and Annie get together not just yet, but in time. Annie deserves a break... Greenlee on the other hand stole Kendall and Ryan's baby and drove off a cliff and the writers gave her Aiden... It's Annie's turn for redemeption!!

    Posted by safire8645 at Monday, October 13 2008 11:59 AM

    Seems, like a slow day, not a Monday coming off a cliff hanger Friday! Can't gather much sympathy for Greenlee or Kendall in thier loss of Fusion, or the disater they call their lives. I've been screaming at the tv for weeks now that they should tend to their men, their company and look what chasing behind Ryan has gotten them.

    Reading about the conversation with Annie and Ryan about Emma just kills me. The reality side says Annie needs help and I hope she gets it. The soapopera side (and this is a soap) makes me want to jump in the screen and claw Ryans eyes out and tell Annie to run with her baby and never look back.
    Ever since the Richie murder storyline started and Annie had the miscarriage and now lost custody of Emma I have really come to realize what a talented actree Melissa Claire Egan really is. I hope AMC will redeem Annie's character and reunite her with her daughter. I doubt that she will ever be sweet pure Annie again and for the actresses sake I hope that's true. She is much too talented to be a goody two shoes. However I don't want to see her as the town outcast. As it stands now she has no money, no man, no, job, no house, no friends, now no access to her daughter. TIIC has really brought this character sooo low and I for one still find myself rooting for her to come out on top.
    I guess I feel this way becuase of the horrible story writing that has taken place for the Rylee reunion. If it had been written any other way I probably would have been right on the hate Annie ban wagon. Everything Ryan has ever said or promised has turned out to be a lie. Every relationship that he touches turns to crap. He makes such a production of coming off as this white knight and just when he rescues the girl, he dumps her off the horse in a mud puddle and picks up the next one. Seems to me that no matter how they write him, he'll always be the con man that first came to town. Now it looks like TPTB are going after my other favorite character which is Zach.

    I really hate that they made Zach set Annie up, I always enjoyed Zach and Annie's comadarie, they were both always the level headed spouses to Kendall and Ryans unsteady relationship woes.

    Posted by Barbsone2 at Monday, October 13 2008 12:08 PM

    WHOO! My Jerica are still in love.PRAISE THE LORD. I can't wait for Erica to lay into Carmen and I'm thinking a Jack/Erica/Adam tri is on the way. I'll take it as long as my Jerica is left standing in the end.

    Posted by Singinbeauty at Monday, October 13 2008 01:16 PM

    Wtf is up with ryan?! Why is he acting like he only has one child?

    U mean to tell me that he went all the way to kendalls spent the night w/ emma, but couldn't even mention his deaf son?? That happens to be that way because of GREENLEE'S ignorance!

    Yeah, some father he is!

    Poor, poor annie. She has to beg adam to let her! It really sucks for her.. I'm actually sorry for her. Zack is so mean. He thinks he's god or something. He needs to leave annie alone. If he can't get his nosy wife to stop mettling, then he needs to take it up with her, and stop messing with annie!

    Posted by ksmakela at Monday, October 13 2008 01:33 PM

    Petey is an interesting young character. He doesn't always do what is right, but he is funny and interesting, and he kind of looks like he could really be Opal's too.

    Posted by LEVIC at Monday, October 13 2008 01:44 PM

    Yall might not agree with me but it is my opinion so just dont get to upset I think Adam and Carmen I think her name is would be a good and funny couple and I don't know but me and mom see something between Annie and Zach but please don't go balistick on me thats what think.

    Posted by lovelya at Monday, October 13 2008 02:46 PM

    I couldn't agree with you more barbsone2. I,m ready for jerica action.

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