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    Only Erica Could Get Arrested in a Ball Gown

    Tuesday, February 19 2008
    Erica learns the charges against her - and then makes things worse. Kendall actually takes the pregnancy test. Annie gives Ryan an ultimatum. Jesse and Angie make love.

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    Posted by oldlady60 at Wednesday, February 20 2008 01:14 AM

    I am so thrilled with the way Jesse and Angie finally found each other. This is one s/l that has so much to give this show. Please let them stay forever. Yes Jesse has people who are after him but with all of his friends in PV I am sure they can hide him so no one willl know he is there. If they do find out then the whole town including Adam and Jr would be there to protect Jesse.

    Well well Erica has met her match. Yes it is Martha Stewart again. I know that Erica will not knit and cook in the Fed Pen but she could give beauty make overs.

    I wonder how long it will be before Zach decides he has had enough of Kendall and her lies. I believe that once she is out of his life he may give Annie all of his attention. She will be lonely because Ryan had decided to be Kendall's knight on a white horse.

    I would appreciate it if the writers decided not to carry on with the s/l of Ryan and his amnesia. That has been used so much on so many shows it is as if they can not think of anything so he here it goes again.

    Posted by LongLegged at Wednesday, February 20 2008 04:32 AM

    LOVE Erica Kane. ONLY Erica Kane poses for her mug shot....I mean like she was at a photo shot. That was tooo funny!

    Can't say enough about how I LOVE LOVE LOVE Angie and Jesse scenes today. I can't wait to see where and why he has been away for twenty years. Yes, the LOVE scene were done very tackfully and tastefully. I loved how they showed past scenes of them during....I had tears in my eyes. The BEST move that AMC has made in a LONG time, bringing back the Hubbard family. Even there message boards are lighting up with more comments.

    Now.............BRING BACK SKYE! BRING BACK SKYE! BRING BACK SKYE! Adam needs a P.I.C. (partner-in-crime)

    Posted by angelica427 at Wednesday, February 20 2008 06:09 AM

    Bravo!!! Annie!! I'm so glad that you gave Ryan the boot!! How long did he (Ryan) expect her (Annie) to put of with his nonsense???

    Posted by Rae07 at Wednesday, February 20 2008 06:19 AM

    Way to go Annie. That may be what it takes to get Ryan to think about what he is missing.

    Posted by bananna at Wednesday, February 20 2008 07:15 AM

    Is AMC gonna have Erica go to prison? I hope not! They should put that Richie in jail where he belongs!! When are the police gonna find out that Richie ran Zack over!! How long is that gonna drag out!! Is Kendall gonna lose Zack over this secret? I hope not. Are Jesse and Angie gonna stay together now? I hope so. I hope nothing happens to Angie and Frankie for being with Jesse. AMC needs to bring back Jonathan to the show. I hope AMC has Jonathan & Ava get back together again. They made a good couple. Is Annie leaving Ryan; since he has no memory of their marriage? I hope not. When is AMC gonna have Ryan get his memory back? I hope this doesn't drag on forever!!

    Posted by mrfraser at Wednesday, February 20 2008 08:06 AM

    I loved the show...I hope that Erica gets to be treated like us common folk...she is so full of herself..but that is the Erica we all know and love... Poor Jack..she blames everyone for her mistakes

    This with JR and Babe..still boring...why do they even do this...just makes her character less appealing

    This WHO'S THE DADDY with Kendall...we really dont want to see it...her character will sleep or do anything with someone other than the one she is suppose to be with and right now that is Zach. This with her and Aiden..not a good storyline...

    Loved Jesse and this is DAYTIME SOAP and DRAMA and that is what we all want and like

    Annie it is about time...Kick Ryan to the have more going for you than he does. He is selfish and full of himself...and I guess he should be real proud he may have kids all over the US and world..go Ryan..shows what a jerk he really is.

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