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    Ryan Acts Crazier and Crazier

    Monday, January 14 2008
    Hannah slips from Zach's grasp. Ryan acts really weird. Julia saves Jack and Erica from the closet. JR and Richie face off.

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    Posted by amc_jabe_fan_4ever at Monday, January 14 2008 01:03 PM


    I am gonna miss Hannah!

    Posted by bronxbella at Monday, January 14 2008 01:04 PM

    People PULEEEZ...SOAPNET, etc. even some fans alike, really need to stop calling Rebecca the "real" Greenlee. And what is Sabine, a "fake" one? Sabine did a wonderful job, and she is a wonderful actress to watch. Why couldn't the writers and soapnet phrase it as, "Rebecca Budig, the actress who originated the role of Greenlee...". People....learn how to speak properly. Both Sabine and Greenlee are wonderful actresses and do not deserve to put against each other like that. I'm sure it must have been awkward for them both. No tact whatsoever from these writers/executives. Every actor/actress deserves their due, whether they're originating a role or reprising one.

    Posted by angelica427 at Monday, January 14 2008 01:13 PM

    The whole Ryan "crazy" thing is just plain stupid!! And why is this happening to him??? Is it the wound or the medications??? Now he wants to give away all of his money???

    Posted by Carpie at Monday, January 14 2008 01:44 PM

    I wonder if there is a reason not yet seen why they are using the word "real" Greenlee. Perhaps there is a storyline that they are trying to hint at. Maybe Greenlee isn't Greenlee after all. Just a thought.

    Posted by Barbsone2 at Monday, January 14 2008 01:49 PM

    My Jerica were RED HOT in that closet. Darn that Julia. Go find your own man. This one is so taken and there is no way they are going to end up with other people. Let them try Sammy, Julia, or anyone else, they are not going to have any of the chemistry that JErica has

    Posted by shepmajor at Monday, January 14 2008 02:04 PM

    Beg to differ with you, mrfraser... Kendall does NOT want what Greenlee has. Kendall has everything she has always wanted in Zach and her two children. She is deathly afraid of LOSING that.

    It was completely out of character for Kendall to sleep with Aiden, despite the fact that she believed Zach was dead - Alicia Minshew even fought that. Unfortunately, she lost.

    Greens has nothing compared to Kendall; do you really think she'd WANT to go back to having nothing?

    Posted by mrfraser at Monday, January 14 2008 02:53 PM

    You maybe right shepmajor...we will see...she probably is scared of losing everything she has ... her husband and 2 boys.

    Posted by JamesScott1Fan at Monday, January 14 2008 02:58 PM

    I actually kinda like Richie. But I Love JR! Babe needs to choose and soon. I Love Aidan and Zach!!! I really feel for Zach! He should not blame Hannah's death on himself!! He did everything he could to save her she let herself go. I Love Ryan to!! That was a HUGE mistake having him get shot! Thank God he is ok!! But I am worried about him!! It was so cute when he put "I'm Alive" on his forehead! And I know he is really embracing life after he almost died and that he is changing and wanting to take everything in that's what he was doing outside just taking in the fresh air....etc.
    Now about this whole Greenlee thing. I Totally agree with all of you! I am VERY Disappointed in ABC and AMC for doing this to Sabine!! I have only been watching AMC for a few months and I really like her!!! Now they got rid of her! Are you kidding me! It is VERY Distasteful what they did! And they are calling Rebecca the "real" Greenlee like Sabine was the fake one! And the commercials! Oh! The freakin commercials! I don't have SOAPNET but if I did I know I would not watch the specials that they are doing because I am supporting Sabine! Shame Shame Shame on them!!!
    Sabine I will MISS you Very Much!!!! God Bless in All you do!! And I hope you find an Excellent job!

    Posted by Susie1000 at Monday, January 14 2008 03:06 PM

    Hi AMC gang,

    First ~ I've read all of today's posts, and I have to agree w/ all of you in regards to Rebecca Buddig returning as Greens, and Sabine leaving. This was not handled properly, and I feel it will back fire. As long time fans we all hated to see Rebecca leave the show as Greenlee, and we were slow to accept Sabine in the character. But, once the deed was done, I think we all are in agreement that Sabine did a wonderful job of bringing the character of Greenlee to life for us. I think "forevergolden" hit the nail on the head in her post. "This could've been done so much more intelligently!" :-(( My heart goes out to Sabine, and want her to know, she WILL BE MISSED! Because of the way this was handled, it's going to be hard to accept Rebecca back as the "REAL" Greenlee! That's just my opinion! :-((

    Second ~~ Today's episode! Bye Hannah! Sorry to see you go! It was a dramatic end to her character and opened up a can of worms for Zack to feel guilty about. I haven't always understood Zack's character, but I felt sorry for him today.The saga of Jack and Erica is getting a little stale! I hope he does move on, and Julia seems to be a good match for him! ) "Sorry" to those who disagree! RYAN!! Please let this be a temporary "brain freeze" for him. Also, if you need a volunteer candidate to receive Ryan's shares of Cambias money.........I'M YOUR GIRL!!! ) I hope how soon everyone concerned discovers what Richie is up to! He's not one of my favorite characters! ) I know we have to have "good guys" and "bad guys" to keep the storyline "lively!" So, I'll keep watching and hoping that Richie will get out of the picture before Annie gets hurt anymore!

    Have a nice Monday and I'll talk to everyone tomorrow! )

    Posted by Nitamichele at Monday, January 14 2008 03:07 PM

    Hello All, I indeed loved to watch the Sabine. I think she did a wonderful job playing the role of Greenlee. I hate that she is leaving b/c I really liked her character and chemistry with Zach. You cannot replace her chemistry or any other Actors chemistry to someone else. I am not going to like Rebecca in this role as Greenlee. As for Zach, He is the best Actor on this show and I do not like him with Kendell. He needs someone with some Action.

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