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    Operation: Jenny!

    Thursday, April 26 2007
    Kendall and Zach try to move forward; Hannah has a run-in - literally! - with Josh. Erica appeals to Adam and then Janet. Krystal finds out Janet is involved in the kidnapping. Alexander is shot!

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    Posted by yr-amc-oltl-only at Friday, April 27 2007 09:15 AM

    ITA with you...Adam should get another DNA done and it will show that he is the father. However, he has done to much damage to salvage any kind of relationship with Krystal.

    Now to get on my soapbox:

    While placing blame here and there, let's not forget good old Dixie. Instead of telling her son on her dying 'floor' that she loves him, she uses her last breath to say give Tad his baby. How many times will Tad father a child only to never see it or raise it? What happened to the alarms that are usually in nurseries to prevent folks like Adam from just whisking a baby out of it? Usually the soaps keeps it real/believable, but not this time. If the police came with a search warrant, why wasn't the phones tapped? They would have had all the proof they needed.

    I now step down from my soapbox!!

    Posted by Memaw3 at Friday, April 27 2007 10:03 AM

    I too hope Adam is the father and lets get this kidnapping over with asap. I think Hannah will cause big trouble for zack & kendall. Please not Josh with Hannah. She is a witch!

    Posted by CadGunRuf at Friday, April 27 2007 11:21 AM


    first of all, i live in the real world, and in the real world, i would say more than 50% of spouses do cheat... wake up and smell the coffee... it's just the way it is... but i wasn't talking about the real world in my comment, i was talking about soap operas... everyone cheats on everyone on the soaps, and i'm pretty sure that adam has cheated on one or more of his many wives before so he needs to quit feeling sorry for himself... everyone hates him right now because of his own stupid anger management issues... also, there is already proof that tad is the father of krystal's baby, but even if they wanted to take another dna test how the heck are they suppose to when stupid adam kidnapped the baby??? Because Tad knows that baby is his, he does have the right to fight for her... what, just because adam is married to krystal he just has to sit back and do nothing when he knows that's his baby? that is the most stupid thing i've ever heard. but whatever, i don't care... it's tv... i'm not gonna argue with y'all over it.

    Posted by NickyC36 at Friday, April 27 2007 12:04 PM

    Me Too, it will be ashocker that Adam is indeed the baby's daddy and all that bad thing he did to should be a slap in the face

    Posted by CadGunRuf at Friday, April 27 2007 12:30 PM

    where the heck is today's recap?

    Posted by SABINE at Friday, April 27 2007 06:55 PM

    well i didn't think that the new Greenlle was so awful, afterall we saw her acting only 10 mns let give her a chance! I remember when Greenlee first came to Pine valley with all her money trying to get into bed with scott Chandler (i think that was his name) she was getting on everybodys nerves, ans what about Hailey" Kelly Ripa" when she firt air on AMC! And not so far ago look at Babe and Krystel when they first start in AMC Everybody used to hate them and look at them now!!! And Colby!! that spoiled bratt"! So Come on guys Lets give her a chance and if she really suck, well than we will have a lot to chat about !hahaha , so
    Welcome Sabine Sing in All my Children

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