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    To Pine Valley.

    Friday, September 23 2011
    In the final network episode before "All My Children" migrates online, everyone gathers to celebrate at the Chandler mansion, as JR lurks and a gun goes off.

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    Posted by AMC Lifer at Friday, September 23 2011 12:36 PM

    I did the Ugly Cry right when the show started. It all just hit me SO HARD. I had a hard time sleeping last night, cause I knew what the next day (today) would bring (the END of an era). I was really sad last night...even more sad today. My heart is absolutely broken. Like mamajj said We really don't know for 'certain' if AMC will continue online. It's just all such a mess! I hope & pray that we are able to get an online soap that is 'worth' watching. AMC, the cast, they are our family, our friends, and ones we 'love' to hate. They have been in our lives (for some) 'From The Start' and will be deeply mourned :'(

    Posted by jumps at Friday, September 23 2011 12:36 PM

    mamajj....I don't know. IF for some reason AMC does not move online, maybe Agnes will write a TV movie or something. Or write a book. Or we will debate our own endings.

    Posted by Mappie at Friday, September 23 2011 12:38 PM

    They set up two cliffhangers both of them interesting and a good intro for 2012 web version. Instead of who shot JR it is who did JR shoot? Who's the other person David save? good also. I hope now that is over we will start hearing who will follow online. I read a nu-Bianca interview and she says she still talking to PP but nothing happening yet. As many of them as will follow I will welcome...if they are re-casting some characters in my opinion David & Tad cannot be.

    Posted by grandmaMarti at Friday, September 23 2011 12:38 PM

    like the show introduction with all the children. watching this last show I had a large box of tissues and used many of them. some with the ending of the show and others without a complete happy ending except for angie.
    Goodbye everyone I will miss all our interactions and your caring thoughts and prayers when I last my beloved sister this year. thank you all. maybe we will meet next year.
    before my power goes out again I write this. but the show is not over yet. bye

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, September 23 2011 12:39 PM

    piqueroi....ITA They should have showed flashbacks of everyone. Who cares about recasts. They did it on OLTL. Blair was originally Asian. Now she is white. It was just nice seeing the actors who brought us the rolls in the first place. Phoebe should have been shown & Palmer & Langley.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, September 23 2011 12:42 PM

    I took the day off from work just so I could watch the finale of AMC live and not recorded. Most of my friends think I am nuts for doing so. But I got to sleep late, watch the tribute on The View and watch my beloved AMC. (still recorded it tho to watch again later)

    Posted by fromthestart at Friday, September 23 2011 12:42 PM

    jumps and mamajj....I am hoping the same thing...If for some unfortunate reason AMC doesn't continue I would hope a well organized and well planned TV movie (at least) would be in the works. Bring those cliffhangers (or non cliffhangers) to a head.....I also CANNOT believe that they didn't even mention PHOEBE ???? Is that correct ???? THAT in itself is a shame !!

    Posted by bananna at Friday, September 23 2011 12:44 PM

    I wanna know who got shot. I think JR shot Erica by mistake. I think he wanted to shoot his father or David. This really stinks! I wanna see AMC on tv. If they're going on-line; what's the website to go to to see AMC? I've been watching it for 36 years and I still wanna see it.

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, September 23 2011 12:44 PM

    jumps...I like the idea of debating what happened. LOL That would be all sorts of fun.

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, September 23 2011 12:46 PM

    from...I love the TV movie idea. I will watch it online IF it happens.

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