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    Home Where He Belongs.

    Thursday, September 22 2011
    News of Stuart spreads, Jack makes a decision, and JR says goodbye to AJ.

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    Posted by fromthestart at Thursday, September 22 2011 11:52 AM

    I know "THE VIEW" is paying tribute to AMC on Friday...Does anyone know of any others ????

    ALSO...Does anyone know if PROSPECT PARK has a WEBSITE ??? I have "googled" etc.....but, can't seem to find anything.

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Thursday, September 22 2011 11:55 AM

    As much damage Jr has done over the years, if you have any kind of heart, you just can't help feeling sorry for him. with Adam and Dixie for parents what chance did the kid have. The closest thing to normal in his life was Tad and unfortunately he kept running back to Dixie. Everyone used to lay into JR "you're an alcoholic, take some responsibilty". Well, they ALL need to take some responsbility for putting up the road signs that led him there. Jacob Young has done an exceptional job of portraying JR, and if he needs an Emmy clip, he should put together the scenes from yesterday - they just broke my heart.

    Posted by fromthestart at Thursday, September 22 2011 11:58 AM

    I have found myself thinking (yes thinking)....MARISSA was at the KANE reunion with AJ....The grandfather (ADAM) was in the CHANDLER MANSION and kinda grandfather (TAD) and grandmother (DIXIE) and kinda grandmother (KRYSTAL) were at the MARTIN reunion. It would have been nice for MARISSA to have AJ at the MARTINS at least. Again IMHO.

    Posted by fromthestart at Thursday, September 22 2011 12:00 PM


    Posted by Memaw2 at Thursday, September 22 2011 12:00 PM

    I, too, am very emotional over AMC being over. I have watched from the first day and have loved the show most of the time. Tomorrow will be very hard for lots of us. I am so happy to have "Together Forever" again. Why couldn't we have had that before the show was cancelled?!!! and if JR does kill himself or someone else, I will just hate it. He is leaving town so why make him go out like this? So glad Stuart is back. I have a feeling JR will kill himself and David will tell the other patient (Babe) that he can let her go now since JR is gone. Won't like that either. Oh, well, I will miss AMC. It's the only soap I have ever watched. Kind of like saying goodbye to family member after all these years.

    Posted by Cherryberry at Thursday, September 22 2011 12:01 PM

    from: I agree with you the Hubbards ending was my favorite the Martins a 2nd but the Martins would have been very good if we could have had Damon & a happy JR along with Babe being returned then they could have left with AJ. Marissa could help raise Binks kids and also could have had one the same way Binks had her youngest. Online they could have brought back JR & Babe being recasted as they have been many times. Erica is Erica self centered and all about Me Me Me, go to LA please.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Thursday, September 22 2011 12:02 PM

    I still love David.

    @Jumps: it is time to grant him a pardon, okay?

    Posted by fromthestart at Thursday, September 22 2011 12:04 PM

    I am fully aware that it is impossible to do a full tribute for 41 years in the course of one day or one week. But, just saying, e.g., I didn't hear any mention of DAMON or JEFF MARTIN.........AND maybe they will tomorrow - I don't know. Some mention of PHOEBE and PALMER would be nice. PHOEBE was the FIRST LADY of the show for a number of years. I guess we could buy the DVD for the first season or two.

    Posted by fromthestart at Thursday, September 22 2011 12:07 PM

    I am hoping that THIS website, SOAPCENTRAL, SOAPNET, etc will keep us posted on the goings on of AMC and up-to-date changes and plans by PROSPECT PARK.

    Posted by fromthestart at Thursday, September 22 2011 12:13 PM

    As MRS FROM and others on this board have said. We may not have always enjoyed an episode now and then...BUT we did watch - no matter what. It was part of our lives. To those of us that may be a little older and seen a little more - we have lost REAL loved ones over the course of time and unfortunately will continue to do so - That IS life. I think that entitles us AND other loyal fans of AMC to mourn this loss of a part of our lives as well.

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