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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on All My Children! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Where They Belong.

    Wednesday, September 21 2011
    All the Martins gather together, JR confronts his father, and David's patient is revealed.

    A patient is wheeled into the hospital and wants Maria Santos to examine her. She thinks they know each other. Maria doesn’t think so, but she can't examine her because she's not on staff there. The patient tells her people are after her and declares she is Erica Kane's daughter. She also sees vampires. She feels like she knows Maria and feels this place is her home. Maria says Pine Valley is that kind of town.

    At home, Tad worries that he hasn't heard from his parents, who usually call like clockwork. Ruth rings the doorbell, surprising her son. Opal and Krystal return home and are thrilled to see Ruth, who is catching up with Dixie. She tells them Angie called Joe to ask him to be a temporary consultant so they are moving back to Pine Valley. Jamie is next to come to the door and Tad says no one deserves to be this happy. Jamie thinks no one deserves it more.

    Amanda and Jake meet up at the hospital. Joe shows up, as Maria finds them. Jake notes Maria is consulting on a patient for him. Maria steps away to take a call from Miami and Amanda notes her feeling that something good was going to happen is occurring right now.

    Joe, Jake and Amanda show up at the Martin house. As the family catches up, Dixie tells Joe she and Tad have never been happier and then steps out to text someone. Ruth marvels over the miracle Tad has been blessed with. Tad knows it and texts someone as well.

    After texting each other, Tad and Dixie meet up outside. They agree they're on the same page and then Tad unknowingly dials the house. Opal answers and tells the room she thinks Tad is about to pop the question. They all listen in as Dixie tells Tad he's done this before, so she'd like to give it a try. She tears up as she tells Tad he's her home and her heart. He's everything to her and where she belongs. Tad gave his heart to her 20 years ago. They say, "Together forever." Dixie asks if he will marry her. Tad says yes and they kiss. They hear their family cheering over the phone. Tad and Dixie return to their excited family, who celebrate their engagement.

    Upstairs at the mansion, JR sees Babe, who grabs the gun out of his hand. He cries as he tells her he missed her and then kisses her. She tells him she's scared for him and if he doesn’t change the course he's on, he will lose himself. JR is happy to have her back, but Babe tells him she's not real. David has just been messing with him. She says he would know in his heart if she were alive. Devastated, he tells her what's been going on since he lost her. He breaks down, but she tells him to let it all go and remember what a good man he is. He thinks it's too late, but she says it's never too late to change. As JR yells out and sobs, he grabs the gun.

    Adam and Brooke walk into the mansion and see all the boxes and empty rooms. Adam looks in his gun case and sees that one is missing. JR shows up and reminds him he said he could have that one. Adam says it's good to see him, but JR knows his father is there to tell him what a failure he is. JR lashes out at his father for cutting him out of the will. Brooke tells him Adam did it for his own good because he saw how the money corrupted him. JR thinks he was never the son Adam wanted him to be and he stayed away because he couldn't stand the sight of him. Adam denies it and Brooke explains that Adam took Stuart's death really hard. She also says that Adam wants JR to stand on his own two feet and be his own man. Adam thinks JR leaving Pine Valley could be the smartest move he could make. JR heads back upstairs and Adam laments his parenting skills and that Stuart isn't there. He then jumps because he thought he heard his brother's voice.

    JR returns to his room, grabs the gun and loads it. He says to himself in the mirror if people think he's bad now, they haven't seen anything yet.

    Griffin meets with David in the interrogation room. Griffin says the drugs aren't working on the patient and he doesn't know what to do. David can't tell him because he needs to see for himself what's going on. David summons Angie and asks her to convince Jesse to release him so he can save his patient. Jesse wants to know who the patient is first. David tells him, but Jesse doesn’t believe him because there was a police investigation and coroner's report. Angie appeals to Jesse to help save a life.

    In handcuffs and with Jesse by his side, David anxiously waits for his patient to be wheeled into the hospital. Griffin says it was touch and go, but he is still alive. After Jesse uncuffs him, David rushes to his patient's side and urges Stuart to fight.

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    Posted by cab313 at Wednesday, September 21 2011 11:23 AM

    Soap Opera Digest reports:

    AMC's Minshew Not Moving On Just Yet
    By SOD • Posted: Sep 20, 2011

    Though Alicia Minshew's recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter made it sound like her tenure as AMC's Kendall was sure to end with the show's ABC bow on September 23, the actress tells Digest that she has now been approached by Prospect Park and is in talks with them. "I don't want anyone to think that I would ever give up on the show,” she says. "I mean, if I just walked away and said, 'No, thank you,' to Prospect Park, that would be one thing, but what I've said is, 'I am open to being a part of this, if you can make it work for me and my family.' Nothing has been worked out with me yet; we're trying to figure things out and figure out what is going to work out best for me given that at some point, I have to return to the East Coast," where her husband Richie Herschenfeld's businesses are based. "My agent has been telling them, 'Listen, forget about any interview about, "She wants to move on to other things." What it boils down to, really, is what is going to be best for Alicia and her family. Does she want to be a part of it? Yes. Can you make this work for her and her family? We don't know.' So that's what we're talking about."

    And those discussions are going well, Minshew says. "They are really nice and really smart and they get it. They understand about family, which I love. It's really promising. I have my fingers crossed. I am hopeful that they'll make it work for me and the rest of the Herschenfeld clan."

    Posted by Rita H. at Wednesday, September 21 2011 11:28 AM

    It's a shame what the writers did to JR. Why couldn't they have redeemed him and let him be in that living room with the Martins?

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Wednesday, September 21 2011 11:32 AM

    Is Jessie high? There was a police investigation and coroner's report? Wasn't there one when David died, Dixie died, there was at least an investigation and a supposed body when Greenlee died, didn't Erica die once, Tad died once, Zach had an investigation, shoot JESSIE DIED AND CAME BACK AS A GHOST! Is Jessie high?

    Believe it or not, I'm feeling bad for JR.

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, September 21 2011 11:33 AM

    I watched yesterday's show late yesterday...I have to agree with MOST of the posters. The HUBBARD finale was nostalgic and they were ALL happy. It was a pleasure to watch.

    The KANE I said before ERICA hasn't changed and she and her selfishness starts to wear a little thin after awhile I guess. The flashbacks were nice however.

    Will watch today's show later.....But it looks like we may be getting our wish about STUART...Maybe someone DID listen to us afterall.

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, September 21 2011 11:38 AM

    For those posters feeling bad for JR. Yeah I can see that, for the reason that EVERYBODY ELSE is supposedly getting THEIR happy ending....With DIXIE, GREENLEE, and ZACK returning from the dead....BABE, on the other hand turns out to be a ghost....doesn't exactly seem fair for happy endings does it. Why couldn't they have BABE be just as real and save JR for the finale. I realize JACOB YOUNG (JR) has gone over to THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL , but they could have had JR and BABE move away from PV...c'mon writers.

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, September 21 2011 11:40 AM

    cab313....You constantly provide us with a wealth of information...I and I am sure the others appreciate it - Thanks.

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, September 21 2011 11:43 AM

    Lets see....RYAN is going with the new show. So is CARA. But I have read/heard that REBECCA BUDIG (GREENLEE) will NOT. If KENDALL goes with the show (depending on her REAL family, of course)...but ZACK does NOT....Will RYAN and KENDALL hook up again ????? Not sure I could take that.

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, September 21 2011 11:45 AM

    After watching the HUBBARDS and the KANES....I personally would like to see the HUBBARDS continue on. Maybe PROSPECT PARK could convince her to come back from THE Y & R !!

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, September 21 2011 11:46 AM

    So this patient thinks she is Erica's daughter. Well she was for a little while. Until they got frizzled hair Alicia.

    So Ruth and Joe are back. It was so sad to hear about the death of the original Ruth Martin.

    Adam said the money corrupted JR. I guess he would know.

    Jesse, shut up and let David save his patient. You are really working my nerves.

    So, our Stuart is alive.

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, September 21 2011 11:47 AM

    *Speaking of DEBBIE MORGAN, of course.*

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