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    In The Middle Of The Night.

    Tuesday, September 13 2011
    Brot confesses to Natalia, Ryan doesn't like labels, Greenlee fears being alone, and Krystal and Liza commiserate.

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    Posted by VERNON at Tuesday, September 13 2011 06:35 PM

    from: I always thought Liza was sexy too.

    Posted by lovemysoapsabc at Tuesday, September 13 2011 06:59 PM

    Just got the Peoples book well worth 12 bucks.Has anyone heard of any of the cast moving to pp.Seems they are keeping tight wraps on the info.

    Posted by cbru at Tuesday, September 13 2011 07:03 PM

    My computer has been down for 2 weeks, but I don't think I have missed much. Everything is turning out pretty much the way we expected.

    NEWFLASH, Rya$$-the viewers can't figure why you are a "hero" eithe! Barf, Gag.

    The way this show ending is horrendous. Evidently, in Rya$$ land, it does pay to commit crimes, unless you are David. The main characters have committed so many crimes that they should be in prison for life-Rya$$, Greens, Kendum, Zach, granny, Jesse. I don't know that I can sit through 8 more days of this BS.

    Considering what this show once was, what a sad way to end it.

    Posted by AMC79 at Tuesday, September 13 2011 07:23 PM

    So glad this place is here for posters to air their observant and funny comments. All I needed was this fix. Enough so I won't be watching what seems like a boring show today from the recaps. Only way, I'll watch again is if there is a glimpse of hope that the ending is not what we expect.

    Josh would be a good surprise resurrection. So, why didn't anyone go to jail for killing him...or did they blame that on David too?

    Whatever. The writers are dumpy for dumping that crap on us yesterday... it was expected, but still unbelievable how they made that whiny Ryan into a Hero, and he had the audacity to wonder (from recap here) why people think of him as that....HELLO, you're wearing your cape. And what kind of lame a** father is he? he pulled Emma away from Annie and becomes an absentee dad... way to go Ryan, you lame a**, one dimensional, whiny, whimpy, narcissistic, jerk of a man.

    LMAO at UNICORN GIRL statement, I too wish for their disintegration.

    I hope David has one more trick up his sleeve before the light dims.

    Where is the HOPE & redemption? (I know, I'm writing to the wind, the show is done but still. One can hope.)

    Posted by Starlett at Tuesday, September 13 2011 07:26 PM

    Brooke coming back without Adam makes me wonder if David Canary is coming back as Stuart's ghost toward the end of the show.

    Ryan you were MY hero when you ran your motorcycle over that cliff. What they say about the good dying young must be true because YOU ARE STILL HERE! Shoot

    I did like the Kendall/Greenlee scenes. Too bad their characters had to be ruined when Stuart died.

    Posted by art in my heart at Tuesday, September 13 2011 09:54 PM

    Does anyone know how to get the title and artist from the song they played at the end of Tuesday's show? thanks

    Posted by art in my heart at Tuesday, September 13 2011 09:56 PM

    I totally agree

    Posted by Sunshine8 at Wednesday, September 14 2011 06:09 AM

    I was so disappointed in today's episode.
    It was such a let down after yesterday's huge climax. I waited all day and did not read any blogs or messages or anything to spoil it as I was going to watch the outcome. Little did I know that the outcome itself was a snooze.
    I couldn't believe that the writers would not even continue the scenes in the hospital (or whatever you call David's hideaway) camp. I mean no Finale with Jesse leading David off. No statement from Cara to David. No handshake from Zack and Ryan to each other on a job well done....Such a let down.

    Less than two weeks left, make it happen ALL MY CHILDREN!!!

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