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    David Makes A Confession.

    Monday, September 12 2011
    The standoff at the lab comes to a head, Erica is won over by Kit, and Maya has a decision to make.

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    Posted by da_kid at Monday, September 12 2011 06:29 PM

    When I watched that room full of people today I couldn't bring myself to cheer anyone on or be mad at anyone because I fislike just about everyone in the room. I hate David, I don't care how many people he has revived because that is all so stupid. I never liked Cara, and now I hate her even more for being stupid enough to sleep with David, and careless enough to get pregnant. I hate Ryan and Greenlee just because. I am glad Zack is back,but he has been so obnoxious since he has been back. I don't dislike Griffin,but I wanted him to find love with someone. I'm just happy that David is not going out like a hero bcause he is not a hero.

    Posted by da_kid at Monday, September 12 2011 06:37 PM

    The way these stories are going, I don't think anyone is going to be happy on the show's last day. The wrong couples will be together and the right couples will be splitting up or dying. I just want to see Adam and Brooke, then I'm done. I really don't care what happens to the rest of the folks.

    Posted by Sunshine8 at Monday, September 12 2011 06:38 PM

    The best episode ever! All 'we' kept saying was 'we can't believe that they killed Griff!' By the LAST episode everyone would be dead at the hands of Zack. It wasn't even a Friday cliffhanger-ending day! Yahoo!

    Posted by AMC79 at Monday, September 12 2011 06:42 PM

    UGH!!! That whole scene was so fake, can't believe that David fell for it, just goes to show, he does have a heart. This SL sux big time. Gonna stop watching, what's the point? I mean, seriously, Greenlee woulda been all over screaming when Ryan got shot, just goes to show how bad an actress she is acting in her acting role. Ryan is the winner, WOW! that really stinks. How can the writers do that to us? That whinny whimpy man is the hero after all his do as I say, not as I do prose.

    And, ok Cara is pregnant, which is way over impossible, its been 3 weeks tops since their get together, but can that Kendall show a little happiness for another person and not do this doomsday thing, what has that ever gotten any woman who were intent on going with David? They just ran straight into his arms after being warned, you'd think they learn.
    So Cara's gotta carry around this baggage with her during her pregnancy. Thanks Kendall. Go ask Krystal or Dixie? are they viable honest candidates? I like Cara cuz she thinks for herself and not let the hoopla get to her, hope the writers don't change that.

    Ryan is annoying, Greenlee is super annoying, why are they the heroes again?

    Posted by da_kid at Monday, September 12 2011 07:08 PM

    To those who think Zack should be grateful to David. I'm sure he is glad to be alive, but he found out that David was involved in his plane going down in the first place. David used people as guinea pigs, so it's hard to think of him as some great doctor who has done the world so much good.

    Since this whole show is The Twilight Zone, I wouldn't be surprised if he dug up Angie's baby and brought her back to life.

    Posted by da_kid at Monday, September 12 2011 07:09 PM

    Rest In Peace, Mary Fickett. You will be missed.

    Posted by lovemysoapsabc at Monday, September 12 2011 07:34 PM

    I think the writers need to give us fans more love and closure.The way things are going looks like we will not see any of that.

    Posted by AMC79 at Monday, September 12 2011 08:46 PM

    Says in spoiler that "Ryan achieves clarity and peace in his life. "
    Does he die? If so, then, we'll have closure.

    Posted by Kansas City at Tuesday, September 13 2011 07:09 AM

    The Blogs are more entertaining than the SOAPS themselves - We are all so divided - David may have had his faults but the OTHERS have theirs too! Ohhhh, but they don't get arrested. LOOK Jesse (baby stealing fool) takes a baby and tries to pass it off as his....but he can arrest David for saving lives. As David said....he went there to save Greenlee....but saved ZachA$$ instead. I agree w/David I could see why your partners wanted him dead. I liked him before he died....he's twice as arrogant than he was before he died. Where is the gratitude.....oh Pine Valley has a population of "INGRATES". They went after David because they were ALL jealous of what he could do....and they could not even compare. As I said yesterday, I am glad it is over..I have found it very hard to watch without Adam anyway...can't wait to see him come back and stick it to JR!

    Posted by Starlett at Tuesday, September 13 2011 09:02 AM

    In the last scene with that room full of people the person I least disliked was David. And I don't like him at all. What a surprise>>>>Griff is alive AND Zack was playing David and everyone knew but David. Yeah, like any viewer believed that crap anywho. Creativity has left the room people.

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