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    It’s Yours Maya.

    Thursday, September 01 2011
    Erica invites Opal on a trip, Angie does the right thing, and Agnes talks to dead people.

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    Posted by terrylee45 at Friday, September 02 2011 12:56 AM

    it was good seeing agnes again; we all owe her a lot for giving us such a wonderful show as all my children;hopefully we have her around for a whole lot longer. i would love for abc to give us a marathon weekend whether on tv or p.c,of all of our shows from the beginning to the end so that we could say goodbye properly.but of course we know that won't happen just so they could sell the dvd's by the box for hundreds of bucks.what i would love to see is david find someone who will love him unconditionally and then he would either have his own children or adopt and have his chance of having what he is most jealous of.a family,or his lack of one. when he was with anna and leora he was "normal" or as much as someone who had vanessa as a mother could be. that's why zack kinda understands david having the same issue with his dad. so when pp takes over,if david would have a cliffhanger moment i would like it to be that they strap him to a gurney and give he ect,OR he gets struck by lightning and he wakes up a completely different personality. and this david is nice,not vindictive,not spiteful, and completely cuddlely.of course if we were to give ect to anyone it should be greens.

    Posted by terrylee45 at Friday, September 02 2011 01:10 AM

    maybe pine valley gets hit by a hurricane or flood. chandler manse having all the tunnels sinks like a boat in a giant sinkhole. ryan is in the casino he bought? greens sees the water rising goes to ryan's aid and they both get swept out to the lake in the marina and drown. j.r. of course being soused isn't aware of anything,sits by the pool which hits him with a giant wave as the house sinks. marissa and a.j are safe with bianca as nothing would hurt the family of erica kane-- and as j.r.breathes his last she feels the connection and realizes she loved him all along and she takes a.j. and runs to the manse in her car but hits her mom's car that's coming to her..all three end in a ditch with a.j. being thrown out on the roadside still in his booster seat,babe comes by with jamie and grabs up her child and she and jamie continue on their way stopping by the hospital she embraces her dad and as she turns away the wall of the hospital collapses and he gets stuck with tad and they turn to each other and always had to end this way with us,as the roof falls down on that's a cliffhanger!!lol

    Posted by fromthestart at Friday, September 02 2011 08:39 AM

    Terrylee45......WOW. You put a lot of work into the cliffhanger story.....!!!

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