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    It’s Yours Maya.

    Thursday, September 01 2011
    Erica invites Opal on a trip, Angie does the right thing, and Agnes talks to dead people.

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    Posted by jumps at Thursday, September 01 2011 12:10 PM

    Notice how AJ is always with Marissa, but Miranda and Gabby are no where to be found. Guess Bianca is too scared to let her new gf out of her sight.....

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, September 01 2011 12:12 PM

    Remember back in July when Prospect Park had asked TPTB at All My Children to end the show's network run with a primetime-worthy cliffhanger? Agnes Nixon has now confirmed it to the Chicago Tribune (Can I just say, I love
    it when she does that?!).

    Q: Will you be with the show as it moves over to the Internet?

    A: Yes, I'll be the creative consultant. Sometimes there are writers who don't
    want my help, but for the most part I have the big ideas. We're going to have a
    hiatus, you know, for three months. And the head of Prospect Park (the
    production company taking over the shows) said, "We've got to have a big
    cliffhanger for that three months." And so I came up with one which I can't tell
    you. But they loved it.

    From what I can gather, Prospect Park pushed hard for the cliffhanger ending,
    possibly with a "Who Will Live? Who Will Die?" angle ala Dynasty's Moldavian
    Massacre, in order to a.) Give viewers a reason to follow the show online and
    b.) Possibly explain multiple exits. Meanwhile, ABC reportedly wanted a happy
    ending for AMC's network run to try and placate disgruntled viewers. See there,
    ABC is selfish to the end!

    Did they really think a "happy ending" would make up for cancelling AMC for some
    mess Nixon told the reporter she thinks is being called What Are They Chewing?
    It might as well be called D.O.A., Mama Agnes, because ain't nobody gonna watch
    a bunch of giggly foodies in the place of your iconic Erica Kane and Co.

    Posted by Ms. Bee at Thursday, September 01 2011 12:14 PM

    It is easy to see why both Debbie and Darnell have Emmy's the sences over the last two days were as powerful as the sences of Jesse's death back in the day. Debbie Morgan has true chops and the two of them together are powerful.
    Darnell is a powerhouse in both in front and behind the camera. Kudo's to the two of you. Great acting!

    Posted by fromthestart at Thursday, September 01 2011 12:14 PM

    jumps.....That just goes to prove that being gay or straight has nothing to do with being insecure or jealous about your partner....LOL (possessive might be another way to put it)

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, September 01 2011 12:17 PM

    fromthestart....very, very true.

    Posted by fromthestart at Thursday, September 01 2011 12:19 PM

    jumps.....I'm not sure I am ready for a cliffhanger exactly....Do you think it would be like something from "DALLAS" ?????? Like who shot JR ???? (hmmm interesting choice of initials don't you think ?????)

    Posted by Mappie at Thursday, September 01 2011 12:27 PM

    I think the little boy that plays AJ does a good job but the girls not as much. But I agree Bianca seems a little possesive...but she has been burned many times. I hope if they keep their characters online that they give Bianca the chance to be the heartbreaker this time.

    Posted by enuf at Thursday, September 01 2011 12:31 PM

    Why can't they continue this show on the Soap channel? I know I will not follow it online. I usually am working in the house while watching the soaps.

    I loved Agnes on the show. Everything does seem calmer.

    What happen to Griffin? Also, Caleb has not been seen in awhile. What happen to him? I may have missed something.

    I just don't like the Marissa and Bianco s/l. Just not into it. Nothing against Gays and Lesbians, but I just don't get nothing out of 2 girls doing the thing or 2 guys. But I always turn the channel when it is straight couples also. I have a child in the room. My child will play until something she is not suppose to see comes on. ha.

    Posted by fromthestart at Thursday, September 01 2011 12:39 PM

    A possible cliffhanger makes me wonder just a little... as jumps said earlier I guess it depends on who is continuing and who is not. With that in mind I can't imagine other/new actors/actresses playing the following roles (whether they are the original or not)


    JR is going to THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and ANGIE is going to Y & R......soooo ??????

    Posted by cement block at Thursday, September 01 2011 12:49 PM

    why dont they ever mention kendall and david share a brother trey who went to jail only leo. also feb is black history month and heart health month why not have a story with jesse and his stress have a heart warning?

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