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    Bad News Day In Pine Valley.

    Wednesday, July 06 2011
    Amanda gets her test results, Tad makes a declaration to Cara and Liza gets canned.

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    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, July 06 2011 01:58 PM

    I agree with mamajj.......If the actors are leaving the show before it ends are they going to KILL OFF the characters ????
    What kind of nonsense is that ??????

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, July 06 2011 02:00 PM

    CONT......Couldn't the writer (s) be clever enough to come up with something like.....we are moving to ___________ and I will leave with the kids (or whatever) and have a place set up when you get there - Love you, etc.

    Posted by rocknrollmom at Wednesday, July 06 2011 02:02 PM

    I heard the actress that plays Amanda was going to be leaving the show anyway and when the news broke about it being cancelled decided to ride it out. Maybe they were planning to kill her off when she was leaving and have decided to keep it that way.

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, July 06 2011 02:03 PM

    Now as much fun as I make of AMANDA....I really do STILL like her...HONEST....She is a passionate person who literally wears her heart on her sleeve.......So thinking about which female I could be attracted to.....Probably not AMANDA.

    Being MALE....I need the FEMALE'S IQ to be just 1 point below mine......HEY !!!! I'm a man for crying out loud....

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, July 06 2011 02:06 PM

    rocknrollmom.....I heard that too about AMANDA.....She was going to leave, then agreed to stay on longer when the show was OFFICIALLY cancelled. It's a shame they feel it necessary to have her die though. REAL LIFE is tough enough....give us a FEW happy endings....and SUPPOSEDLY CARA is leaving about the same time....what does that do to JAKE and TREVOR ???????

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, July 06 2011 02:11 PM

    The way the writers are heading right now.....the pairings that seem to be taking place, etc. It appears there are going to be some characters without anybody.....Everyone has to have SOMEBODY don't they ?????

    Although the way things are going I sometimes feel I am back in my teens watching reruns of my old high school plays.

    Posted by exotic1 at Wednesday, July 06 2011 02:17 PM

    I am really getting into this soap. Now tell me again why they are taking this soap off the air. It is totally entertaining. I retired last year and spend most days reading comments and watching the soaps. All of you keep me laughing.

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, July 06 2011 02:24 PM

    exotic1......The best I can figure out is that ABC believes there are not enough reality shows on TV.....LOL

    Posted by cbru at Wednesday, July 06 2011 02:24 PM

    Liza is pathetic. What was the point of her going to see Tad?? They have been over and done with for ages. I don't blame the mayor for firing her. Jesse is a joke.

    Amanda had better find out one way or another about what is wrong with her. Too many people could be at risk. I am expecting Jake to walk in and she will forget that she is researching STD's and he will see it.

    Why was Amanda texting Junior with a step-by-step account of her trip to the hospital??? I know this is Amanda but I was also going WTH????

    I saw the previews of Marissa and Bianca in the park and going in for their first kiss-my reaction was GMAB!! Evidently, Marissa has either been a closet lesbian or has suddenly turned gay. Bianca needs to go back to Reese.

    I agree with the rest of you. The show has got less than 3 months to go and we are getting all these new s/l's. Why??? Unless we are going to get instant cures and instant happily ever after romances in the last week, the writers really need to bring some closures that make sense.

    Rather abrupt end for Tad and Cara.

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, July 06 2011 02:47 PM

    Wouldn't THIS be IRONIC ?????

    RYAN - while spying on EVERYONE in Pine Valley....comes upon MARISSA and BIANCA kissing in the park. RYAN - being the honest guy he is feels the need to tell JR about it. JR becomes upset and speeds away in his car....he enters a mountain road at high speed and unable to see GREENLEE on her motorcycle causes her to plunge off a cliff......the last words we hear from GREENLEE'S mouth: "DAVID" !!!!!

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