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    Proposal At Sunset.

    Wednesday, May 18 2011
    Erica feeds Jane wrong information, Ryan flips out on Ricky, and Greenlee and Emma bond.

    In her room, Erica confronts Jane about taking over her life. She doesn’t think anyone will believe her impersonation, but Jane retorts that they already do. Erica demands to know who she is. Jane answers that she is Erica's biggest fan. Jane gushes about living Erica's life, but Erica doesn’t think she will be able to pull this off for very long. Jane agrees. She needs to know the little things so she doesn't screw up. She needs Erica's help and if she doesn’t comply, then something could happen to Miranda or Spike. Jane also offers to give her little tidbits about her friends and family along the way. Jane tells her Jack kissed Krystal while she was gone. Erica gets upset, which surprises Jane. She feels bad, but wants her to know she is looking out for her. Jane says she needs her engagement ring, but Erica says she doesn’t have it. Jane knows she hid it so Erica takes it out from under the mattress and hands it to her through the food slot. Erica declares Jane may be able to take her ring, but never her memories. She then talks about how Jack took her to a rooftop at sunset to propose. Once Jane is gone, Erica remembers Jack's proposal that actually occurred at her hospital bedside.

    At Krystal's, she tells Jack she knows they can't be more than friends because there's only one woman for him. Jack leaves and "Erica" walks in to lash out at Krystal for kissing Jack. After some back and forth, "Erica" orders Krystal to stay away from her man, as Jack returns and pulls "Erica" away from Krystal. She apologizes to Jack for her behavior and he assures her she is the only one he loves.

    Jack brings "Erica" home where she tells him she picked her ring up at the hospital. Jack is surprised because he was just there and there was no record of the ring ever being taken off her. "Erica" lies that a nurse, who was a fan, took it. She admires the ring and gushes about his rooftop proposal. He calls it a hell of a story, but adds, "Too bad it never happened that way."

    Griffin breaks into Ricky's room again and discovers that he has wiped his hard drive clean.

    At her place, Kendall wants to know more about Ricky. When he stalls, she reminds him they are getting married and being real with each other will only bring them closer. Kendall gets a call from Griffin, who realizes she's with Ricky. He says he's coming over, but she forcefully says no. She hangs up and tells Ricky it was a telemarketer. She gets back to the matter at hand and asks why Ricky wanted to become a minister. He says his father was a minister, but he was harsh and judgmental. She then asks why he came to Pine Valley.

    Detecting Ryan's cold tone towards her while looking at the baby at the hospital, Greenlee asks if he blames her for this. Griffin calls Ryan and tells him Ricky wiped out his hard drive. He also tells him Kendall is with Ricky and Ryan says he'll check on her. Greenlee wants to go with him, but he says he has to do this on his own.

    Greenlee heads home where Emma asks to visit Madison and her baby sister. Greenlee says it's not a good time for mother or child. Emma calls her a liar and pleads with her to take her to her sister. Greenlee explains how tiny she is and then agrees to take her. Emma apologizes for yelling at her.

    Ryan heads over to Kendall's. They talk about the baby and Kendall offers him encouragement and positive thoughts. Ricky says sometimes good news helps and they tells him they got engaged. Ryan is speechless and Kendall tells him he should go to the hospital. Ricky seconds that and offers his support, but Ryan orders him to stay away. Griffin lurks outside, as Kendall defends Ricky to Ryan, who she pretends is lashing out because he is in pain over his daughter. Kendall asks to talk to Ryan alone and Ricky leaves. Ryan is beside himself trying to figure out what Kendall is doing. She thinks as Ricky's fiancée she will have access to information they need. Griffin walks in and seconds that it's a bad plan. Ryan leaves for the hospital and Kendall tells Griffin she will marry Ricky if she has to so she can make sure he pays for the rest of his life. Griffin worries Ricky may be on to them since he wiped his computer clean.

    Ryan returns to the hospital and finds Greenlee consoling Emma over her baby sister. When Emma sees Ryan, she tells him not to be mad at Greenlee for bringing her there. He says he's not mad.

    Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

    Caleb and JR bond.

    Madison and Ryan name their baby.

    Greenlee gives Scott a loan.

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    Posted by Jazzy12 at Wednesday, May 18 2011 11:25 AM

    hmmmm...not much to say about todays episode except I agree with the majority of the viewers...Kendall is dumb....Ricky is creepy and this Erica/Jane s/l

    How is it that Jane and Erica were fighting and then there was an explosion and Jane got out of there and somehow Erica is still locked in that room? So confusing...

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, May 18 2011 11:33 AM

    Different people have different times for mourning their loved ones....but c'mon....How long has Zack been "dead" 6 months or so.....I KNOW others such as Jackson (who has NO clue about "Erica" or Ricky) would suggest that it might be "rushing it" for Ricky and Kendall to get engaged ????

    And Kendall.....You are REALLY getting DUMBER and DUMBER...Soap or not....You are just really dumb right now.

    Wouldn't it be something if "Jane" had been the REAL Erica all these years and "Erica" had been the fake ??? I know-its silly....but what the ????

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, May 18 2011 11:39 AM

    One last thing for the day.....OK it is time to use the old "BIZZARO WORLD" from the Superman Comics...

    Bizzaro Tad ends up with Bizzaro Cara while the earth Tad and earth Dixie end up together

    Bizzaro Kendall ends up with Bizzaro Griff while the earth Kendall and earth Zack end up together....We could just go on and on with the two different universes until we have Pine Valley in a completely happy state of mind.

    Posted by padiva at Wednesday, May 18 2011 11:42 AM

    I agree with all the other Posters ... This Erica/Jane s/l is just "too" STUPID and so is this Kendall/Ricky s/l ... First I couldn't believe this soap was being discontinued and now Second, I can't believe the writers are taking it OUT this way! Please give us something to get excited about so we can at least bid farewell to what used to be a "Great Soap" ... PLEASE!!!!

    Posted by roses4880 at Wednesday, May 18 2011 11:43 AM

    Jazzy and from the start....Totally agree with you the s/l with Erica sucks....especially when they are ending the show. Can we get a good s/l going so we can go out in style.

    Posted by Gottalaff at Wednesday, May 18 2011 11:52 AM

    How does Jane know every detail of Erica's bedroom but not the details of Erica's life?

    Posted by Diana8254 at Wednesday, May 18 2011 12:18 PM

    For someone who is supposed to know so much about Erica should know that Erica would never ate CRAB CAKES. NEVER

    Posted by AMCguy at Wednesday, May 18 2011 12:22 PM

    I'm thinking that by now we should be at the point where the writers know that the show has been cancelled and that there are just a few months left to change gears. So hopefully Lorraine Broderick and then Agnes Nixon will have enough time to stop some of these dreadful storylines and put together the proper denouement for our favorite characters.

    Personally, I'd even be willing to swallow a scene where Tad wakes up, rolls over in his bed, gets up and walks into the bathroom to find Dixie showering, and then says "I just had the most amazing dream" and we find out the last three years have never happened. It worked for Pamela Ewing on "Dallas"!

    Posted by AMCguy at Wednesday, May 18 2011 12:24 PM

    Oh, and you really think it's a good idea, right after your nutjob lookalike captor has threatened your grandchildren, to lie to her about how you and Jack got engaged? I'm thinking no.

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, May 18 2011 12:40 PM

    To expand a little on AMCguy's "shower scene" Perhaps, with all the technology now available:

    Tad indeed wakes and walks into the bathroom to find Dixie taking that famous shower and tells her about this amazing dream he had. With all the "clipping" and "dicing" and "dubbing" place them back in a time where they were much younger and happier. Many characters that have been around since that time NEVER REALLY existed. They were just a figment of Tad's dreams and imagination. POOF !!!!

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