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    How Classy Is This?

    Monday, May 16 2011
    Jack rescues Erica, Asher is in trouble, and Madison worries about her baby.

    After the explosion, Jack searches for Erica, as Caleb finds a wounded Asher trapped under concrete. Jack finds who he assumes is Erica under the rubble. JR enters and helps Caleb try to free Asher. He says he called 911 once he saw the place blow up. Help arrives and Jack picks up Erica, who is clearly impressed by him. The ambulance takes Asher away as Erica says she will walk out of there on her own two feet.

    At the abandoned house, Griffin tells Kendall about the pictures he found on Ricky's computer of Kendall and her family with Ricky's face in place of Zach's. Kendall is freaked out and wants to punish Ricky. She says she would kill him if she could. Griffin reminds her she has her family to think about, but asks, "What if I could kill him?" Kendall won't let him do that and threatens to go to the police if he even thinks about it. Kendall gets a call about Erica and runs out. One of the boys Griffin helped earlier comes by with his grandmother who is having trouble breathing. She won't go to the ER though because she is not legal. Griffin helps the woman and starts to leave, but sees a group of people outside who need Griffin's help as well. Griffin is upset at first, but then sees the woman he just helped smile and agrees to see them all one at a time.

    Ricky confronts Bianca about getting rid of him earlier at Erica and Jack's. She says she's just looking out for Kendall and asks him to give her some space. She starts to walk towards the door, but Ricky grabs her arm and Bianca recoils. Marissa stops by and Ricky leaves. Bianca tells her about Erica's kidnapping and expresses how scared she is. As Marissa comforts her, Bianca gets a call and rushes out to see Erica.

    At the hospital, the doctor tells Ryan, Greenlee and Scott that the surgery went well, but both Madison and the baby need time to recuperate. Ryan's baby is wheeled out in an incubator and he is clearly affected. Madison is brought out next and Ryan tells her their baby is in intensive care. She sees Scott and tells him to go away because she can't deal with him right now.

    Ryan sits with Madison in her hospital room and assures her everything will work out. He urges her to rest so she is strong enough for when their daughter can go home. She asks him to take care of her. He promises.

    Greenlee finds Ryan looking at his daughter through a glass window. She holds his hand, but he walks away to talk with the doctor.

    Asher is brought to the hospital and Frankie tells Asher and Caleb he can't tell them anything until he examines him.

    Elsewhere in the hospital, Jake questions Erica who sees his nametag and recognizes who he is. Jake wants to do an MRI and leads Erica away. Greenlee finds Jack and Kendall soon follows. Jack assures the girls Erica should be okay. Greenlee also tells Kendall Madison had her baby early. Jake brings Erica back to the group, who says her memory is spotty. She says she remembers St. Bart's and waking up in a strange place, but she didn't see the faces of those who took her. Erica apologizes for making the phone call and video and tells Jack she loves him as Caleb listens in. Bianca and Kendall privately ask Jake about Erica, noting she seems distant. Jake chalks it up to her concussion. Meanwhile, Erica hugs a puzzled Greenlee, thanking her for her concern. Bianca and Kendall return and Erica makes a point of saying their names before she leaves with Jack. As Bianca catches Kendall up on her discussion with Ricky, he shows up. She thanks Ricky for understanding Bianca's protectiveness, but slides up to him assuring him she doesn’t need it.

    Jack brings Erica home and takes her upstairs to bed. He tells her to get some rest and leaves the room. She smiles and says to herself, "Erica Kane's bed. How classy is this?"

    In the recreated bedroom, the real Erica yells for someone to let her out of her captivity.

    Frankie returns to Caleb and JR and tells them Asher might be paralyzed. He says he's going to bring a neurologist in and then walks away. Caleb thanks JR for helping to save Asher.

    Scott meets with Marissa at Krystal's and tells her about Madison's baby and how Madison doesn’t want him around. She wishes she could do something to help, but Scott says it's his mess and he has to clean it up.

    Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

    Ricky proposes to Kendall.

    Angie questions Jesse.

    Cara wants to talk about the past.

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    Posted by Jazzy12 at Monday, May 16 2011 11:43 AM

    Wow seems like an exciting day in PV. The real Erica Kane is still

    Ughh....Still totally creeped out by Ricky....Kendall you should kill him...whats stopping you? It cant be your children cause not even they stopped you with Adam and David!

    Posted by AMCguy at Monday, May 16 2011 12:04 PM

    I haven't watched the show or read the boards for a while so forgive me if I'm posting something already discussed.

    I'm going to assume that Mona didn't have twin daughters but gave one up for would be hard to believe "Jane" would wait for decades without trying to reach her famous sister. So it's more likely "Jane" had cosmetic surgery to look just like her idol, which I have to say is an interesting plot twist.

    Speaking of which, I can't remember which of you brought it up, but I am really liking the idea that the young girl who put her baby in Brot's squad car could be the daughter that Liza's sister Mia gave up for adoption. Because Frankie was the father, Angie and Jesse would be raising their own granddaughter and a DNA test of the baby would make it seem as if the baby were theirs. Kinda like when Di Linder showed up and seemed to be Dixie because of her DNA. Hmmm.

    Posted by bananna at Monday, May 16 2011 12:11 PM

    I'm so sick of amc dragging on and on with this story! They need to have them have Ricky arrested for killing Zack and Diana already! I want him off the aoap and arrested. I want Ryan to leave Greenlee and go back with Madison. I want Jackson to find the real Erica and put her captor in jail who looks just like her! I also want Kendall and Griffin to get together. They would make a great couple. I also want to see Angie get her eyesight back already. That's also been dragging on for months!

    Posted by pamberger8082 at Monday, May 16 2011 12:16 PM

    AMCguy...I like your thoughts about Mia and Lucy.

    Posted by DeiaynciaCimone at Monday, May 16 2011 12:36 PM

    AMC Guy nice scenario but I maybe mistaken but I thought Mia n Frankie had a boy. I know Mia put the baby up for adoption but I recall it being a boy. I thought Frankie would be the grandfather to baby Lucy if Maya met up with his son with Mia. This would make Angie and Jesse great grandparents. Frankie took a shine to Maya for some reason. I like how the story turned for Griffin. When the cops arrest him and then try him those very people will come to court and stick up for him. Bianca and Kendall sense something already and it won't be long before the kids sniff the imposter out. I am such a fan of Spike. When Bianca questioned him about was he sure he spoke to Erica the way he said "Cross my heart" was so sweet. That kid n the one who plays Emma should get recognition for their work. I knew that wasn't Erica when he found her. I do dislike how they leave you in one spot on Friday and turn you around on Monday. Imposter switched clothes with Erica then laid out in the rubble. I can't wait til she slip up, the poop will hit the fan then.

    Posted by rocknrollmom at Monday, May 16 2011 12:50 PM

    I hate this evil twin/Erica storyline and soon hope that the imposter will slip up and those closest to Erica will realize that it is not Erica. I am disappointed that it wasn't a past lover.

    Poor Scott, I hope Madison will eventually see that he has developed true feelings for her.

    JR showed his softer side today with Caleb. It was nice seeing them work together to rescue Asher.

    It will be interesting to see if Opal, whose powers are not what they used to be, can tell something is off with Erica.

    Posted by Operaman at Monday, May 16 2011 01:43 PM

    That's a given "rnrmom", Opal will raise an eyebrow....that
    gossipy nosy personality of hers will question that something's not quite right with her best friend, but will attribute it to the bomb blast....I see the s/l already written in the

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, May 16 2011 04:06 PM

    Erica said she will walk out on her own two feet. I wonder if her double has big feet like her.

    I can't believe I am saying this. But Kendall needs to tell Jesse about Ricky. And stop talking crazy about killing him. But then, why wouldn't she talk about killing him. It's not like she will do jail time.

    Good for you Ryan. Don't hold hands with that shrew.

    I can hear the Erica's double telling Spike and Ian, "come to granny," then they will know that's not Erica.

    Posted by cbru at Monday, May 16 2011 04:58 PM

    operaman-I agree. Opal will sniff something out but attribute it to the blast. Jake has said it is the concussion and he will never waver from that thought untill he sees the 2 Erica's side by side. Binks and Kendall know something is not quite right but I am thinking this could take awhile. And granny screams on and on and on.

    WOW! Rya$$ is definitely PO'd at Kendum-I love it.

    Rev. Creepy will get alot worse before it is all said and done. Supergirl may be scared but I also betting she thinks she can control him. Who will ride to her rescue????

    Nice to see Caleb and JR working together. Hope Asher is okay. Maybe David will do surgery!

    Scott may have to grovel but I really hope that he and Madison can get back together. She needs to shed herself of superman.

    Posted by DeiaynciaCimone at Monday, May 16 2011 07:09 PM

    Because of the baby and the fact that he is superman Ryan will get closer to Madison makin Greenlee more green. Ryan will probably put Madison up in her own place and every creature comfort the baby can gurgle for. Well Griffin is going to be busy running his free clinic from an abandoned house until Ricky finds him. Griff will get carted to jail but I bet the folks he helps will vouch for him. Cownboysfan you are so right she will mess up n say Granny and that should tell it all then. I bet Spike and Miranda won't be fooled. I don't like this double Erica is doing and it can't possibly go on for too long. When Jack sleeps with her won't he be able to tell?

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