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    No More Lies.

    Wednesday, May 04 2011
    Ryan demands the truth, Erica tricks her captor, and Opal lashes out at Krystal.

    At home, Jesse assures Angie that nothing's bothering him. There's nothing more important than her and their baby. Jake and Amanda arrive. After Amanda insists on taking the baby to the nursery for Angie, Jake admits they have no plans to have another child. Later, after Jesse and Jake leave, Amanda boasts about her and Jake trying for another baby. Angie is candid and reminds Amanda that Jake doesn't want more children right now. Amanda admits she's trying to get pregnant. Angie warns, "Secrets are poison in marriage."

    Cara and Tad watch the kids play in the park. Tad comforts Cara. Griffin knows how to take care of himself. Cara still worries but goes to preoccupy herself with the kids. Tad gets a call from Jake saying the little girl who has Leukemia is back in the hospital. She's asking for Cara. They can't allow Cara near the hospital. Tad promises to do his part. "Like hell you will," Cara says from over his shoulder. Cara needs to be there for the girl. Tad won't try to stop her. Cara kisses Tad and rushes off.

    At Krystal's, David and Liza argue about who has the worst life. David thinks they're meant for each other. Liza worries true love will never reach her and reminds David how in love he still is with Greenlee. David knows Greenlee's in love with Ryan, who will never be able to live up to her image of him. Jesse appears and assures Liza he's doing his job. Liza can't if Jesse keeps letting the criminals escape. Jesse tells Liza to get a life then walks off.

    Jesse goes to his baby's gravesite. He talks about Angie being happy with Lucy but cries how much he misses her every single day. "I love you so much," Jesse says. "I'll never forget you." He walks away then sits at a bench. Liza appears and sees him.

    At the hospital, Ryan begs Madison to be honest. Did Greenlee know he was the father of her baby? Madison sidesteps. Ryan apologizes for pressuring her and leaves to get answers from Greenlee.

    Scott arrives at ConFusion where Greenlee begs him to keep Madison away from Ryan. Greenlee plans to tell Ryan the truth about knowing Madison was pregnant. Scott assures Greenlee that what he and Madison have is real. Does she really want to risk her relationship with Ryan? Later, Ryan arrives and confronts Greenlee with knowing about Madison's pregnancy. Greenlee was going to tell him tonight and claims Madison didn't want him to know. Ryan demands she claim the lie as her own. Greenlee apologizes and promises Ryan can trust her again. She begs for them to go back to the way they used to be. "No," Ryan says. "We can't."

    Scott arrives in Madison's room. She warns Ryan was there looking for answers. He's on his way to see Greenlee. Scott wonders if the truth comes out, and it causes issues with Ryan and Greenlee, what will that mean for her? Madison doesn't answer but has Scott put on the list of who will be there when her baby is born. Ryan will be there for the baby. Madison wants Scott there for her.

    Scott takes Madison home. Madison answers his earlier question. She doesn't want another chance with Ryan and says, "I want you." Scott kisses her and says, "I want you too." They fall to the bed.

    Jake tries to stop Cara from seeing the girl, who's in need of a donor. Cara refuses to leave without seeing the girl. Jake agrees to help her get in. Tad appears and watches them rush down the hallway.

    From inside the room, Erica begs her captor to tell Jack she didn't leave him. "Brooke?" Erica asks. "Is it you?" Erica second-guesses and calls out, "Annie?" Her captor assures Erica they aren't Krystal, Annie, or Brooke and promises to reveal themselves when they're ready. Erica begins feeling wheezy. She warns if something happens to her, it'll be their fault. Erica pretends to pass out. Her captor enters the room.

    Opal finds Krystal at Jack's and wonders what the hell she's doing there. Krystal insists she's Jack's friend. Opal thinks Krystal's taking advantage of Erica being gone. She loves Krystal but urges her to find a man who's available. Krystal only wants Jack to be happy. If that means with someone other than Erica, Krystal's all for it.

    Back at Krystal's, though Jack admits he hasn't heard anything from Erica, he refuses to accept she simply ran away from him.

    Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

    Jack gets an email from Erica.

    Erica tries to escape.

    Greenlee confesses her deal with Scott.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, May 04 2011 11:31 AM

    Amanda is her own worst enemy. She is going to destroy her marriage to Jake. Having a baby won't save your marrige. Did you forget, you already have one.

    And Angie, Jesse has a secret you don't know about too.

    I can't believe that Greenlee tried to pin the entire thing on Madison. But then again, I can. She tried everything in the book to keep Madison from telling Ryan about the baby. She tried to make her leave town. I hope Ryan kicks her to the curb.

    It might not be long now before everybody finds out about the deal Scott and Greenlee made. I hope Madison forgives him, because he really does care for her. I don't want her with Ryan.

    Opal, you really need to get yourself some business. Jack and Kendall are grown adults. If they want to be together who are you to stop them. You need to pull out your crystal ball and find your gal pal.

    Posted by Jazzy12 at Wednesday, May 04 2011 11:38 AM

    Well now Greenlee knows! Unfortunately its going to hurt starts the blame game...

    Cara you are so tough...ugh.....

    Amanda is going to lose everything AGAIN!

    So Erica tricked her captor....dont we still have a week until we find out who it is?

    Does anyone watch "The Good Wife"?

    Posted by enuf at Wednesday, May 04 2011 11:51 AM

    Cowboy, I don't Madison and Ryan together either. I like madison and Scott. Scott deserves something good in his life.

    Well, we all told Greenlee she should have told Ryan in the beginning. Lol! Wonder if her and David will get back together. She will go back to David and be mad at the world for what happened and blame everyone else but herself.

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Wednesday, May 04 2011 12:18 PM

    Madison has gotten quite good at taking up for herself lately, so if Ryan even Tries to blame her for not telling him Greenlee knew, she should just tell him that it's not Her job to monitor his woman, he should be doing a better job of that himself.

    Posted by AMCguy at Wednesday, May 04 2011 12:59 PM

    I liked how the last episode of Cheers just had Sam closing the bar for the night, the last episode of Perry Mason had Perry, Della and Paul preparing for another case and, well, who knows WHAT happened at the end of The Sopranos?

    That said, nothing would make me happier than to see AMC close up shop after 40+ years by tying up loose ends. ABC announced Cady will be back so Dixie will be appearing in some fashion. As I posted days ago, my preference would be for her to return as a spirit and give Tad and JR peace.

    I'd love for Liza to learn Jesse's secret about the baby, but rather than spill the beans, she'd tell him she'll keep the secret because she owes it to him for falsely accusing him of rape 25+ years ago. And I would, of course, like Angie to regain her sight.

    I'd like to see David see the errors of his ways and make amends to Greenlee, Marissa, Krystal, Angie and even Tad. I'd love to see Zach return and reunite with Kendall and his family.

    I'd be happy if Opal could finally find her that man. And Bianca that woman. Sadly, I can't work up any emotional investment in the fate of Greenlee, Ryan, Madison or Scott...they can pair them up and send them off...whatever. Same with Jake and real interest in their fate.

    Which pretty much leaves Erica and Jack...I just can't imagine after playing the role for the entirety of the show's run, what the best, most fitting finale would be for La Lucci. How fitting that they are bringing back Agnes Nixon to work on the final scripts.

    Posted by AMCguy at Wednesday, May 04 2011 01:01 PM

    Although, come to think of it, nothing would be better than for the last scene to seemingly fade to black, and then a hand knocks on a door, Tad opens it up and says with surprise, "Bobby?!"

    Posted by Operaman at Wednesday, May 04 2011 01:11 PM

    Hmmm??....wonder if Krystal was wearing something that would
    give "the precious stone" Opal that idea...that she was on the prowl for Jacksonian.....

    ....forgot about Annie....she sure has that evil mind set to
    be the Kidnapper, now doesn't she now....

    Looks like Hayward wants to keep that thing alive....he'll
    probably get his wish....there's only so many gals on the
    show to hook up with....and the dynamics between couples are
    far more interesting, ya know....

    ....where's the amc arm chair quarterback "from" ??....slow day....

    ....and I'm out....

    Posted by eclair at Wednesday, May 04 2011 02:24 PM

    Regarding Erica's kidnapper, I still think it is someone from her past-maybe an ex husband. But if it is not, and if it is a woman, my next guess would be Liza. She's really upset about losing Colby; and to add insult to injury, Colby has joined Erica's team.

    I too hope Madison stays with Scott. He has been super supportive of her and seems to really care for her. I'm glad she asked him to be in the delivery room

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, May 04 2011 02:30 PM

    Hey everyone! You miss me? The main reason I have been gone for awhile is the last time I came to this website, my computer got a virus, my work computer no less. So, I had to stay away. But decided to risk coming back to check in on everyone.

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, May 04 2011 02:35 PM

    Yes, Greenlee lied about knowing about Madison's baby. BUT it was not her secret to tell and Madison knows this. She begged Greenlee not to tell Ryan.

    Madison and her defenders are getting on my last nerve. Especially Frankie yesterday.

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