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    Madison Asks How High.

    Monday, March 21 2011
    Ryan needs Madison again, Emma has trouble readjusting, and JR blames himself.

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    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, March 21 2011 12:25 PM

    jumps...Thanks for the info.....was it the OLDNUSCOTT ????
    Actually I rather like this Scott...He seems to be suited for where the writers are taking his character....Not sure if the OLDOLD Scott would have fit into this new role.

    Posted by jumps at Monday, March 21 2011 12:33 PM

    fromthestart...I don't recall if it was this Scott or FM version of Scott.

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, March 21 2011 12:48 PM

    jumps....Thanks again....I just don't remember either....But, as I say I do like this Scott....however, being of the soap genre....all characters can and many times do change...(not always for the better)

    Good to see Dr Joe Martin (at least for a little while). Sure brings some stability to AMC. I miss that.

    It would be nice to have a stable person around PV, even if it is a "soap" .....maybe TPTB could humor us for awhile.

    Posted by mamajj at Monday, March 21 2011 12:55 PM

    Hi all.

    WOW A couple weeks w/Mommy & little Emma came back w/a mouth & attitude. Have fun w/that Ryan.

    LMAO Amanda says...she should be able to spot crazy coming.....You would think.

    Frankie STFU....don't you have a wife or a career you could be focusing on?

    Hello to all my poster friends.

    Posted by grandmaMarti at Monday, March 21 2011 01:25 PM

    Doesn't anyone in PV that knows about Cara situation, watch where in public they are talking and who could overhear about the make believe marriage including Cara herself?

    Superhero now needs help with Emma via Madison. He is a superhero to woman but not to a little girl, he needs help. Has Emma been brainwashed or has just come to realized Green is a selfish, what's in it for me, person?

    Emma shakes her head in discuss at seeing Green with Ryan and she prefers pregnant Madison. Wasn't it Emma who wanted a baby sister and told her dad this around Thanksgiving before David was shot on the roof?

    Off topic: My sister who was expected to died during Christmas holidays just passed away today. The family and hospice were at her bedside at her home the way she wanted to pass. I want to thank you all for your prayers in hoping when she leaves us she would do so with the love ones around and without any pain or discomfort.
    Have to end now, family needs me at this time. signing off
    Thanks again. Marti

    Posted by jumps at Monday, March 21 2011 01:29 PM

    fromthestart...I checked Greenlee dated the Forbes March version of Scott. Not this, Daniel Cosgrove version.

    Posted by jumps at Monday, March 21 2011 01:30 PM very sorry for your loss. In my thoughts and prayers.

    Posted by mamajj at Monday, March 21 2011 01:32 PM

    marti....So sorry to hear about your sister. Good thoughts coming your way.

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, March 21 2011 01:42 PM

    grandmaMarti...............So very sorry about your and all your family are in my prayers and others on the board too. Family will be so important to you right now...Yes they need you and I know you need them around you also....

    Posted by mamajj at Monday, March 21 2011 01:53 PM

    Just read something CRAZY!!!!! Some ABC big shots just had a meeting recently & they talked about combining AMC & OLTL into one show. WHAT??? I don't even know how that would work but it is an idea that is on the table. They say they would move AMC back to NY in 2012. Keeping about 10 characters from each show. WOW is all I have to say.

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